Anstrex Review: Multi-Ad Format Spy Tool

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Anstrex Review: Intro

Learning what your competitors are doing is one of the best practices you can use in business.

What if you could see their ads, copy, and landing pages?

You would know exactly what to do to beat them at their own game!

That’s where the Anstrex ad spy tool comes in. It allows you to see your competitor’s ads on several ad formats—push notification ads, native ads, pop ads, Facebook ads (for e-commerce products), and most recently, TikTok inStream ads.

With this multi-format tool, you can gather data about other marketers’ ads, including videos, images, text, and even landing pages!

It is also an incredibly valuable tool for researching new dropship products (typically promoted on social networks like Facebook/Meta, Instagram, and TikTok) and marketing strategies.

If this sounds like something you might use, then keep reading. And better get comfortable, as this Anstrex review is going to be as extensive as the tool itself!

Key Takeaways

  • Anstrex is a comprehensive competitive intelligence tool that gives marketers an in-depth view of how their competitors advertise certain products and offers.
  • As of press time, it offers 5 spy tools, one for each of the following: Push Ads, Native Ads, Pop Ads, TikTok In-Stream Ads, and Dropshipping.
  • It hosts a myriad of features, including a good volume of scraped ads, impressive ad details, easy-to-use filtering options, and more.
  • The interface needs some time to getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal.
  • It has various pricing options to suit different needs. However, it doesn’t offer a free trial period for its Native, Push, and Pop spy tools. It does give a full refund should you decide to cancel within 2 days.

Why Use an Ad Spy Tool?

There are many reasons why you should use an ad spy tool like Anstrex.

Here are some of the most important reasons to use Anstrex:

  1. It’ll help you stay ahead of your competition.

Knowing what your competitors are doing is essential to keeping your business ahead of the curve. An ad spy tool will give you that information so you can adopt their strategies and beat them at their own game.

  1. It’ll help you save time and money.

When you know what’s working for your competition, you don’t have to spend as much time going through trial-and-error testing with your own ads. You can simply utilize what’s working for them and see instant results. 

Additionally, using an ad spy tool is a more cost-effective way to do market research than doing it manually or hiring someone to do it for you.

  1. It’ll help you find new dropship/e-commerce products and discover fresh marketing strategies for affiliate offers.

Anstrex is an excellent research tool for this purpose. By seeing what’s working for your competition, you can quickly copy their strategy (and maybe even improve on it) and start seeing results in your own e-commerce and dropshipping business.

We greatly believe in the power of ad spy tools in providing you information not just about what’s working with other marketers but also in helping you get new ideas to promote affiliate offers.

If you believe this is what you were looking for, use our Anstrex coupon for a 20% lifetime discount.

What is Anstrex?

Anstrex is an advanced and comprehensive competitive intelligence tool that provides invaluable insights for digital marketers.

Founded in 2016, Anstrex allows its users to snoop on their competitors’ advertising strategies across multiple platforms, thereby enabling them to understand how other marketers promote a similar offer in various ad formats.

It is renowned for delivering a vast number of features: it houses extensive ad information from more than 90 countries, contains millions of active and inactive campaigns from dozens of advertising networks, and more.

All of this in an intuitive interface, making the tool a favored choice among marketers.

anstrex homepage

Who is Anstrex For?

Anstrex is designed for affiliates, dropshippers, e-commerce marketers, and advertising agencies. It’s a platform that provides insights into the strategies and campaigns of world-class advertisers.

Users can leverage this data to create better ad campaigns by understanding what works for their competition.

In short, Anstrex is for anyone looking to gain a competitive edge in their digital advertising efforts by analyzing successful strategies and products in their niche.

We’ve listed down and reviewed some of the best ad spy tools today.

You might want to check them out here: Best Ad Spy Tools for Digital Marketers

5 Anstrex Spy Tools and Their Best Features

One of the biggest advantages of using Anstrex is that it houses multiple ad formats in one platform. If you choose to subscribe to several of the ad formats, you can simply switch from one database to the next with a simple dropdown selection.

anstrex tool switch

The company is also continuously researching and developing ad data collection in other formats, so who knows what new ad type they’ll have next?

