richads promo code

RichAds Promo Code: 10% Bonus Balance

Grab Mobidea Academy’s exclusive 10% bonus on your first deposit for push, popunder, and native campaigns on RichAds performance ad platform.

Why RichAds?

  • Performance team who can help to launch converting ads from the start.
  • Effective onboarding process, making creatives for your ads, and fully managing your campaigns.
  • More than 4 billion ad impressions daily.
  • Reach new audiences in 200+ countries all over the world.
  • Proprietary Technology.
  • Apply automated actions for optimization, use smart targeting options and pre-built whitelists, customize bid parameters, and enable API integration.

Min CPC: $0.003

Min CPM: $0.1

Min Deposit: $100

RichAds traffic quality is verified by Adscore.

Use the promo code MOBIDEA and get a 10% bonus top up to your first deposit!


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