redtrack review

RedTrack Review

RedTrack.io is a powerful tracker known to many affiliates and media buyers.

They’ve been on the market for a while and we decided to do a review of it as a product and service.

Before we proceed we need to stress that it is not a typical tracker, it is much more. Don’t believe us!

Just check what they have:

  • ad tracking;
  • traffic source management automation;
  • affiliate/publisher management panel;
  • advertiser reporting access.

So let’s see what they’ve got to offer across all these areas and if such a mix is a benefit or liability for users.

RedTrack Overview

Ad trackers are nothing new and RedTrack.io ticks all the boxes for a typical media-buyer. It’s a SaaS solution – so you do not need to invest in servers, they offer cookie-less tracking, which is getting more and more important and they are modestly priced.

The interface logic and namings are slightly different and offer quite a lot of useful things that are well hidden from a casual user:

  • Report templates – you can add it ones and forget about setting it up from scratch.

report templates

  • Consolidated reports – you might miss those tiny icons, but the ability to view the data from different angles is useful.
  • Proxy/bot filtering – hidden in the filters.
  • Multiple workplace settings – hidden in the Profile setting.
  • Two options to auto-optimize streams based on performance.
  • Android app (and we guess iOS is coming) but you need to look for URL on the website.

RedTrack.io also has quite a few inventions of their own that you might find useful and that we have yet to see in other products in the niche:

  • Impression forwarding – if you know why you need it, you know why it is important. To give a quick glimpse, it’s totally a ‘must-have’ feature if you work with Amazon, Audible, etc.
  • Fraud detection – you will not see it in the trial unless asked. Unlike many other trackers, RedTrack.io partnered with a FraudScore (high-precision fraud-fighting platform) to offer fraud detection that actually works, and it is available ad hoc for a very small extra fee.

redtrack fraud report

  • Multi-step funnels – yes, you can set pre-landers, landers, offers and mix and match and set weight.
  • Direct tracking of multiple traffic sources – yes, they’ve got it, but I guess you need to ask or be those type of users that find it on their own.
  • A very granular multi-access setting to manage the team.

redtrack multiaccess

  • S2S postbacks to Google Ads.
  • S2S postbacks to Google Analytics (we never knew it was even possible).

And we guess there is more but we’ve not found it yet. So expect more pleasant surprises and discoveries. Ask their product/support team for help.

By the way, RedTrack.io support and transparency is something to note. They responded fast and we asked around – a lot of users said that the support team actually cares. RedTrack.io also has a public Telegram channel and you can chat with the team there, although it looks like they take all troubleshooting and support of public spaces (and we believe that’s good).

Traffic Source Management & Automation

Now, what we were actually surprised with is the scale of API integrations with traffic sources and things you can do.

We counted 20 traffic sources including Google, Facebook, PropellerAds, MGID that you can manage from RedTrack.io automatically.

Based on available integrations you can:

  • Automatically update costs;
  • Automatically pause campaigns;
  • Automatically pause creatives;
  • Automatically blacklist placements.

The most obvious benefit we see is that you can set-up the rule to pause campaign if performance drops – and you don’t want to lose the money overnight.

Plus, blacklisting placements are a real time-saver.

With all the amazing amount of integrations, we’ve not found a way to do anything manually. RedTrack – if you are reading this – it’s the first issue you need to tackle.

And with many other features – it’s not jumping at you and you can easily miss it.

Affiliate/Publisher Management Panel

Now, this is something that we’ve never expected to see in the tracker.

You can get a white-labeled affiliate management panel including the affiliate publisher portal.

It lacks quite a few bits, especially in the payment management parts but if you work with a limited number of direct affiliates/publishers and run your own media buying that’s a hidden gem.

While we were working on this review, RedTrack released several updates dialing the usefulness of it to 11.

So it looks like they will keep expanding this.

Advertiser Reporting Access

This one is a simple solution to set-up a white-labeled reporting portal for your customers.

Amazing if you have an agency business!

Quite a few bells and whistles are missing, but judging from the changes RedTrack is making to publisher panel – we should expect some good thing here soon.


RedTrack.io pricing policy is something worth noticing as well.

They offer 3 core subscription plans that start with a 14-day free trial, and 1 custom plan.

As most RedTrack users prefer long term subscriptions, RedTrack created favorable conditions for them.

By subscribing to annual plans, RedTrack users save up to 30% of their subscription fee.

  • Basic plan: $35/month (billed annually). Includes everything a solo-affiliate needs when just starting online advertising.
  • Pro plan: $75/month (billed annually). Perfectly fits the needs of affiliates and media buying teams with more complex ad funnels. Automation is included here for FREE.
  • Business plan: $300/moth (billed annually). Suits teams and agencies with a decent steady traffic flow. Includes Publisher panel and 3 additional users for FREE.

And as other SaaS platforms on the market, RedTrack offers a custom plan for those who look for a tailor-made combination of features and volumes.

RedTrack Pros

  • Amazing set of features, some which you won’t find elsewhere;
  • Great support;
  • Excellent value for money.

RedTrack Cons

  • some of those amazing features are well-hidden;
  • lack of multi-currency support.

Who is RedTrack.io Not For

Novice affiliates – the tool is great but requires you to put some effort into learning. And they removed their lower-priced plan which we also consider to be a strong signal.

Who is RedTrack.io For

Media buyers, agencies and advertisers who want a tool with great features, excellent support and a vision for the future. Something tells us whatever next trick the market throws at us, their tech will be ready. Onboarding (that they offer) is highly recommended.


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