As of now, there are five spy tools available. 

(Author’s Note: We’ll briefly discuss Push, Native, and Pop Ads Spy Tools in this section, but we’ll talk more about how to use them later.)

Let’s discuss these ad formats and the unique features of each one:

Push Notification Ads Spy Tool

We all know what push notification ads are, as it has been a popular ad format ever since it boomed in 2018.

Anstrex offers both Classic Push Ads and In-Page Push Ads, delivering a combined total of more than 3 million ads.

anstrex push ads spy

Classic Push Ads are traditional push notifications that appear on the user’s device even when they are not using the application or browsing the website.

If you still don’t know what push notification ads are, check our complete push ads guide here.

On the other hand, In-Page Push Ads are a younger innovation, designed to mimic the look and feel of push ads but are displayed directly on the webpage, making them visible even to users who have not subscribed to push notifications.

These ads are an excellent tool for marketers as they have a higher visible range.

Push Notification Ads Spy Tool Features

  • VOLUME: 3 million+ ads
  • FILTERS: 2 types, 38 ad networks, 92 countries, 4 platforms (MacOS desktop, Windows desktop, Android mobile, Tablet), language, affiliate network, 13 tracking tools, number of days running, ad strength, and ad gravity
  • SHOW RESULTS: by creatives, by landing pages
  • SORT BY: dates, duration, ad strength, ad gravity
  • Search by keywords in ad creative title and subtext, translated text, landing page URL, landing page domain, creative URL chains
  • Advanced Boolean Search
  • Comprehensive Ad Details
  • Related ad creatives and landing pages from the same advertiser
  • Download & Deploy landing pages

Native Ads Spy Tool

Anstrex also includes a comprehensive collection of Native Ads, an effective marketing strategy that integrates high-quality content into the organic experience of a given platform. 

This ad format closely mimics the natural content on a user’s feed, making them less intrusive and more engaging for the audience.

The platform provides access to more than 10 million ads from 27 native ad networks and 80 countries, helping marketers understand the strategies employed by more than 156 thousand advertisers worldwide.

anstrex native ads spy

One unique feature within the Native Ads Spy Tool is that you can filter ads based on technology, such as Adsense Arbitrage, Bigcommerce, ClickFunnels, WordPress, and more.

If you’d like to know more about using native advertising to promote affiliate offers, check our native ad guide for more details.

Native Ads Spy Tool Features

    • VOLUME: 10 million+ ads from 156k+ advertisers
    • FILTERS: 27 native ad networks, 80 countries, device, language, category, affiliate network, tracking tool, technology, days running, ad strength, and ad gravity
    • SHOW RESULTS: by creatives, by landing pages
    • SORT BY: dates, duration, ad strength, ad gravity
    • Search by keywords in ad creative title and subtext, translated text, landing page URL, landing page domain, publisher domain, publisher widget ID, and creative URL chains
    • Advanced Boolean Search
    • Comprehensive Ad Details
    • Related ad creatives from the same advertiser
    • Download & Deploy landing pages

Pop Ads Spy Tool

Under the umbrella of Anstrex’s comprehensive offerings, Pop Ads remain an effective and popular advertising strategy. These ads spring into action, capturing the user’s attention by appearing in a new window or tab.

Anstrex maintains an extensive database of 1.2 million Pop and Redirect Ads that span numerous genres and running in 32 known Pop ad networks, offering insights into what makes these ads both noticeable and effective.

anstrex pop ads spy

Anstrex doesn’t merely rely on simulated environments or emulators for its data collection—it gathers data using real devices that use Android and Windows operating systems. 

They also used more than 850 mobile carriers in 92 countries to make sure only authentic ads were captured by the system.

