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Best Ad Spy Tools for Internet Marketers

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Whether you’re only just beginning your marketer master path or you already see yourself as the ultimate money game super pro, it’s always important to follow the market’s cutting-edge trends to stay on top!

How the heck are you supposed to do that?

By spying competitors’ ads, that’s how!

Indeed, it’s crucial that you check which promo materials (banners, landing pages) other affiliate marketers are currently using. By analyzing how they do what they do, you’ll be able to create a strategy and earn big!

Even so, don’t go crazy, looking for spying tools like an addiction!


Because there’s a whole bunch of them and we wanna make sure you select THE best one to do your thing!

These are by far the best tools to spy on your competitors’ ads so you can follow and understand the techniques you can use to explore your spying skills to the max!

Here we go!

List of the Best Ad Spy Tools

1. AdPlexity

AdPlexity is the leading ad spy tool and one of our favorite tools by far.

By entering the platform, you can monitor and download promo materials (banners and landing pages) from the most popular ad networks (more than 100) and ad exchanges across 75 countries and 120 carriers.

In fact, AdPlexity has different versions:

AdPlexity provides several approaches, according to the different goals.

Now let’s try to imagine the questions you’re asking yourself! That’s how we’ll answer them and make sure you know everything you need to know before making your move!

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Learn How To Start Using It

Question #1 – Which offers are affiliate marketers running on a certain segment (country + operator + OS) and what promo materials are they using?

For you to be able to check this, filter by Country, Operator and Device type. This is how you can see all the campaigns that are currently running on this segment.

This filter will also let you get the list of banners and landing pages.

Moreover, you can filter Ad Type for Mobile Web to see only banners, or for popunder, to see only landing pages.

Even when you filter by Mobile Web, you can click any banner and check its landing page.

From what you’ll find, some campaigns have a direct link to the offer and some are linked to a pre-landing page from where the user is already going to the offer.

AdPlexity’s Tutorial suggests that, in order to find campaigns which use a pre-landing page, you should select “Search in outgoing URLs”.

Even with this selection, you’ll still find many campaigns with the direct link to an offer.

Another suggestion from AdPlexity: uncheck “None” at the tracking tool filter, since 99% of all affiliate marketing campaigns use a tracking tool. This will exclude brand marketing and other non-relevant campaign types.

Question #2 – How do I know which promo materials were used to promote a specific offer type?

Let’s say you’re interested in an iPhone sweepstake offer. What you’ve gotta do is search by keyword on the landing page for “iPhone”. This is how you’ll get all the campaigns which include the word “iPhone” on their landing pages.

No matter what you’re searching for, it’s always better to specify the segment (country + operator + OS), otherwise you’ll have too many results in random languages.

On the other hand, you can sort global results by “Received Most Traffic” and see which are the biggest markets in specific segments for this kind of offer. You can also see which promo material ran for a longer period since it may mean that it actually performs well.

Question #3 – How did affiliates run a particular offer?

We know a great offer to promote, but we’re not sure how to actually promote it.

What to do?

Check how others are doing it!

First of all, you need the landing page URL of the offer. If the offer is available for Wi-Fi targeting, you can open the affiliate link of the offer through a VPN with an appropriate country and get to the offer’s landing page.

You’ll get more or less the following URL: http://www.xxx.xx/subscribe/?cr=53210&clickID=97368794344125-201612-156t874bec&affiliateid=1234

After erasing tracking tokens, you end up with the proper offer link, which in this case is


Then, you search for this URL by advertiser and BAM, you’ll see all the campaigns promoting this offer and their promo materials!

Question #4 – What and how are affiliates running on a specific website?

Imagine you know that some website works very well but you’re just not sure about how to promote there.

Open the tab “By Publisher” and insert the website you wanna check.

Then you can specify the segment you’re interested in (country + operator + OS).

Just to summarize, AdPlexity is the greatest spy tool of them all!

It makes all others pale in comparison, especially because you can find and download many pre-landing pages on AdPlexity. That’s huge, since it’s a cool opportunity that’ll allow you to understand the whole flow used by other media buyers to sign up their users and get slippery sweet profits!

Important note: You should check our in-depth AdPlexity Review Guide in order to learn all the hidden tricks.

