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TrafficStars Review: Premium Ad Network (2018 Update)

TrafficStars is one of the coolest ad networks in the world which means you can’t possibly miss this TrafficStars review!


This TrafficStars review was created by two amazing Mobidea Crew members and it’s really gonna help you earn money on this ad network!

Have you been thinking about how to make it rain in the adult arena in such a competitive affiliate marketing world?

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Start reading our amazing TrafficStars review!

In this article, we’ll tell you about the general features and types of traffic you can find on TrafficStars.


We’ll teach you how to launch a campaign, as well as review the reporting and optimization tools of TrafficStars.

After reading this review, you should have a good understanding of what the platform is all about and become ready to get things going.

Let’s get started, shall we?

TrafficStars Review: Overview & Features

TrafficStars is a self-serve premium ad network for high-quality adult traffic.

And guess what?

TrafficStars welcomes individual advertisers!

The approval of Individual accounts follows the same process as the one for Company accounts:

All applications are gonna be carefully screened.

Moreover, the account approval process is handled on a case-by-case basis and might also include a request for documents or some references from other networks.

The account managers will help you understand which are the ad network’s top segments and spots, provide you with the top bids to be successful, and will give you many other useful clues.

TrafficStars supports six banner sizes, popunders, native ads, and video pre-roll ads.


TrafficStars offers worldwide traffic, with an awesome concentration of high volumes, especially in tier 1 GEOs.

Even so, you can also get other classic low-payout GEOs such as India, Brazil, or Thailand showing some high volumes.

TrafficStars now has more than 1000 ad spots in all formats.

You should always talk to your account manager to get the freshest numbers before launching a campaign.


Because the ad network’s traffic estimator is inaccurate, to say the least!

A higher number of premium sites also means tough restrictions on banners.

Many of the real premium spots (e.g. several spots on xHamster) don’t allow any fake players or text buttons.

This is where you should really be in sync with your account manager so as to get useful insights!

More info?

TrafficStars has updated their campaign editorial process to help advertisers check when the type of creatives submitted happens to result in traffic limitations.

It’s rare for campaigns or creatives to be rejected.

However, they can be flagged according to their content and matched with the specific traffic sources which actually allow these types of content.

Flagged ads will automatically perform on any targeted ad spots which have authorized these flags.

In case the ad spot has chosen to block a certain flag, this will mean that any creatives which have the flag will not be shown.

In addition, advertisers are also able to see the flags applied to each of their creatives.

They can also see how they will limit their ability to get traffic by checking the flag icon on the “Campaign Edit” page.

If no flag icon is shown, that means that the creative isn’t being blocked by any of the targeted traffic sources.

Let’s now get down to business and dive into the campaign creation process.

Campaign Creation & Tracking

Just like the whole platform interface, the campaign creation process is equally easy-to-use and hyper intuitive.

Moreover, it’s as simple as can be!

This allows you to get things organized, making sure you can monetize faster.

trafficstars campaign creation


Select your campaign’s general features:

Campaign name, Categories (to start, we recommend you select “All”), Ad format, Country and Ad Group (to organize your campaigns.)


This option offers all the basics you need to get to create a nice targeting.

In more detail, you can target by:

  • Languages
  • Devices
  • Operating Systems
  • Browsers
  • Carriers
  • IP ranges
  • Retargeting


What’s that all about?

TrafficStars has a powerful retargeting tool.

You can use it for positive and negative retargeting.

You can also go for the advanced retargeting, which they call “dynamic.”

What happens with dynamic retargeting?

Dynamic retargeting allows you to retarget users of a specific age range or those who have subscribed to a product showcasing a certain value.

Users can set up their own parameters to retarget events on their websites, which means the possibilities are endless!


Just like other networks, TrafficStars allows dayparting and gives you the chance to schedule the dates in which you want your campaign to run.

It’s always nice to have these options!


The most interesting part is the websites targeting, or “Audience” as it’s called on TrafficStars.

You can choose between a classic RON campaign or a Prime one.

Prime is the cream of the crop:

Top websites + spots combination!

It’s the best in the market.

Very appealing and definitely worth testing.

Don’t hesitate!

Go ahead and “annoy” your account manager, asking for the top bids for those premium spots and the banners compliance.

Apparently, some of those spots allow you to go for more “aggressive” banners.

In that case, we suggest you create two separate campaigns:

One for the more restricted spots, and a second one for the others.

You can upload all your creatives on the “Ads” tab.


You’ve got two common pricing models available:

CPC and CPM.

You’ll pay a fixed amount for either of these pricing models.

They’ve also got the Dynamic CPM option.

You’ll basically set the maximum bid you’re willing to pay and let the algorithm do the work for you, selecting the lowest possible bid for each individual impression.

The Dynamic CPM (DCPM) algorithm is quite complex and it’ll adjust according to the demand for every specific impression in real-time.

This means that the system of TrafficStars checks the top CPM for each individual ad request it receives, cross-checking all the possible targeting options (ad spot, language, device, OS, browser, carrier, or IP ranges.)

Then it’ll actually adjust the campaign’s CPM accordingly, considering the demand at that specific moment.

This means that it’ll effectively allow the advertiser to get the most traffic, paying the lowest possible price, up to the DCPM bid they set for this campaign.

Finally, the TrafficStars squad has launched a cool Native Ads format, which means they also work with CPMV.

The option is not shown on the platform, because the standard pricing for Native Ads is CPMV instead of CPM.

Meaning what?

That the advertiser will only pay for viewed impressions.

As an advertiser, you’ll have no info regarding your position while launching the campaign – and not even while running it.