Pop Ads Spy Tool Features

  • VOLUME: 1.2 million+ ads
  • FILTERS: Type (pop or redirect), ad networks, geo, platform, language, carrier, affiliate network, tracker, technology (Android apps, WordPress, Chrome Extension, etc.), days running, ad strength, and ad gravity
  • SHOW RESULTS by landing pages
  • SORT BY: Dates, duration, ad strength, ad gravity
  • Search by keywords in landing page text, landing page URL, landing page domain, creative URL chains, and publisher domain
  • Advanced Boolean Search
  • Comprehensive Ad Details
  • Related landing pages from the same advertiser
  • Download & Deploy landing pages

Dropshipping Spy Tool

Anstrex’s Dropship Spy Tool is fairly different from all other intelligence tools in the platform. After all, it doesn’t just serve as a spy tool to look into how other businesses promote their products — it also scrapes information on various products from suppliers as well as real dropship stores.

To top it off, this app will help you create and oversee your own e-commerce store! You can even automate the entire dropshipping process.

If you’re thinking of entering the dropshipping business, I can say without hesitation that this tool is a must.

I’ll show you how and why.

anstrex dropshipping app

Dropshipping Spy Tool Features

E-Commerce Store Management

Anstrex Dropship Spy Tool is like the ultimate platform that totally simplifies the whole process of setting up and managing multiple dropship stores all in one place. It’s super user-friendly, so you can effortlessly keep tabs on how your stores are doing.

You can see your sales, orders, order statuses, and even your top-selling products. And get this, once you’ve added a payment method, the Anstrex Dropship app can automate the whole buying process.

It takes care of everything from purchasing from your suppliers to sending tracking details to your customers. These are some of the most time-consuming tasks with a dropshipping business, and yet you can make it easier with the help of Anstrex.

It’s so smooth and efficient, it’s gonna make your business skyrocket! No more manual errors, just pure scalability.

Product Catalog

Anstrex has totally got your back with their Product Catalog feature.

If you’ve ever tried dropshipping before, you know how it is: scrolling endlessly through a supplier’s website, getting more and more frustrated. Finding what you really need is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Their interfaces look like they’re straight out of the 90s, and the search functions? Forget about it.

But here’s where Anstrex steps up the game. They’ve curated a vast, and I mean vast, product catalog from numerous suppliers, making sourcing for your dropshipping business a total breeze.

anstrex product catalog

Imagine having the ability to sort through high-performance products, ones that are showing some seriously steep sales growth. 

You’ll find monthly sales data, country data, hidden categories, and complete product descriptions, plus images.

You can also sort the results based on the products’ performance over the past few days (30, 60, 90), and filter them based on:

  • Supplier
  • Category
  • Country
  • Ship from
  • Shipping Method
  • Price
  • Number of orders
  • Rating

That’s the kind of insider info you need to ace the dropshipping game, and Anstrex delivers it right to your fingertips.

Viral Products (from Meta Ads)

So what if you’ve created a nice website with a collection of top products that you’ve known to work well based on your research? It won’t earn you the profit you expect unless you know how to market them properly.

That’s where the Viral Products tool can come in handy.

This tool shows you how advertisers are promoting the product and how well the ad is performing based on ad engagements. This is where you’ll find Facebook Ads for e-commerce products.

viral products

Once you click on a product in the search results, you’ll find all the details you need to learn about this product, such as:

  • how much it costs
  • how much your profit margin can be (if you sell it at the same price as your competitor)
  • what video or image ad has been used on Facebook
  • how popular was the ad in terms of engagement (likes, comments, and shares)
  • what is the advertiser’s Facebook page and retail store (links to these pages)
  • who is the supplier and how much are they selling the item (with links to the actual supplier page)

You can even download the media used (video or image), so you can use the same ad for your promotion! It’s like everything is being handed to you on a silver platter.

Top Stores

The Anstrex Dropship Spy Tool doesn’t just stop at their awesome Product Catalog and Viral Product tools. They’ve got another killer feature that will totally up your game in the dropshipping world — the Top Stores feature.

Who wouldn’t want direct access to some of the most successful dropshipping stores across the globe? 

You can get all the dirt on what’s selling like hotcakes, their best strategies, everything! It’s like having a VIP pass to the hottest spots in the dropshipping universe.