2. Mobidea Ad Spy Tools

Mobidea Spy Push and Mobidea Spy Native let you find out which of the Push and Native ads are making serious bank.

Mobidea included the top features from the world’s best spy tools and rolled them into one kick ass package that’s been put together with affiliates in mind.

Here are some of the dope features:

  • CPC bid history
  • Landing page ripper
  • Hourly ads update
  • Advanced search filters
  • Campaign alerts
  • Live chat support

Now, not only can you choose from dozens of mobile offers on Mobidea’s CPA network and power up your ROI with Mobidea Push Traffic DSP, but you can also uncover top performing ads and traffic sources and create your own winning campaigns!

This makes it super convenient for existing Mobidea affiliates to run and optimize their campaigns from a single login at the push of a button, and all from within your existing dashboard.

So, what’s so special about Mobidea Spy Tools?

Well, for one thing, Mobidea Spy Push tracks ads on 40+ of the top push ad networks including PropellerAds, MegaPush, DatsPush, AdMaven, Earnify, MGI, ZeroPark, and more.

You’ll also be able to tap into 19M+ Ads over 90+ countries.

The Mobidea Spy Native is similarly impressive, with native ads from 27+ ad networks and includes data from over 266 affiliate networks.

So, let’s go ahead and check out the tool in more detail!

First, you’ll wanna choose which flavor of campaign you wanna spy on.

You can choose from Native Ads only, Push Ads only, or opt for the Push + Native Ads Combo Spy Tool, to leave no stone left unturned.

Get a 20% discount on each plan by using the promo code ACADEMY20.

This should give you enough time to get a feel for how the platform works to make sure you get the most out of your experience.

3. Dropispy

Whether you’re just starting out in the world of dropshipping or you’ve been at it for a while, it’s always beneficial to keep an eye on your competition. Dropispy is a great tool for doing just that.

This competitive intelligence tool has three main functions, and these are:

Facebook Ad Search

The ad search tool is the most prominent feature of Dropispy, which lets you search for ads based on the creative, target audience, redirect links, and the number of reactions. This information can be invaluable in developing your own dropshipping strategy.

sorting results in dropispy

For example, if you see that your competitor is targeting a particular demographic with their ads, you can adjust your own targeting accordingly.

Or, if you notice that they are using a particular e-commerce platform for their redirects, you can research that platform to see if it would be a good fit for your own business.

In-Depth Ad Information

The Ad Information feature on Dropispy is designed to give users a more complete picture of an advertiser’s performance. By displaying additional details about an ad, users can learn more about how the ad is performing and whether or not it is still active.

Additionally, users can also download the media used for the ad, or even copy the exact ad text. This feature is incredibly useful for those who want to get a more complete understanding of an ad’s performance.

Shop Search

The Shop Search feature on Dropispy is a great way to find popular dropshipping shops and see what products they’re promoting.

alexa ranking history in dropispy

You can then click on any of the shops to view more information about them, including their average order value, number of orders, and top-selling products.

This is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to get started in the world of dropshipping, as it can help you quickly identify successful shops to emulate.

Dropispy offers three different pricing plans to meet your needs. Its free plan is perfect for those who want to try out the service with no commitment. It offers an unlimited number of searches but most of the features are restricted.

For those who want full access to all of our features, Dropispy offers a premium plan for €29.90 per month, which comes with 50,000 search credits. And for businesses, there’s a plan that gives you 1.8 million search credits for €249.90 per month.

4. SpyPush

SpyPush is an established push notification monitoring service, with a classy design.

It supports a great number of ad networks, including PropellerAds, DatsPush, AdsTerra, EvaDav.

Media buyers and affiliate marketers will like the platform for its clean interface and simplicity of use, combined with data from over 500,000 push ads.

They additionally offer a free trial, so you can explore a limited version of the service at no cost.

The trial is limited to a handful of GEOs, but in some cases, it should be enough to get you acquainted with the capabilities of the software.

The format of the data is well presented, and it’s easy to see the title, copy and creative used at a glance.

You can click through to the advertiser’s landing pages and explore similar creatives, to give you a better picture of what’s trending in your niche.

You have the option to select country, language, device and network and sort by time and activity and even save creatives to your favorites list.