The small campaign summary (see image below) claims to help you estimate it, showing the total traffic available – which is usually never accurate for the chosen targeting.trafficstars campaign summary


The “Top CPM” = $0.03 shown is the suggestion we got when targeting a BR TIM 300 x 100 Prime campaign for the xHamster Mobile header.

When confirmed, it turned out that the actual top bid was much higher.

Final tip:

Once your campaign is fine-tuned and ready to kick off, save the ID and give it to your account manager – it’s gonna be approved much faster.

In case you need to change something, you’re gonna get some straightforward feedback!


When uploading your banners, TrafficStars allows you to use a very interesting built-in “mini” tracking tool.

You can use it to split test your banners with assigned priorities and different pre-landers.

This is a super helpful solution, in case you don’t already have a tracking service.


Already using a tracking service?

TrafficStars has got all the preconfigured settings for traffic sources.

Time saving, indeed!

In case you don’t use a tracker yet, here’s a quick guide on how to set the postback directly on Mobidea:

On every advertiser’s account in the “Tracking & API” section, you’ll see a short text regarding the link you need to use, just like the one below.

tracking api

The framed link http://tsyndicate.com/api/v1/cpa/action/{{DATA3}} is the one you paste on the Mobidea Postback setting, just like in the following example.

mobidea postback trafficstars

After you save the changes, don’t forget to add the dynamic parameters you’d like to track in your Smartlink/Offer link.

As an example, we’re gonna track the campaign ID on data1 and the creative ID on track2.

Then, at the end, you’ve gotta add the data3={click_id}, just as shown below:


Reports & Optimization

After successfully launching your campaigns, you’ll want to keep track of their performance.

You can access a full list of all your campaigns on your Dashboard (the blue button) or by clicking the “Advertisers” button on top of your account menu and selecting “Campaign Listing.”

campaign listing trafficstars

There, you can check an overview of the stats of all your campaigns for the dates you wish to see.

One flaw of the UX is that you can’t choose to see only a certain campaign “Group” right away.

This means that – if you prefer to categorize all your campaigns by the GEOs you’re running, for example (like we do on Mobidea) – you might wanna make use of the good old search function on your browser (Ctrl + F on a Windows PC) to jump to the GEO you wanna check first.

Apart from this detail, the interface is quite user-friendly with color coding for approved, paused, and rejected campaigns.

In “Actions”, you can move to the stats (the little bar-chart symbol), pause/activate, edit, clone or archive your campaign.

This is easy to navigate and pretty straightforward.

However, we’re not huge fans of the part where you can clone a campaign.

When do you clone a campaign?

Usually, when you intend to whitelist some spots of an existing campaign, or if you wanna launch a very similar campaign for a different carrier, for example.

For this purpose, you might want to insert a note on the campaign’s name.

No can do, sir!



Because the name of a cloned campaign is automatically created by the system and can’t be changed afterwards.

trafficstars campaign listing overview

Another aspect that should be noted at this point is the specific case in which you choose to edit your campaign and unselect some of the ad spots you were targeting (because they’re highly unprofitable).

What happens, then?

The campaign will be re-submitted for approval, even if you don’t change any banners, etc.

You should definitely give a shout out to your account manager so as to speed up the process.

This is how you make sure you’re not missing any valuable traffic.

The provided stats in each campaign are pretty straightforward and the interface is easy to navigate.

You’ve got the option to choose the timeframe you wanna look at and check stats by ad spot, country, creative, site, device type, OS, browser, language, and carrier.

There’s also a cool graph where you can choose which two parameters you wanna see – the standard is impressions and price (total daily cost.)

trafficstars graph

TrafficStars’ campaign reports include hourly stats.

Moreover, you can take advantage of the possibility to track earnings and ROI directly on the platform.

In case you’re planning to perform a dayparting, check your tracker or Mobidea’s stats.

Generally, TrafficStars allows you to see useful stats for your campaigns.

The network is all about making several individual premium spots work, though.

This means it can be tricky to scale up (as far as volumes are concerned.)

Therefore, you should use a tracker to dig even deeper into the performance of parameters within the various premium spots, and eventually create your whitelists to squeeze your sweet spots for as much money as possible.

TrafficStars Verdict

TrafficStars is definitely an ad network you should add to your list of adult networks.

It offers a very clean, intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate.

With several well-known premium sites, the ad network offers good quality and great volumes of traffic.


Individual volumes can depend on the segment and ad format.

Moreover, there’s no traffic estimator.

Even so, this missing part is more than compensated by the effort of the dedicated account managers, who’ll usually provide all the data you need.

Banner regulations are a bit tough.

This is where you should work with your account manager and come up with solutions.

You can also think about launching several campaigns in one segment, depending on the individual restrictions of the premium spots.

In this network, scaling up can be a bit tricky, since the performances among the available premium spots seem to vary a lot.

This means it’s all about finding as many gold mines as possible and squeezing them as much as you can by working on banners, operating systems, etc.

Believe us:

There are ways to find those sweet spots and TrafficStars has got a whole lotta cash waiting for you to grab!

TrafficStars: Offers & Verticals

  • Ad Types: Banners, Popunder
  • Cost Model(s): CPM, CPC, Dynamic CPM, and CPMV
  • Verticals: Adult

TrafficStars: Payment & Investment

TrafficStars: Support

  • Personal Account Manager: yes
  • Support Response Speed: reply within 24 hours
  • Support Rating: perfect support!
  • Contact Methods: email or online helpdesk
  • Contact: support@trafficstars.com

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