CPA on Facebook Ads: Definitive Guide for Beginners

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Welcome to a brand-new article that’ll cover the exciting and super dope world of Facebook Ads.

In this article, we intend to show you the basics of this art so you can be properly introduced to the universe of Facebook Ads.

We hope these tips will help you start working like a true king in the Facebook Ads kingdom!

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Everything You Should Get Before Starting Your Facebook Ads Campaign

First Rule: if you wanna succeed and generate long-term revenues with Facebook, start working with Mainstream Verticals.

Yes! We’re talking about business staples such as Games, Apps, Contents, etc.

Ready for some numbered topics that’ll help you understand this info like a true big baller?

Dive in now!

1. Study the Audience/Niche You Wanna Target

If you’re only now starting and have no idea how to play, you should definitely begin by searching for trending topics.

We’re talking about Popular Games, Apps, Movies…

Try finding some topic that’s yet to be explored and you shall succeed at full speed!

An awesome example of what we’re referring to is probably the most famous gaming experience of 2016:

Pokémon Go.

In fact, people went nuts for any sort of Poké-related content and there are many affiliates out there looking at hard gold they’ve won by getting thousands of fast-paced subscriptions!

Never forget: this is a game for first starters, not for late bloomers!

Indeed, you’ve gotta be the first to explore a niche!

Investigate what the next big theme is gonna be in this rapidly-changing digital world and go for it.

It’s crucial that you gain a clear notion of what type of fellows are interested in that theme.

What to do?

First: draw a profile of the typical user that’ll engage.

Second: go for it!

This is vital and will make a difference in your results.

Why will this foolproof strategy yield results?

Because Facebook allows you to choose your audience based on its specific interests!

Choosing your audience will be fundamental for all your promotions.

Further along, we’ll show you how to do it like a super slick master baller!

2. Select Your Offer – Smartlink or Single Offer?

In case you’re promoting Mobidea’s CPA offers on Facebook, you’ve got two options: Smartlink or Single Offers.

Wondering what the heck is so different about these two terms?

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We strongly suggest you try single offers.

Why should you use single offers?

Because you’ll be targeting a specific niche and you’ll also be compliant with Facebook’s needs.

It’s important to remember that Facebook is a biz:

They really want you to present a CPA offer that matches their high expectations for money making and gold shaking!

Another great little something about going for a Single Offer?

Your data will be more stable since there’ll be no sort of payout variations to ruin your affiliate marketing mood!

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You should choose CPA offers that allow social traffic, convert on a free registration, and won’t require life-changing decisions or a whole lotta commitment from the users.

For this reason, your CPA offers must look simple and preferably have a single opt-in flow – it’s easier for you to start your promotions.

You can always ask your account manager for the best CPA offers to promote with Facebook Advertising!

These CPA offers should be chosen bearing subscription flows in mind.

You should aim for CPA offers that are easy to subscribe, with clear and quick forms users can quickly fill.

These kinds of offers are really great for you to start getting experience playing with Facebook traffic!

By exploring them, you’ll become the most important Facebook affiliate of our time!

Later, you can try some other offer types which will require a bit more commitment from the user, such as credit card submits.

Note: this can also be used for other kinds of offers such as cost per install (CPI) Offers.

3. Build THE Pre-Lander

You should take maximum advantage of your traffic!

How can you take your traffic to a whole new level?

Build a wonderfully amazing pre-lander that makes people wanna click super quick!

You should give your audience a very good reason – core benefit – for them to stay on your page and subscribe to your CPA offer.

This – by the way – is THE main goal of a pre-landing page.

You should make sure your audience knows what you’re offering by showing them some relevant topics you happen to be targeting.

When you think about creating your own pre-landers, you should focus on quality, especially in both content and design.

This will set you apart from your competitors. In the end, you’ll be rewarded for it.

Trust us!

Spend the time you need to make the best pre-lander possible.

The idea behind this is simple – give quality content to your audience, and Facebook will reward you with very low costs!

Your pre-lander must be efficient, rapidly turning your visitors into conversions.

At this stage, don’t think about the CPA offer. Keep your visitors in mind.

What’s relevant for them?

What are they looking for?

What benefits will they get after subscribing?

Create needs and deciders for them!

This is a hyper effective way to approach your target.

If you manage to appeal to them and convince them about how awesome the content you’re promoting is, your campaigns will hand you some seriously green paper flow!

You should use pre-landers, because the offer landing page is general and not directed at your audience.

Building a pre-lander will fill that gap between your niche and your CPA offer.

As an affiliate, you have the obligation to get people to be mega interested in that specific CPA offer.

The CPA offer’s landing page should work only as a final registration step.

How to build a good pre-lander?

Since you know the audience you’re targeting (check step #1 if you’ve been distracted along the way), your landing page should match the interests of that niche.

The idea?

To make sure your visitors are gonna take action.

Your pre-lander should be simple, clear, appealing and, if possible, produce an interaction/action from the user’s point of view.

Things Your Awesome Pre-Landers Must Have

  • A Catchy Headline Goes a Long Way – grab people’s attention. Give users a good reason to stay on your page. The headline is the first thing users see so make sure they get curious about it. Go straight to the point – make it short, sweet and mighty impossible to resist
  • Use Bullet Points – they should mention the CPA offer’s benefits and be relevant to your visitors. These bullet points should convince the audience to complete the subscription once they enter the offer page. Avoid text blocks! It’s more likely that people prefer clear and explicit sentences over big chunks of rotten text
  • Images – choose the right images to better connect users to what you wanna convey. By including the right images, you can really get that extra edge and convince users to complete the subscription process
  • A Powerful Call to Action – this is probably one of the most important things you should have on your pre-landers. This is you telling your audience exactly what they should do:

Click here to play!

Download this app now!

You get it, right?

If you still don’t, you should dive deeper!

Check the “5 Most Common Mobile Pre-Landers” and also “Pre-Landing Pages: Main Web Concepts Explained“!

4. Create a Fan Page

A Fan Page is a great way to boost what you’re promoting.

Build it as if it were your pre-lander.

It’s gotta be similar.

This will create a chain that binds all your different promotions together.

This is what you wanna have:

  1. Try to get as many followers as possible on this page, along with some nice user comments about your page and what you’re promoting
  2. Fill this page with content you think is somehow related to what you’re promoting
  3. Get as much engagement as possible from your Fan Page users

5. Think About Your Ad

Your ad should be simple and enticing! It must connect to your pre-lander (images, theme, topics).

In order for it to have a better quality, you should use images or videos that can work in your favor by increasing both the interactivity and reach of your post.

In fact, a higher reach will translate into lower costs for you.

And if you want to include any text, do it above the image, in the text option.

Avoid text in your images, as it might reduce the ad’s quality.

Remember that your advert is also a truly important part of your promotion on Facebook Ads!

It’s the advert that’ll draw your audience’s attention.

The ad’s purpose is quite simple to grasp, even if you still live with your parents in a shady part of town:

The idea is to make your audience to like, comment, share and enter your brilliant pre-lander!

Once they do it, we’re sure they won’t be able to resist!

Remember: in case you wanna be successful promoting Facebook Ads, you should always respect and follow its guidelines!

What’s the lesson here?

Aim for quality!


Now that you know the whole theory, let’s put it into practice!

As soon as Facebook approves your campaign, you’re gonna pop, lock and get ready to knock!

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It’s go time!