And what’s more, you can filter these results by country and niche. So, if you’re into selling eco-friendly products in the UK, you’ve got it. Or maybe you’re all about tech gadgets in the US? You’re covered.

top stores

Pick any of the stores in the results, and you’ll find in-depth information about the company in the likes of:

  • business information (under synopsis)
  • visitors (age and gender distribution)
  • geo and percentage share per country
  • traffic (direct and organic sources)
  • social (traffic share by social networks)
  • referrals (referral visitors source and percentage)
  • search (paid and organic keywords)
  • ads (list of ad networks and publishers they work with)
  • competitors
  • products

TikTok In-Stream Ads Spy Tool

The most recent addition to Anstrex’s growing list of tools is the TikTok In-Stream or In-Feed Ads.

TikTok has grown to become one of the most exciting traffic sources to use due to its enormous and engaged user base. A lot of marketers have been trying to crack the code, but the easiest way to do that is to use a TikTok spy tool like Anstrex.

The main focus of this tool is to deliver ads relevant to the e-commerce and mobile app (games and utilities) verticals. If these are not the verticals you are working with, don’t you worry, as there’s potential for expansion into other verticals in the future.

Right now, the platform has collected more than 6 million in-stream ads from at least 10 thousand retailers and 92 countries, which is the most number of ads curated than any other spy tool today. It filters out big-name brands and unrelated verticals, so you won’t have to scroll through endless lists of ads you are not interested in.

anstrex tiktok instream ads

TikTok In-Stream Ads Spy Tool Main Features

Product Research Tool

Anstrex’s Product Research Tool is a goldmine for marketers seeking to identify top-performing products in TikTok.

This tool gives a comprehensive insight into the product performance metrics that include impressions/views, likes, like rate, product price, number of ads, and duration. It shows which products are making waves on the platform by providing a detailed analysis of their popularity and engagement rates (in the form of likes, shares, and views).

tiktok product research

Store Analytics Tool

Anstrex’s Store Analytics Tool is another unique feature that aids in investigating specific stores on TikTok. Its purpose is very much that of the Top Stores tool within the Dropship app.

To use this one, just head over to the Top Stores tab within Anstrex TikTok In-Stream dashboard. You’ll find comprehensive insights into each store, including metrics like their traffic distribution, number of views, and demographics (such as gender and age distribution), helping you identify their primary traffic sources.

tiktok store analytics

You can narrow down the results based on:

  • platforms (Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.)
  • category
  • supplier match
  • type (e-commerce or not e-commerce)
  • number of days running
  • likes
  • views/impressions
  • global rank
  • number of products

Upon clicking on your choice of store, you’ll be able to find the same details as that of the Dropship app’s Top Stores tool, with the addition of inStream Ads and Ads Info tabs.

tiktok store analytics 2

Real-Time Alerts

The tool includes an alert feature that lets you monitor competitors and other interesting advertisers. You’ll receive a notification when a competitor launches a new ad campaign.

Other TikTok In-Stream Ads Features

    • VOLUME: 6 million+ products
    • FILTERS: Platform (Shopify, TikTok Shop, amazon Store, etc.), geo, language, CTA, Operating system, age group, interest, days running, total likes, popularity, like rate
    • SHOW RESULTS: by top creatives, by top products, by top stores
    • SORT BY: Dates, duration, ad strength, ad gravity
    • Search by keywords in creative title, translated title, author name, landing page text, landing page URL, landing page domain, and creative URL chains
  • Advanced Boolean Search
  • Comprehensive Ad Details
  • Related landing pages from the same advertiser

Probably the best thing about the TikTok In-Feed ads spy tool is that since it’s still in beta, it is currently free! If you’re already subscribed to any of Anstrex’s paid plans, just go to the tool dropdown on the upper left corner of your screen and choose In-Stream.

There’s a ton of value to get for something free! I suggest you sign up for an Anstrex account if you don’t have one yet. If you’re planning on getting a paid subscription, use our exclusive Anstrex coupon to get a lifetime 20% discount using the promo code mobi_20.

Anstrex Best Features

While individual ad formats have their own unique characteristics, there are some general features that are available for all (or most) of Anstrex’s tools. These are:

Immense Data Collection

Anstrex pulls together an overwhelming amount of data, with a database that includes over 25 million ads from more than 90 countries. This colossal repository of information is the result of Anstrex’s sophisticated and robust web-crawling capabilities.

