5 Top Crypto Advertising Networks You Should Know

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Blockchain technology is reshaping the scene like crazy and creating a whole lotta noise!

Scared of missing out on the party, many people are getting into cryptocurrency trading, cryptocurrency advertising, mining, ICO investments and of course, crypto affiliate marketing.

The latter offers great money-making opportunities and with the current article, we’ll dive into more details about the ins and outs of the vertical.

Due to the specifics of this market, affiliates are asking a load of important questions like
Where to buy traffic? or Are there any crypto advertising networks out there?

Yes, indeed!

Being the cool bro that I am, I made this handy list of top crypto networks so hurry up and get on the bandwagon. That party waits for nobody.

Top Crypto Advertising Networks: The Definitive Review

The review below will teach you everything you need to know about each dope platform: offers, types of targeting features, whether or not you can count on a great customer support, and much more!

Prepared for a festival of crypto ad network information?

Are you ready for this crypto ad network review?

Let’s take a look at some of the best crypto advertising networks:

1. A-Ads

A-Ads is the crypto pioneer on the market, active since 2011.

A-Ads provides a simple online advertising platform that’s quite user-friendly and focused on privacy – it requires no personal data submission whatsoever!

With A-Ads you’ll start working almost immediately in a platform that’s completely funded by profits coming from the world of cryptocurrency.

This platform is super simple and will only take you a few minutes to start with a campaign or create an ad unit.

A-Ads also offers transparent statistics, automatic payouts, and sweet traffic from thousands of websites and applications.

In addition, its ads don’t contain Javascript, Adobe Flash or use cookies, meaning you can safely embed them anywhere.

These guys believe global advertising is for everyone and they make it real!

Minimum Deposit

There’s no minimum deposit!

The company prefers working on a daily budget basis.

That means advertisers pay the daily budget they feel comfortable with and, in return, the network gives them as much traffic as possible for that specific amount.


Advertisers can use targeting according to site categories, GEOs, and quality range.

You can buy traffic from your favorite platforms directly.

In addition, the system is built so that all the traffic you get actually comes from direct publishers.

Available Cost Models

Pay per Day (daily budget)

Advertisers pay for exposure at targeted ad spaces, not for the traffic.

Pay for Results

The platform offers free traffic to advertisers who reward efficient publishers via API (CPA & Revenue Share.)

Pay per Mille (CPM)

It’s available, but not really used.

Strongest GEOs

In terms of the strongest GEOs, almost half of the platform’s traffic comes from English-speakers around the globe.

Even so, the platform has awesome traffic from all around the world, something you can check for yourself by analyzing these stats!

a ads countries

a ads languages

The top 5 countries are the USA, Brazil, India, Russia, and Vietnam.

Offers Info

Since this is the oldest bitcoin advertising network around, these guys offer an extensive selection of cryptocurrency-related traffic sources which are perfect for the promotion of ICOs, currency exchanges and trading, cloud mining, gaming and gambling on blockchain.


This ad network provides both support and accounting 24/7.

The average reply time?

5 min.

2. BitMedia.io

BitMedia is one of the first bitcoin advertising platforms, focused on cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Their mission?

To maximize the income of both advertisers and publishers!

These guys mean business!

In this network, you can find about 3,700 crypto-related websites that bring more than 41 million impressions daily!


Quite impressive!

Minimum Deposit

I’ve got some great news for you!

There’s no minimum deposit!

There is, however, a minimum bid and it starts from 0.0000205 BTC for those working with CPC campaigns, and 0.000025 BTC for those of you doing CPM campaigns.


GEO, Device, and Time of the Day.

Coming soon:

Interests and categories!

Available Cost Models

CPC – this type of ads get lower priority in the ad rotation.

CPM – this type of ads get higher priority in the ad rotation.

Strongest GEOs

The strongest GEOs are the USA, Canada, European countries, Russia, and the UK, but traffic supply ain’t limited to these only. Use the platform’s handy targeting feature to pick from any of the other GEO targeting options.

Offers Info

According to network representatives, the best conversion rate on this platform is associated with various crypto projects on the CPC price model (i.e. you pay for each click).

Wanna have an efficient campaign?

Here’s my recommendation:

Make sure that you create dynamic image ads!

You can explore a GIF format, for example.


There’s a support crew that’s always glad to assist in setting up an ad campaign, adjusting it, and getting it started. They are your go-to people when it comes to getting that sweet cash!

3. Coinzilla

Coinzilla is a crypto & finance display advertising network built and operated by Sevio Solutions.

Coinzilla has been created with the purpose of expanding the crypto market and providing it with a complete advertising solution.

