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André Martins

Business Intelligence Team Member

André Martins joined Mobidea in 2015. He comes from a scientific area so numbers and analytical power are two of his stronger skills. He began as a Media Buyer and Account Manager for Spanish-speaking VIP affiliates.

He came about when social traffic was only at its early stages, and he honed the role like a pro. André became a true expert on social traffic.

In the second half of 2016, a new independent team was created on Mobidea: the Social Marketing team. The strong analytical skills and the media buying/business experience make André a great expert on the subject.

Apart from working, André has many different passions. He really loves Astrophysics (where he managed to get a PhD) and he is a History buff. He loves travelling. He also enjoys watching movies with his loved one and sports are a great source of fun in his life!

Playing football, hiking and cycling are three things that make André really happy!

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