All in all, it’s a great platform to get started by competitive intelligence for push notification ads, and one which you’ll probably find yourself using time and again. However, it lacks on some useful features like the CPC bid history.

5. SpyOver

SpyOver is a platform that focuses on monitoring and analyzing competitors’ Native ads.

It monitors 15 ad networks and 70 affiliate networks in 115 countries and has an impressive database of 7M ads.

One of the cool features about SpyOver is the amount of segmentation you can use in your searches.

You can filter data by device, browsers, GEO, networks and tracks and sort by the date and duration of the creative.

Use it to find detailed stats, graphs and data for each creative and explore landing pages by text, URL, copy title or even links.

As one of the more advanced tools of its kind, SpyOver allows you to download competitors’ landing pages and select multiple creatives for downloading at time.

At the heart of the software is the purpose to uncover winning creatives and landing pages and apply these strategies to your own campaigns.

You’ll be able to use it to find trending offers and use the advanced filters to see what’s hot right now or what has been working over a longer period of time.

It’s also an effective tool for optimizing your own campaigns and analyzing the prevalent messaging in your niche.

6. AdMobiSpy

A leader in competitive mobile intelligence, AdMobiSpy tracks over 6M advertisements in real time in 183 countries and includes 6 pop networks and 23 ad networks.

What can you do with all this data?

AdMobiSpy is the tool to use if you wanna find new profitable traffic sources for your campaigns.

Spy tools are essentially a way to identify profitable strategies which you can apply to your campaigns to increase your CTR and conversions.

The more data that is available will allow you to create greater success and boost your ROI.

AdMobiSpy takes this to a new level and helps you drill down into the granular level of your competitors’ campaigns.

You’ll be able to calculate predicted results as well as avoid strategies that could be detrimental to your business.

It’s also perfectly geared up for affiliate marketers and tracks some of the most important networks in the industry.

The interface itself will be familiar to those who have previously used push ad spy tools, but the presentation of the data stands out as being of particularly high quality and gives you instant visual feedback on the creative that you can put to use in your own campaigns.

The freemium plan comes with limited ad results and a choice of 4 ad networks in 2 countries and is limited to 5 daily requests.

7. SEMrush

You may be familiar with SEMrush (30-day free trial) as a popular SEO tool for digital marketers, but it’s also a very neat tool for spying on your competitors PPC campaigns.

As an all-in-one tool for competitive research on paid search campaigns, it’s certainly hard to beat.

If you predominantly run pay-per-click campaigns, then SEMrush is just the ticket!

You can use SEMrush to:

  • Analyze competitors’ ad budgets and keywords
  • Monitor ad copy and landing pages
  • Discover New Competitors in Google Ads and Bing Ads
  • Localize Your Ad Campaigns

They are also constantly adding new features, such as the CPC map, which can help you to optimize your spending in geographical regions.

One of the best features about the platform is to be able to identify competitors’ ad copy in real time and export the results for later reference.

This makes creating new ad copy for split testing your campaigns a breeze and, along with the organic search results for the keyword, should give you an unfair advantage over your competitors.

You can also use the tool to uncover keywords that your competitors may have missed, and find low competition keywords, as well as ones which are in high demand.

The keyword magic tool can give you millions of keyword suggestions for your campaigns and, combined with the ad history and keyword difficulty tool, can make sure you pick a winner every time.

8. AdBeat

While some of the platforms reviewed on this list are primarily concerned with Push notifications, AdBeat takes a different approach and instead gives insight into competitive intelligence for the display advertising market.

While not strictly aimed solely at affiliate marketers, it is nonetheless an impressive platform and extremely useful for spying on your competitors’ campaigns.

AdBeat includes access to data from 120 ad networks in 20 countries, across 4 device types and can display ad data from Desktop, Mobile, Native, and Pre-roll ads.

Names include Outbrain, Taboola, Revcontent and AdRoll to name a few, and it’s a great way to uncover winning campaigns and optimize your own strategies.

The scheduled alerts and reports are also a nice touch, and it sends you notifications any time one of your competitors launches a new campaign.

You can also compare advertisers’ performance with visual data that makes gathering new insights for your own campaigns child’s play.

AdBeat is a data intensive platform that is intended for industry professionals and, if you’re serious about display advertising and wanna check out AdBeat for yourself, you can request a live demo from the team to show you the ropes.

