Adult Ad Networks Analysis (Pros and Cons)

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Adult Ad Networks Analysis (Pros and Cons)

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Editor’s note: this list is updated over time for maximum accuracy.

We know that searching for the best ad network can be a hard task for two reasons: first, because there are lots of choices; second, because (of course) everyone claims to be the best one and sometimes you can’t trust what is said on the forums.

Indeed, we never know who’s responsible for an opinion such as “this Ad Network is the only one Chuck Norris is afraid of”.

Because we care about you, we want to share some adult ad network facts via this impartial review of the biggest ones.

List of Adult Ad Networks 

Explore away and take your pick to reach the top of the media buying!

Here’s the full list!

1. ExoClick

This is the best and more complete adult Ad Network. They provide you lots of stats and data for you to be able to make the best decision when optimizing your campaigns.

The network is huge.

They have some high-quality websites and good volumes in various spots. There are many ways to explore its traffic and, most importantly, they’ve got one of the media buyer’s best friends: SmartCPM!


exoclick review

Go ahead and check Mobidea Academy’s ExoClick Review!

2. TwinRed

This innovative and forward-looking adult ad network has everything you need to take your ROI to the next level. There are insane volumes of high-converting traffic from a global network of high-performing publishers.

Advertisers can bid on premium inventory in real-time and choose from a range of high-converting ad formats such as, pops, push, native, and interstitial ads.

The network offers some excellent optimization tools and advanced targeting features, and it’s quick and easy to create your campaign from the account dashboard.

TwinRed is a beast when it comes to adult traffic, and offers some of the best pubs – giving you insane returns on popular adult offers.

You can track every aspect of your campaign using the advanced macros provided to see which ad placements are working best for your offers.

If you’re looking for high-converting adult traffic with powerful optimization tools that will boost your profits, then make sure to give TwinRed a try!


Go ahead and check Mobidea Academy’s TwinRed review.

3. TrafficStars

TrafficStars is a leading adult ad network with 3B daily impressions and premium ad inventory from exclusive publishers worldwide.

Advertisers have access to an array of advanced targeting and optimization tools and track their campaigns at the granular level.

You can target your audience using 35 adult categories, and create your campaigns using top-performing ad formats including, banners, native, video pre-roll, video IM slider, push, pops, and interstitial ads.

The volume and quality of traffic is second to none and you can use the CPMV price model which allows you to keep costs down by paying only for views seen by actual users.

Advertisers can bid on premium inventory in real-time and boost their ROI with the network’s smart targeting and advanced optimization features.



Go ahead and check Mobidea Academy’s TrafficStars review.

4. PlugRush

This platform lets you select different kinds of targets. You can choose from Push, Display, Pop and Native ad formats.

PlugRush shows where your next competitor is and how you should bid to get his traffic. Therefore, you can’t afford to slack if you want to have good results.

Here, you’ll run CPV campaigns in which you pay per view. You can get some great traffic with bids as low as $0,003.

With the transparency this Ad Network gives you, you’ll feel like you’re fighting a real war!


plugrush review

Go ahead and check Mobidea Academy’s PlugRush review.

5. PopAds

PopAds is specialized in Internet popunders and popups. It allows you to set the budget, target the visitors and set frequency caps for each campaign.

It also gives you the opportunity to customize your report. The big difference in the targeting option, compared to other Ad Networks, is the possibility to choose the ISP (Internet Service Provider) for each campaign, instead of the mobile carrier. Even so, you’ll mainly get carrier traffic.

The inventory is really huge and you can have a lot of impressions in a short period of time. As you set the target for your campaign, it shows you the traffic estimations you can get, such as your average position and the maximum price your competitors are bidding on. The bid is based on a smart bid, just like in other well-known Ad Networks.

That means you always pay the minimum price in order to guarantee your position.

Yes, there are only pop-ups and popunders, but, with this name, what did you expect?


popads review

Wanna check a review?

Check our PopAds Review!

6. Push House

Push House is an RTB Push notifications ad network with a mix of adult and mainstream traffic. They have a huge volume with over 14B daily impressions in over 180 Geos worldwide.

Adult Push affiliates will feel at home with the clean, intuitive interface and can choose from Push, In-Page Push, PWA, and iOS Push to target their campaigns to the right audience.

For ease of campaign creation, the network makes use of Ready Sets. These consist of high-converting creatives that you can use to test your offers and boost your ROI.

There are extensive targeting capabilities to narrow down your audience and advanced users can take advantage of the Blacklist and Whitelists to eliminate low performing traffic sources

Each campaign can be defined by its uniqueness, making sure that you only get the freshest users to your offers.

Affiliates will need to check the 18+ option when creating adult campaigns to make sure their campaign is clear for moderation.