Their system continuously scans and collects data from multiple online advertising platforms worldwide.

This gathered data is then sorted, categorized, and made easily accessible to users through Anstrex’s user-friendly interface. 

This vast and diverse data collection offers advertisers unparalleled insights, allowing them to stay ahead of global advertising trends and make well-informed strategic decisions.

Advanced Boolean Search

Anstrex’s advanced search option is an innovative feature that allows a more thorough and precise filtering of resulting ads. 

This tool utilizes logical operators such as AND and OR in conjunction with grouping to refine search results effectively.

By incorporating the AND operator, users can narrow down the search results to include only those ads that satisfy all the specified conditions. Conversely, the OR operator can be used to expand the search results, including any ads that meet at least one of the provided criteria.

advanced boolean search

Moreover, grouping allows users to combine multiple conditions in distinctive ways to tailor the search results more accurately to their needs. 

Anstrex also allows you to save your search configurations for future use, so you won’t have to type and reconfigure your search results over and over.

The filters that can be used in the Advanced Search vary from one ad format to the next, which we will discuss further down below when we talk about the different Anstrex tools available.

Comprehensive Ad Information

What makes a spy tool extremely useful is the data it can show advertisers.

How many days has this been ad running? 

What advertising network is being used? 

How well did the ad perform? 

These are just some of the important questions that Anstrex answers by providing comprehensive ad information.

Upon clicking on an ad, you will see the following details:

  • Ad Text (available for Push, Native, TikTok in-stream, and Dropship spy tools)
  • Ad Image (available for Push, Native, TikTok in-stream, and Dropship spy tools)
  • CTA (available for select Push ads and TikTok in-Stream ads)
  • Ad Gravity (available for Push, Native, and Pop spy tools)
  • Ad Strength (available for Push, Native, and Pop spy tools)
  • Bid history (select ads only)
  • Ad Network and the percentage of traffic per network (available for Push, Native, and Pop spy tools)
  • Device/Platform and the percentage of traffic per device/platform (available for Push, Native, and Pop spy tools)
  • Country and the percentage of traffic per country (available for Push, Native, Pop, and TikTok In-Stream spy tools)
  • Ad Statistics or Analytics (all tools)
  • Creatives (other creatives or ads from the same advertiser. Available for all tools except Dropship)
  • Landing Pages (other landing pages from the same advertiser)

comprehensive ad details

You’ll also have the option to:

  • view the full screenshot of the landing page,
  • visit the actual landing page (though if the LP is cloaked, it won’t help),
  • copy the prelander URL
  • view the URL chains.

View, Download and Deploy Landing Pages

Anstrex’s functionality doesn’t stop with ad collection. It further provides access to the landing pages of these ads.

This is instrumental in giving users a deeper understanding of their competitors’ advertising strategy.

By analyzing the landing pages, marketers can gain insights into the messaging, design, and user experience strategies that competitors use to convert their ad traffic.

You can even search for other creatives and landing pages used by the same advertiser.

Anstrex takes it further with the landing page deployment tool, which simplifies the creation and optimization of landing pages. The process involves four steps:

  • Download the landing page and associated resources from Anstrex’s server by clicking on the Download & Deploy button within the ad details page.

download and deploy

  • Use the Quick Editor to change all the links in the landing page, or the WYSIWYG HTML Editor to fully customize the page.


  • Once done, automatically optimize the page by minifying images, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to improve loading times.
  • Download the optimized page for self-uploading to your server or use Anstrex’s built-in tool to directly upload it to your server. You would have to connect your AWS, FTP, or SFTP account beforehand for this to work.

This feature saves time and ensures high-quality and efficient landing pages that are known to deliver results.

Favorite Ads

With Anstrex’s “Favorite Ads” feature, you can keep track of all those awesome findings you come across. 

As you browse through the millions of ads in their database, just tap that heart icon to mark the ones that really catch your eye or give you some major insights.

It’s like creating your own personalized ad collection within Anstrex, which totally saves you time for future searches. 

