MagicAdz Review: An Easy Way To Find Profitable Social Campaigns

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Editor’s note: MagicAdz is no longer available, find other spy tools alternatives here.

Running a social ads campaign can be expensive.

Even with social media taking center stage for small advertisers over the costly PPC giants, it’s still an advertising medium that requires a significant investment.

First, you need to plan everything, then get to work setting up your campaigns and ad sets, and finally test everything from which offers to run, to split testing across multiple audiences lists, trying out different creatives and optimizing your landing page design.

It’s a lot to take on!

And, even with the best will in the world, without actually having run your campaign yet, it’s impossible to say in advance which ad set or creative is gonna perform the best.

And yes, while you can do this from as little as $5 a day, it’s still gonna take a while before you even come close to seeing a Return On your Advertising Spend (ROAS).

So, if you’re serious about running ads on Facebook, you should probably think about spying on your competitors’ ad campaigns.

The reason?

Simple! They’ve already done all the hard work for you!

You’ve literally got hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of data to sift through to see what works, and the best part is, you haven’t had to spend a single dime of your own money to get it.

Well, that last part may not be entirely true.

In an ideal world that would be the case, but it will come as no surprise that this level of social ads intelligence comes with a price tag.

But more on that later, for now, let’s check out MagicAdz, one of the top runners in social ads intelligence tools.

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MagicAdz Overview

MagicAdz is a platform that has been specifically designed to assess your competitor’s campaigns with laser-like precision.

It enables you to gain an overview of the landscape as well as to zoom in on your competitors’ campaigns and analyze their strategy, down to every last detail.

Exciting, hun?!

But in a world where there are a number of tools all claiming to do the same thing, what gives MagizAdz the edge?

Let’s find out…

First off, right off the bat, we can see that MagizAdz has some impressive stats in its favor.

These include:

  • An extensive ads database – search from a database of millions of ads, with thousands of new ones being added each day.
  • Worldwide coverage – you can search for ads in over 50 countries, so you can fine-tune your campaigns to your intended audience.
  • Precision targeting options – search by keywords, landing pages, engagement stats, offer, domains.
  • Advanced eCommerce search tools – MagicAdz allows you to search for new products and uncover profitable niches you may not have thought of yourself.

It’s also highly geared up to meet the needs of affiliate marketers, so unlike other tools, you can use it to find all the juicy blackhat affiliate ads that are running on social networks.

This is probably one of the main reasons affiliates will be attracted to the tool and we’ll look at the neat things you can use it for in just a short while.

The question, however, that most people wanna see answered is: can you make money with it?

And, as usual, the answer to this isn’t as simple as it appears to be.

We’d just like to stress that, if you just wanna copy and paste your competitor campaigns, then you ought to know that’s probably not gonna work. At least in the long term.

But if you approach MagicAdz with the right outlook and play smart, then there’s a ton of cool things you can do to unlock new opportunities with it.

MagicAdz, combined with a little bit of ingenuity, is in our opinion, a pretty powerful tool, and if you can use it to put your own twist on the data and tailor it to your own message, you’ll have money in the bank in no time at all.

Its use is not limited to helping you to uncover competitor campaigns either.

It’s also a killer when it comes to finding trending offers and verticals, creatives and pre-landers designs that you may wanna try out in your own campaigns.

Unlike other tools, MagicAdz is designed especially for affiliates and their unique needs.

The tool automatically finds affiliate ads and singles them out from branding ads. Affiliates can easily filter any ads by their verticals or search inside ads, landing pages and more.

No matter what hat you wear MagicAdz can help you get the info you need to maximize your performance.

So what else do they have?

  • Filter for affiliate ads only and choose from a huge range of verticals including, Bizop, CBS, credit card, crypto, dating, diet, eCommerce, male enhancement, gambling, gaming, health, insurance, investment, loans, muscles, self-improvement, skincare, solar, sweepstakes, travel, and others.
  • Preview and download pre-landers, including cloaked ones.
  • Powerful search: by ads, user comments, redirects, or landing page search including specific HTML code!
  • Search by offer section- easily search by the offer and see the ads connected to this offer.
  • Filter eCommerce ads – from the biggest platforms such as Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento and more.

Now let’s take a closer look and find out just what MagicAdz is capable of!


The first thing you’re gonna be presented with when you log in to the platform is a choice between Ads and Offers.


This is a nice way of looking at things from an affiliate perspective and helps to cut through the noise and simplify things down to what’s important.


At first, the selection you see is gonna be pretty broad but that’s OK, ‘cause we’re gonna narrow things down by using the filters.

Go ahead and choose your country, dates, max-age, gender and ad type (image or video) and sort your ads by longest-running or most liked, shared or commented on.

Affiliates can also get super targeted here and search for ads and verticals.

Depending on which filters you’ve chosen, you’ll end up with something like this in your search results:

If you’ve ever used other social ads competitive spy tools, you’ll find the layout familiar.