9. AdVault

AdVault is 100% focused on finding and identifying winning Native Ads campaigns.

With over 14M native ads across 13 networks in 19 countries, it’s an impressive platform that is used by thousands of affiliates worldwide.

Featured networks include Outbrain, Taboola, Gravity ads, Adblad, RevContent and MGID and you can find ads in all of the top GEOs and publisher sites.

Similar to other spy tools, you’ll be able to filter your search by Ad strength and popularity metrics, giving you every chance to discover trending creatives and offers.

AdVault additionally focuses on landing pages and funnels, so you can identify your competitors’ campaigns from start to end and see how they are managed each step of the way.

The platform also lets you track the advertiser you wanna follow, and you can additionally save creatives to favorites for later use.

It’s super easy to find trending ads, keywords and advertisers and explore related ads in your niche.

One neat feature is the LeadFinder integration which enables you to contact advertisers who could be suitable for partnerships.

You’ll also find it easy to identify redirect campaigns which focus on ROI and discover new offers to use in your own campaigns, which are used by high volume affiliates in your niche.

10. WhatRunsWhere


Now it’s time to learn how to explore another awesome spy tool: WhatRunsWhere!

WhatRunsWhere is a marketing spy tool that allows you to find: a) where your competitors are advertising; b) what kind of ads they’re using; c) which advertisers and ads are running on a particular domain, by keywords.

You can select among display version, mobile, or full (display+mobile).

WhatRunsWhere has international coverage for over 150 display networks and 140 mobile ad networks. It also collects banner, text and native advertisements.

WARNING: in case you forget to cancel the subscription before the expiration date, the money for the full version will be automatically deducted from your account!

WhatRunsWhere offers you the possibility to search by advertiser, publisher, keyword or network. Using the enterprise version, you can explore the advanced opportunity to search by category and network. These features will help you find inspiration and launch the new GEOs while being fully prepared!

There are only 4 ways to research the ads:


This feature allows you to find where the advertiser is running his ads. Imagine you have decided to advertise Uber. All you’ve gotta do is insert the domain’s name in the search by advertiser field.

You can then see demographics, sources of traffic and all ads (text, banner, native) for it, as well as info about the publishers.

Important: we advise you to sort the creatives by Ad strength, as it’ll show you the best ads first!


If you wanna put your ads on the specific site, this section is for you. For the specific domain, you’ll get info about sources of traffic, type of ads, and a list of advertisers.

You can check all the ads that were placed on it, for how long it was running, and other details.

Moreover, you can pick the most popular domains, to find out which offers your competitors are promoting.


This section is great for you to research a specific niche. For instance, you can check the info for the keyword “beauty” on the following image.

You can also select the format that interests you the most.

Searching by keywords is a pretty useful tool if you wanna see the advertisers in the particular market. In addition, it also helps you figure out how to design your ads!

Top ads

This section is really worth exploring as it shows you the best ads according to your filters: country, creative type, ad network, and period of time. This allows you to check current industry trends and design the right ads.

Note: if you wanna check adult ads, don’t forget updating your preferences so as to allow adult ads!

Long story short, WhatRunsWhere is a good service for affiliate marketing beginners. That being said, you should understand that true pros will always want a platform with more advanced tools.

As I’ve mentioned above, there are many quality spying services available on the market.

I wanted to help make this choice easier for you!

Other Tools

I truly recommend to use an ad spy tool but I’ve also gotta mention that you may not even need a tool to monitor your media buying enemies.

For instance, let’s say you’re wondering what and how other affiliates promote on a particular website for the mobile Wi-Fi traffic of some country.

You can use a VPN service such as NordVPN, along with the User-Agent Switcher extension for your browser!

Just connect through a VPN to the country you’re interested in. Then make it seem like you’re using a mobile device on the User-Agent Switcher extension, and check the website.

In case you don’t know the website you wanna check, just launch the campaign on the ad network, spend 50 miserable cents, and you’ll get the long list of websites on your stats.

Additionally, never hesitate to ask your account manager for suggestions on how to promote a particular offer in a particular segment! Trust us: it’s probable that they know a bit more than you.

Cheers to all!

Keep spying like crazy and become the example of success in affiliate marketing!



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