You can even organize your favorite ads into folders. So, if you wanna sort them by ad type, industry, or how they perform, you got it!

Later on, you can easily access these folders to review your curated ads, and that makes your advertising research and planning so much easier and more efficient.

No Data Capping

Unlike competitors who impose data caps based on the subscription plan purchased, Anstrex doesn’t believe in restricting users with artificial caps. Instead, it offers a single subscription plan that provides unlimited database access to users.

You can search as much and as often as you want—no cap!

How to Use Anstrex Spy Tool

Now that we’ve gone over some of the tools and usage features of Anstrex, let’s take a look at how the platform actually works. 

The spy tools for pops, native, push notifications, and Tiktok inStream ads have almost the same features and functions. The dropshipping tool works a bit differently, but more on that later.

For now, let’s focus on Anstrex’s general usage, step by step.

The first thing you need to do is create an account.

You can do this by going to the Anstrex website and clicking on the “Sign Up” button in the top right-hand corner. Remember to use Mobidea’s Promo Code – mobi_20 if you want a 20% lifetime discount!

You can choose any of the available paid plans before gaining access to the platform since it doesn’t offer a free trial (except for Dropshipping), but it has a two-day money-back guarantee.

TikTok inStream ads spy tool is currently in Beta, so it’s free to try for now!

Visit the Different Dashboards

Once you’ve created your account and paid the subscription fee, you’ll be taken to the dashboard.

Here, you can see all of the different features that Anstrex has to offer. Remember, if you have subscribed to more than one of Anstrex’s tools, you can switch from one tool to another through the dropdown selection in the upper left corner.

anstrex tool switch

By default, all scraped ads are immediately available on the dashboard in a continuous display format—keep scrolling down, and more ads will load and show up.

Test the Filters

Now, who would want to keep scrolling just to find the ad relevant to your niche or topic? 

There are literally millions of ads available in Anstrex’s database; you’ll be bombarded with the latest ones the moment you arrive at the listings page. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want that.

So, to be able to find exactly what you are looking for, you need to use the filters provided. These are always located at the top of the page, whatever tool you may be using.

anstrex filters

The common filters are:

  • Ad Network Filter

Available only for native, push, and pop spy tools, this filter lets you find ads from specific traffic networks.

  • Geo or Country Filter

Available for all five tools.

  • Device Filter

This one helps you filter ads based on the target device:

  • For native ads: desktop or mobile
  • For push ads: Mac, Windows, Android, Tablet
  • For pop ads: Android, Desktop, Mac, iOS

It is also called the Platform filter for all these spy tools except In-Stream, which uses the term Platform for something else.

The Dropship app does not have this filter.

  • Language Filter

This filter is available for all tools except the dropshipping one.

  • Category Filter or Interest Filter

This one is available in the native ads and dropship tools. The native ads tool follows the IAB Category list, while the dropship app’s category list is based on what’s indicated in the supplier’s website.

TikTok In-Stream has something similar, though it is called the Interest filter. I believe this one if based on TikTok’s interest targeting.

category filter

  • Type Filter

This limits the results on the type of ads you want to see.

For the push ads spy tool, you’ll have a choice of either classic push ads or in-page push ads. For the pop ads spy tool, you can choose between pops and redirects.

This is not available in the other tools.

  • Affiliate Network Filter

This filter helps you display or hide results from a particular affiliate network.

The native ads tool covers at least 200 affiliate networks, the push ads tool covers more than 250, and the pop ads tool covers more than a hundred.

  • Tracker Filter

Almost all affiliates use third-party tracking systems to monitor their ad campaigns’ performance accurately. While you can filter ads based on the tracker, the most practical use of this tool is to find ads run by affiliates.

Pops, native, and push ads spy tools have this.

  • Technology Filter

You can utilize this filter if you want to concentrate on specific publishing platforms or technology.

For native ad campaigns, you can narrow them down to WordPress, WooCommerce, Adsense Arbitrage, or more. For pop ads, you can show only ads run on Android apps, Chrome Extension, WordPress, etc.

Others don’t have it.