The software runs pretty fast, and you can easily see all the data you need at a glance to decide on which ads you wanna see more info on.

In the example above, I selected the Diet vertical, and there’s a bunch of keto ads on display.

You can see the creative and ad copy, as well as the number of likes, comments and shares and how long the ad has been running.

In the bottom right corner, you can also see the country code, vertical, and if the ad is a suspected affiliate ad.

This is super helpful if you wanna spy on your competitors as branded ads are probably not gonna be much use to you if you’re promoting affiliate offers.

If we then go ahead and click on the ad, we get a whole lot more info about the advertiser’s strategy.

You can see the landing page, Facebook post, audience demographics, and GEOs.

Try to focus on the ads that also show you the suspected money page and offer link.

Here’s an example from the health niche that illustrates this point fairly well.

You can see how the post looks on Facebook, the landing page as well as the cloaked page the affiliate is using to promote their offer.

Clicking the offer link will take you to the advertisers’ page.

Use this to see if the offer is something you can promote and will be a good fit for your own campaigns.


So now let’s go ahead and click the Offers tab.

This is a totally sweet feature that takes all the pain out of planning what you wanna promote.

You’re gonna see the top trending offers tab and from there you can view the offer or click to see more ads running this offer.

This is a massive time saver and gives affiliates a shortcut to knowing which offers other affiliates are promoting and get a feel for how well that offer is performing on social ads.

You’ll be able to find trending creatives and view their engagement stats, as well as go directly to cloaked affiliates landing pages, and even download the content, so you can work on your own pages.

You’ll often find that the landing page people see when they click on the ad, isn’t the same as the one used to set the ad up.

This cloaking could be country dependent or added as a redirect later on, so just be sure you exercise caution in how you do this, as you don’t wanna run foul of the Facebook TOS and get your account banned.

One thing that stayed pretty consistent is the use of newspaper-style advertorial pages for promoting all kinds of offers.

These types of landing pages convert like crazy with social ads, but it pays to make sure your page not only looks authentic but offers a unique take on the sales pitch.


A direct clone page is gonna be copied by scores of affiliates and very soon it’s gonna stop working.

However, if you use MagicAdz to pull all the competitor’s landing pages, you can easily add your own twist and messaging that people haven’t seen before, as well as find untapped audiences to target for your offer.

Don’t forget to bookmark the creatives you find useful and make a folder for later use or for trying out new styles of ads, offers, etc.

You’re also gonna see a neat feature unique to MagizAdz that makes finding eCommerce products a piece of cake.

Simply enter your search term as before, but this time select from the following options to see which platforms your competitors are promoting their product on:

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Magento
  • BigCommerce
  • Prestashop
  • Salesforce
  • Vtex

If you run an eCommerce store or are simply looking for new and trending products to promote, this is a game-changer.

Searching for beauty on Shopify in the US gave me these results:

Cool! Now I can register as an affiliate for that product and start promoting it on my own site.

This can be a killer with trending products, so use it often and be prepared to have your campaign up and running in quick time to make sure you profit from the rush!

Similarly, you can search by vertical, which will give you a similar list of hot products that affiliates are promoting right now.

Have you found an offer you like and wanna get started on it right away?

Click to download the competitor’s landing page and get cracking!

You’ll get a zip file with the complete landing page, including all the assets you need to start running the offer on your own server.

Just make sure you definitely change the affiliate and tracking links, or you’ll be sending traffic to the original affiliate.


So there it is!

MagicAdz is a powerful tool that gives you a massive insight into your competitor campaigns and strategy.

It gives you all the data you need to find new trending markets and start your own profitable campaigns.

But is it worth it?

At $99/mo it’s certainly a cheap option that does give you access to millions of ads and their juicy data.

You can use it to uncover high converting traffic sources and discover what works to use in your own campaigns.

This ability to find new angles for your campaigns is in our opinion, one of the things that make MagicAdz shine.

It also has one of the most user-friendly ways we’ve ever seen to find competitors funnels, due to its advanced AI.

While we appreciate that this can be expensive for newcomers to the scene, there is a day trial, so you can see what the platform can do before you commit to a monthly fee.

And, for the pros and those who research competitor ads on a daily basis, it’s well worth its weight in gold.

Also, you have to apply to join MagicAdz, which is a good thing, as it stops fraud and limits use to genuine affiliates and marketers

In summary, MagicAdz is a great social ad spy tool. Their advanced AI system brings some really hot stuff to the table.

It really packs a punch but may come with too high a price tag for newbies to wanna invest.

That’s why we’d suggest you just try their 1-day free trial and see how much you can benefit from using the tool.

You can also use the Mobidea Academy promo code spy15 to get a 15% lifetime discount on the Pro and Premium plans.

If you wanna get an edge over the competition and start getting money in the bank, it’s well worth a closer look!