Important note: Push House does not allow nudity or porn content on the creatives.

You can also add feeds to your campaign variables to increase your volume by pulling in additional traffic from a third-party database.

The minimum deposit amount is just $50, and there’s a large selection of payment options to choose from to fund your account.

You’ll also be assigned a network manager who can help you get set up and fine-tune your campaigns.

Push House is a cool network aimed at Push affiliates who want to boost their ROI with high-quality traffic. It comes with powerful targeting options and advanced audience segmentation to make sure affiliates are showing their ads to the right users at the right time.

Check our Push House review.

push house pros and cons

7. JuicyAds

Since 2006, this pioneering platform has been shaking up the game with its innovative approach to direct buy purchasing. This ad network offers a unique experience for its clients by providing direct buy options, aside from allowing you to run RON campaigns.

This network has a wide range of ad formats including banners, native ads, pop-unders, and even special formats like float ads and in-video ads.

With over 30 recognitions to its name across both the adult and advertising industries, JuicyAds is the go-to choice for anyone looking to make a bold impact in the world of adult advertising.

juicyads adult ad network pros & cons

Read our in-depth JuicyAds review.

8. Kadam

Kadam Ad Network is an advertising service that empowers media buyers with high-quality traffic and innovative solutions for comprehensive ad campaign management.

As one of the largest advertising networks, Kadam boasts more than 100,000 sites and apps ready to host your ads, ensuring extensive reach for your campaigns.

Advertisers can purchase traffic from any geographical location (down to the region or city), making it a versatile platform for global marketing efforts. Kadam is committed to delivering traffic from over 195 countries, further solidifying its international reach.

The network offers six ad formats, including Native, Banner, Push, In-Page Push, In-App Push, and ClickUnder, providing advertisers with flexibility and variety in their ad strategies.

For Adult traffic, make sure you choose “Adult content” under categories.

Moreover, Kadam implements innovative solutions, constantly evolving to improve the work of advertisers, webmasters, and RTB partners. The platform has been continually praised for its advanced technology and comprehensive solutions since its inception in 2012.

kadam adult ad network pros and cons
For a comprehensive understanding of this ad network and its offerings, don’t forget to check out our detailed Kadam review.

9. OnClickA

OnClickA is an advertising network that has a huge volume of Adult traffic.

It offers seven diverse ad types, including push notifications, in-page push, banner ads, video ads, popunder, native ads, and tab redirect ads, ensuring a wide range of creative and engaging formats.

One of its standout features is auto bid adjustment, which helps optimize ad spend by dynamically adjusting campaign bids for more traffic. OnClickA also supports CPA (Cost Per Action) models, enabling advertisers to pay only for conversions, enhancing efficiency and ROI for campaigns.

onclick adult ad network verdict

Read our in-depth OnClickA review.

10. AdMaven

Are you looking for traffic that’s exclusive to a network?

You should try AdMaven! With roughly a billion active users — 90% of which come from direct publishers — you can ensure better conversion rates with this network than with others.

AdMaven has two ad formats: push notification ads and pop ads. Adult mobile content and adult web games work great with their pop traffic as a large portion of it comes from adult sites.

Campaign creation is super easy with this platform, and you can add virtually every macro (AdMaven Review) you need to properly monitor your campaign’s traffic.

Pop rates are pretty cheap — it starts at $0.0002, and the recommended bid for expensive geos is usually within the $0.004 to $0.006 range per view. Compared to other networks, AdMaven’s push notification ads rates are also cheaper, ranging from $0.001 to $0.14 per click.

If you’re using The Optimizer, you’d be happy to know that AdMaven is now fully integrated with this platform.

Finally, AdMaven has one of the lowest minimum deposits for adult ad networks out there, requiring only a meager $50 to get started on the platform.

admaven adult pros and cons

Check our in-depth AdMaven review and decide if that’s the right choice!

5. ClickAdilla

ClickAdilla is a global self-serve ad network with plenty of premium adult traffic sources. The network has over 4.5 billion users in 240+ countries and is a powerhouse for dating affiliates.

You can choose from 13 ad formats, including Push, Pop, Interstitials, Banner, Video, and Native ads. The platform has excellent targeting choices including, GEO
Device, OS, ISP/Carrier, Browser, IP, Website, Language, Time, Category, Demographic, Retargeting, Black/White List, Frequency Capping, Tokens.

For adult traffic, first, select your ad format and set your targeting options. You can then choose from a variety of Adult categories, including;

Amateurs, Anal, Asian, BBW, Big Tits, Bisexual, Blowjobs, BDSM, Hentai/Cartoons, Ebony, Foot, Fetish, Gay, Latina, Lesbians, MILF, Grannies, Squirting, Teens, Transexual/Shemale, Voyeur, Japanese, Virtual Reality, Threesome, Gangbang, Interracial, Pornstar, Fetish, Vintage, European, Brazilian, Korean, Red Head, Blondie, Webcam, French, German.