  • Days Running

Uses a slider to filter ads based on a range of days.

  • Ad Strength

This is a unique measurement created by Anstrex to show how well the ad has been performing the entire time it was active. 0 indicates low performance, between 0 to 10 indicates little performance, and more than 10 indicates average to high performance. 

It’s available for all spy tools except the Dropship app and InStream Ads.

It also uses a slider to indicate preferred ad strength.

  • Ad Gravity

This is another unique measurement created by Anstrex to show how well the ad has been performing recently. 0 indicates it did not perform well, 1 indicates it performed well in the past, and more than 1 indicates it is performing well now.

It also uses a slider and is not available for TikTok In-Stream and Dropshipp tools.

  • Search Tool

For narrowing down ads based on keywords or words in the ad text or title, use the Basic Search tool.

If you want to search ads based on a combination of filters, it would be best to use the Advanced Search option.

Now, there are also some filters unique to specific tools.

For Pop Spy Tool:

  • Carrier Filter

Pop ads tool collects ads from more than 850 mobile carriers, and you can narrow down the ad results using the carrier filter. 

For the Dropship App:

  • Supplier Filter
  • Ship From
  • Shipping Method
  • Price
  • Duration
  • Number of Orders
  • Rating

For TikTok InStream Ads:

  • CTA
  • OS
  • Age
  • Total likes (also uses a slider)
  • Popularity
  • Like Rate

The last three options for TikTok In-Stream ads uses a slider for the range.

Sort the Listing

By default, the listing is in chronological order, with the latest ads at the top.

You can sort them according to the date they were first seen or last seen, the Ad Gravity rating, and the Ad Strength rating in ascending or descending orders. 


The Dropship tool allows you to sort based on Alexa rank, the Number of Products (for stores), price, and various engagement metrics (shares, likes, views, and comments).

TikTok In-Stream Ads lets you sort the results according to the Date First Seen, Date Last Seen, Duration, Like Rate, and Popularity.

Check the Ad Information

Once you’ve found an ad that you want to take a closer look at, simply click on the ad text, and you’ll be taken to a page with more information about the ad.

Pro Tip: If you click on the image of the ad, the image will just enlarge. Clicking on any part of the text or even the dates of the ad can lead you to the Ad Information Pop-up Window, which contains several tabs.

On the upper right corner of the pop-up page is the option to open the panel in a separate tab. This is a great option to allow you to view multiple ad info pages at the same time and compare them.

This is what it looks like for the native ad spy tool:

ad info

Ad Info for Native, Push, and Pop Spy Tools

There are several tabs available on the ad info page, and these depend on the tool you are using. 

But generally, it has the following:

  • Synopsis Tab

This is the first and default tab, where you will see the ad image, ad text, landing page preview, the country (or countries) the ad is being shown in, the advertising network, and other information about the ad.

This is also where you can check the URL chains of the ad and the “Download & Deploy” button.


  • Statistics Tab

This tab is where you can view the statistics of the ad you chose. 

Here, you’ll see a bar graph that depicts the ad’s performance in the past two weeks (by default), though you can see the ad performance for up to the past 12 months.

The bar graph displays the number of times the ad has been seen, while the overlapping line graph shows its ranking (based on bids).


  • Bid History

This tab offers a historical breakdown of the ad’s bidding data, providing insight into the fluctuation of bids over time. 

bid history

  • Creatives Tab

The Creatives tab displays all other ads being run by the same advertiser. You can sort these by Ad Gravity, Ad Strength, Duration, and the dates it has been seen for the first time and for the last time.

You can also filter the results based on the platform (mobile and desktop). If you’re using the Native Ads Spy Tool, you will even be able to filter the creatives based on the platform.


  • Landing Pages Tab

If the creatives tab shows all of the advertiser’s creatives, the landing page tab shows where these creatives lead to.

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You can preview each landing page by clicking on the image, and you can also visit the actual landing page or copy its URL.

landing page

  • Publishers Tab

The Publishers Page displays a list of websites where the ad has been visible but is only applicable to pop and native advertising.