Since its release, Coinzilla has promoted over 200 brands and it’s currently helping over 400 Publishers monetize their online content.

Minimum Deposit

The platform has different minimum deposit amounts, which depend on the payment method.

Bitcoin Payments

A minimum amount of 0.05 bitcoins

Ethereum Payments

A minimum deposit amount of 0.5 Ethereum

Wire Payments

A minimum deposit of $100.


Advertisers select which websites and GEOs they want to receive traffic from.

You can get more options in case you get in touch with an account manager!

Available Cost Models

Both Coinzilla and its publishers work exclusively with CPM in all formats.

Strongest GEOs

Coinzilla works with an abundance of traffic sources from all over the world.

The best countries to explore, though?

Opt for the USA, Russia, Germany, Turkey, and the United Kingdom!

Offers Info

Advertisers can run different crypto or financial such as casinos, trading platforms, ICOs, and other types of ads that are safe for work.

What does that mean?

You’ve gotta play it safe!

No monkey business!

Be sure to check the restrictions before running anything.


Both advertisers and publishers have live/ticket support and an account manager who will help them out in no time!

4. CoinTraffic

Based in Tallinn, Estonia, CoinTraffic has become the premier digital advertising partner in the blockchain and crypto sectors.

These guys are passionate about startups and love developing new products!

It’s a dope team we’re talking about here. In fact, they’re now part of more than 80 ICO projects which have already raised around $800 million since 2017!


CoinTraffic has a self-service system which – at the time of writing – is closed.


All communications and operations are done through dedicated account managers, who are also responsible for your campaign setup.

Minimum Deposit

It’s similar to that of TokenAd.

Indeed, the minimum budget to start working with this ad network is $10.000.


The platform provides GEO targeting as well as device targeting – desktop and mobile.

And – drumroll – there’s a new platform being developed at the moment!

The idea?

To bring more diverse and detailed targeting opportunities for all players!

Cost Models

At this point, the network is not very flexible and only offers 100% prepaid CPM traffic.

Strongest GEOs

The ad network provides traffic from all over the world.


Need those super high volumes? Then explore the USA, United Kingdom, Japan, and Russia.

Offers Info

The offers here all answer one question:

Is this interesting for the crypto community?

If it is, then you can explore it on CoinTraffic!

The ads will normally show up in the top positions of websites.

Which offer types should you go for?

ICO and Gambling!

5. PropellerAds

PropellerAds is an advertising network providing media solutions for Advertisers and Publishers. Founded in 2011, the company rapidly became a leader in popunder advertising and later expanded into the native advertising world.

PropellerAds work with thousands of publishers’ sites and traffic suppliers, that provide worldwide traffic from different platforms and devices. The ad network currently delivers more than 1 billion impressions daily, and thousands of campaigns monthly, to desktop and mobile audiences.

There’s a variety of offers and products promoted on PropellerAds, and one of the top-performing verticals is Crypto: ICO, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binary options, Forex, Faucets and other similar products.

Minimum Deposit

Minimum deposit is as low as $100 (get your special bonus for the first deposit here).

Targeting and Ad Formats

Advertising formats: Native Push Notifications, Native Interstitial 2.0, Popunder.

Targeting by: Country, City, User activity (new), Language, Frequency capping, Device, OS type and version, Black / White lists of ad placements, Browser, Day & Time, etc.

Strongest GEOs

The strongest GEOs on PropellerAds are the USA, Brazil, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, India, Italy, Spain.

Offers Info

It’s allowed to promote the following types of offers: Crypto, Betting, Binary, Sweepstakes, e-Commerce, Nutrition, Subscriptions, Dating, Games, Cash on Demand (CoD) and other.

Remember this well – promotion of Adult is prohibited.


PayPal, Bank cards, Skrill, UnionPay, Payoneer and Wire transfers.

Real-Time Bidding Platform

RTB is available on demand for both desktop and mobile traffic. Data exchange is processed via XML, OpenRTB and JSON.


24/7 Live Chat and support available. PropellerAds also has a large knowledge base with lots of instructions and step-by-step guides.

Among other additional solutions for advertising, you’ll find Retargeting, Public API for campaigns management automation, S2S conversion tracking and a variety of traffic tokens, as well as real-time statistics.

Available Cost Models

PropellerAds has the following cost models available: CPM, CPC, SmartCPA.


This article was created with one goal in mind:

This article was created with one goal in mind:

To provide a comprehensive list of the best crypto advertising networks for you to explore!

No need to be scared!

Reread the list, think about the kind of investment you wanna make, and then go for it with panache!

Pick a crypto advertising network and rock on!


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