You can also select from RON and Premium Adult traffic sources. One excellent feature is the ability to select which premium adult sites you want to target when creating your campaigns.

You can use smart targeting algorithms to boost your campaign performance and control your ad spend while taking advantage of the platform’s in-house, anti-fraud ad tech.

The ad network seamlessly integrates with most leading trackers, including Voluum, Binom, and RedTrack.

You can get started from just $50, and choose from a wide selection of global payment methods, including cryptocurrency.

ClickAdilla makes Adult advertising quick and easy and is a great place to buy premium adult traffic at a low cost.

pros and cons of clickadilla adult ad network

Read our in-depth ClickAdilla review.

11. Zeropark

Zeropark is developed by team behind Voluum. It basically works with 3 types of traffic: push, pop, and domain redirect traffic (described as full page PPV traffic). It has both adult and mainstream traffic, with the majority of traffic being mainstream.

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Even so, the volumes for adult are interesting.

The cost model is CPV (cost per view) on pop and domain redirects and CPC (cost per click) for push. For CPV traffic you pay every time a user views your landing page. When you set your bid, you can see a “visibility bar”, which pretty much lets you know whether or not you’re getting a decent position with this specific bid.

Targeting options include: Geos, keywords, devices, carriers, RON, and others.

Target/Source are basically whitelists. Targets are the placements; sources are the ad exchanges linked to Zeropark. This basically means that sources are sets of targets.

Another interesting characteristic that’s worth mentioning is the full integration of Zeropark with Voluum. You just need to create a campaign in Voluum and choose Zeropark as a traffic source and you’re set: Everything will be tracked correctly, including costs.

More recently, you can even get to optimize your campaigns directly from Voluum. This opens up a whole new array of possibilities you didn’t have before.

zeropark adult pros and cons

Check our Zeropark review!

12. AdSpyglass

AdSpyglass is a game-changer for publishers and website owners who are looking to make the most out of their traffic.

It is a revolutionary ad mediation and management platform that auto-selects the highest CPM offered by ad networks for your website’s traffic and placements.

AdSpyglass connects publishers with multiple ad networks (up to 35, to be exact) to help them get the best rates for their ad spots.

With AdSpyglass, you will be able to:

  • Get the highest CPMs for your traffic
  • Fully customize your ad units
  • Integrate with any ad network
  • Monitor your ads in real-time
  • And so much more!

While it accepts all kinds of traffic — adult and mainstream alike — most of the ad networks within the platform are adult in nature.

There’s no reason not to try AdSpyglass — it could very well be the solution you’ve been looking for to monetize your website or blog.

Read our full AdSpyglass review and get started!

Give it a shot today!

adspyglass for adult ad network pros and cons

13. TrafficFactory

This adult Ad Network only has a few adult websites.

However, with 6 billion global daily impressions, there’s enough volume to compete with larger networks like ExoClick.

TrafficFactory’s worst aspects are the spots: 300×100, 338×235, 928×244, and 180×1030, plus video pre-roll. You’ll only find them here but, trust me, once you get used to the way the platform works, you’ll think it’s really interesting.

In addition, they have an AdRate which measures your position relative to the competition. That’s a mix of your bid and your CTR.

Do you know what that means? Either work carefully on your banners or be ready to empty your pockets!


Need a review?

Check this Traffic Factory Review!


traffic factory review

14. TrafficHunt

Traffic Hunt is a simple Ad Network. It works only with a few premium members area websites. Their stats are really useful for you to understand your campaigns’ behavior! But you won’t have a great margin to implement creativity in your strategies

Here, you can control bids, banner performance and adjust the bids per website.

Do you know what that means?

If you wanna be successful, you gotta read and analyze your stats fast!


traffichunt review

15. Traffic Shop

TrafficShop is an adult network with plenty of features and targeting options. There’s a good range of ad formats for mobile, including mobile and desktop banners, native ads, popunders, and skimmed (a specific percentage of clicks on a website redirects the users to an offer).

The volumes aren’t exactly huge but it’s simple to work with and all the important info is there (domain names, main targeting options, performance tracking, etc.) They’re different from most other popular ad networks in that when you setting your LP URL you need to prepare it first and then link it in the campaign editor.

They also set the bid differently because you don’t set the value by yourself. Instead, you scale up your position and they’ll automatically insert the required bid. They also offer IP ranges which is not all that common.

Yes, they’re different, but not goofy-style different and we appreciate that!


trafficshop review

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