Here you will see:

  • the percentage of traffic each publishing website receives,
  • the first time the ad was shown on its pages,
  • the last time it was shown,
  • the ad duration, and
  • the website’s Alexa ranking.

You can download all or select websites and their data for further analysis.


Clicking on each publisher further reveals all other advertisers buying placements from the website.

  • Ad Networks Tab

This tab shows a list of ad networks where the same ad is being shown. It displays a pie chart of the traffic distribution from different ad networks.

ad networks

  • Devices Tab

This page shows the various devices the ad is being distributed in. Aside from the list, it also contains a pie chart of the traffic distribution based on device.


  • Geo Tab

This shows all the countries where the ad is being advertised, plus the share of traffic each location delivers.


Ad Info for TikTok InStream

Right off the bat, you get the Synopsis tab, which is like a sneak peek into the ad with all the essential details—the author, e-commerce platform, like rate, age and OS targeting, TikTok and LP URLs, and more!

You can watch the ad from within Anstrex to see how it catches the user’s attention, and you can even download it directly.

Tiktok ad details

The tool also provides an insightful look into the past with the History tab, delivering all the deets on the ad’s previous runs. 

Then, we have the Ad Analytics tab, which gives you the low-down on the ad’s past performance based on engagement.

And if you’re curious about what else an advertiser is up to, the tool has got you covered! It shows you all the other TikTok in-feed ads by the same advertiser in the Other Ads tab.

tiktok other ads

The tool gets really specific with the Age and Gender, giving you a clear picture of who’s really vibing with the ads. These tabs show the age and gender groups and their corresponding share of traffic.

Finally, you have the geo and landing pages tabs.

Anstrex Plans and Pricing

Anstrex offers a range of pricing plans based on your individual needs—no need to pay for an additional tool that you won’t use.

The Solo Plans are as follows:

  • Native Ads Spy Tool – $69.99 per month per user
  • Push Ads Spy Tool – $89.99 per month per user
  • Pop Ads Spy Tool – $89.99 per month per user

For Bundle Plans, they have:

  • Native + Push Tools – $139.99 (save $20)
  • Push + Pops – $159.99 (save $20)

If you want all three, they have the Ultimate Combo Plan priced at $219.99 per month per user. That’s $30 in savings. 

The Dropship app is priced separately.

It’s got a $0 free plan for a single store with 5 product imports per month. Or you can go for the $29.99 standard plan for multiple stores and unlimited product imports.

If you’re a Pro dropshipper, I recommend getting the premium plan for $49.99. You’ll get all the standard plan features plus team accounts, viral product research, top store research, and an advanced image editor.

And what about TikTok In-Stream Ads Spy Tool?

As I’ve said above, it’s in beta right now, so it’s free to use! Even if you are not yet jumping into the TikTok bandwagon, you might want to sign up and take a look at how advertisers catch the attention of those using social networks like this.

It will definitely give you an insight into how to promote to a wide range of market segments.

Anstrex Pros and Cons


  • Provides comprehensive ad information.
  • Has a high volume of scraped ads that are regularly updated.
  • The multiple filter options and the advanced search feature help you find exactly what you are looking for amidst the sea of ads.
  • The platform has been made so that you can immediately start using the ads, products, and landing pages you found (through the Download & Deploy option, the Dropshipping store management feature, and the images/videos download options.)
  • Compared to other spy tools in the market, Anstrex’ plans are very affordable for the value they provide.


  • The Dropship app can only manage Shopify and WooCommerce stores.
  • Does not offer a free trial but provides a full refund if you cancel within two days from the date of subscription.
  • There’s a learning curve to operating the interface, but once you get used to it, it becomes second nature.

Anstrex Verdict

After more than two years of use, my verdict is unequivocally in favor of Anstrex for competitive intelligence.

The platform has continually proven its worth, providing me with the necessary information to run profitable ad campaigns across various ad networks. It’s a pretty solid tool.

If you plan on getting all tools, you should go for the Combo Plan. At $219.99 per month, it’s a pretty good deal. 

And don’t forget—if you’re looking to get an even better deal, use our exclusive Anstrex coupon code to get a 20% lifetime discount!