RichAds Promo Code: 10% Bonus Balance

Grab Mobidea Academy’s exclusive 10% bonus on your first deposit for Push, Pops, In-Page Push, iOS Calendar, Direct Click, Native campaigns on RichAds ad platform.

Why RichAds?

  • Premium sources with incredibly high conversion rates
  • Expert’s support (ready-made whitelists, custom creatives for your offers, turn-key ad campaigns)
  • Target CPA for the best bids and HQ traffic (300% ROI with auto-optimization)
  • Flagship features: Optimizer, Predictor, Multiformat
  • Adult traffic with no restrictions

Min CPC: from $0.003 in Tier 2 и 3, from $0.01 in Tier 1

Min CPM: $0.5

Min Deposit: $100

How To Activate Your RichAds Coupon

Use the promo code MOBIDEA and get a 10% bonus top up to your first deposit. Tell the promo code to your account manager to claim it!