AWE 2017 Interview Series Jitendra Vaswani

Jitendra Vaswani is Here to Tell You That Actions Speak Louder Than Words in Affiliate Marketing! [Video]

AWE 2017 Interview Series: Jitendra Vaswani

Jitendra has too many skills to count.

He’s one of the most successful affiliate marketing experts in India, one of the world’s most populous nations.

That’s no easy feat, bro!

Jitendra is the proud man behind Bloggers Ideas, a website that helps online marketers understand what they need to know to succeed in the competitive realm of internet marketing.

He’s also the genius behind Digiexe, if you can believe it!

Want more?

He’s a celebrated Mobidea Academy Expert who’s written posts about affiliate marketing myths, or about how to start a career in digital marketing!


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Time to read this interview with Jitendra Vaswani!

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Jitendra Vaswani Interview at AWE 2017

1. Tell Us About Yourself

I’m Jitendra Vaswani.

I’m into make-money blogging.

I teach people how to start a blog.

How to make money from blogs.

My whole life is surrounded by blogging, marketing.

It’s just like that.

Regarding my projects, I can share something:

I’m working on a project called Schemaninja right now.

My main focus right now is not on SEO.

I’m focusing more on products and Facebook Ads.

This is a bit about me.

2. Biggest Achievement in Affiliate Marketing

For me, the best achievement was when I was selected as a Brand Ambassador.

They were in India.

They were looking for some influencers.

Some bloggers and influencers who wanted to join them for the email marketing, for the branding in India.

At that time, I just left my job.

man in a suit running

It was only three/four months.

I was looking for something to branch.

Something with which I could get a good push in the market.

I was looking for adapting.

Then they saw my blog, Bloggers Ideas.

They were really impressed.

“Okay, Jitendra. You have done something good with your blog.”

And the blog was having that kind of traction.

They were seeing some social media profiles and they thought:

“Okay. This guy is having some good branding in India.”

They hired me as a Brand Ambassador.

I was really glad that they chose me as a Brand Ambassador.

I think that was the turning point in my life because I left my job at the time.

I was looking for some good partnerships with brands to work as a Brand Ambassador.

It was the first thing that has really helped me a lot to get some good success in blogging and in branding.

So I think that for me that was the biggest achievement because it was just after I’d left my job.

For me, it was a great achievement.

3. What is Affiliate Marketing?

I think this is the right time that everyone should get into affiliate marketing.

It’s getting massive.

Bigger and bigger.

I’m at Affiliate World Europe, Affiliate World Asia.

I have learned that people are making tons of money through affiliate marketing, through Facebook Ads, so this is the right time for everyone to enter into this affiliate marketing business and they can learn a lot of great stuff.

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And there are a lot of free ebooks, free affiliate guides that are available on the internet.

People can learn from those guides and implement that knowledge into their own affiliate marketing campaigns.


Trust me:

This is the right time that everyone should enter.

I’m getting this into this small business.

I’m getting less of SEO.

Now, I’m focusing more on paid marketing.

person with money bills

Affiliate marketing is the next big thing.

And Mobidea is doing a great job at this kind of big events:

Affiliate World Europe, Affiliate World Asia.

I think that you guys…

I have learned a lot of things from your team itself in affiliate marketing.

I think Mobidea is doing a great job and having its affiliates.

4. Favorite Thing About Affiliate Marketing

Right now, I’m much more focused on SEO.

But slowly, I’m moving out of this SEO stuff.

I used to rank for some affiliate keywords like “coupon codes”.

Amazon coupon codes.

All these kinds of keywords.

I used to make money as an affiliate.

I’m still working with some different ad networks in the market.

Working with them as an affiliate.

I’m doing this stuff right now.

Slowly, I’m trying to go into Facebook Ads.

I know this is a big market so I’m trying to learn some new things.

I’m investing on Facebook Ads.

I’m seeing what kind of ads are working for me and what kind of ads are not working.

I think that video ads are more effective than a banner campaign.

I think that video is the future.


Everyone…they can try video.

Videos are more powerful than a simple ad.

5. What are the Biggest Mistakes of Tracking and Optimization?

I think most affiliates don’t have a tracking system on their blog.

I’m a blogger.

I use a tracking system for my affiliates.

I am able to track how many clicks I’m sending to Mobidea, how many clicks I’m sending to XYZ.

I just keep on tracking.

Tracking is the most important thing.

Tracking is very important.

If you’re not tracking your campaigns you’re losing a lot of money.

At the beginning, I was making a mistake on a blog:

I was not having any sort of tracking for affiliate links.

Now, I have these kind of tracking tools on my blogs.

It is helping me to scale my campaigns.

Which campaigns I’m working on.

Which referral program is working for me.

I’m able to track the right thing.


I’m focusing more on that.

If you focus on the things which are working for you, I’m sure that you will be able to make more money instead of focusing on the campaigns which are not working.

See which campaigns are working, which campaigns are not working.

And the right tracking system is very important.

If you’re using some kind of bad tracking system then you are losing a lot of money.

Picking the right tracking system plays a huge role.

Track your campaigns properly.

This will help you make money, instead of losing money.

6. Best Strategies for the Internet Marketing Business

I have tried a lot of methods on my blogs and on my campaigns so I’ve seen which are working for me.

For me, the SEO thing was working very good for me.

Now, SEO keeps on shuffling…I’m trying some new things on Facebook Ads.

Some Google AdWords.

I’m trying these new things and I’m seeing which is working best for me.

So I’m trying some different offers in the Health niche.

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I’m trying some new offers and seeing which one works best for me, for my audience.

Having some different landing pages, different Call-to-Action buttons.

Having a great Call-to-Action button is very, very important.

On your landing page, if you don’t have a great Call-to-Action button, you are going to lose sales.

And retargeting is also very important.

Whenever you’re running a campaign on Facebook Ads, retargeting and remarketing is very important because let’s suppose you have the visitors on your side, on your landing page, but they are not buying.

They are leaving the page without doing any kind of action so you can retarget those visitors by showing them some offers.

“Hey! We are giving you 50 bucks in discount right now.”

“Take action right now!”

“Buy this product right now!”

man with megaphone

So these things might work.

These will work for you better so keep trying some new things.

See which things are working for you and which things are not working for you.

This is a good idea.

I’m doing this right now.

7. Can Blogging Be Successful?

When I started with blogging, I used to work like crazy.

I was doing a job also.

A low income job.

I used to work like hell on the blog.

I used to be awake at 3 or 4 in the morning.

I used to do a lot of SEO experiments on the blog.

Eventually, when I got some success in blogging, I was making decent money, and then I decided that I had to leave the job and start my own journey.

I was working at least 16 hours a day because when I left my job…I was having that kind of passion.

“Now, I need to make more money. Stable money.”

Because your life is your job.

You don’t have any kind of fixed salary that is coming to you at home.

Now, you need to think about something that’s out of the box.

I was following some guys.

If you follow the right experts in the industry, trust me you are going to learn a lot of new things.

I followed the experts.

I just tried to build some relationships.


I’m here at this event – Affiliate World Europe.

I’m just trying to make some good relationships here, which will help me make some good money and to learn something from the experts.

Having a good network helps you a lot.

Learn from experts.

You are meeting a lot of people here, face to face.

You can ask them your questions, your queries.

Trust me:

You will be able to get better answers and you will be able to learn more.

Build relationships, extend your business cards, add them on Skype, follow up.

This is the best way to go.

Take advantage of these events.

8. Tell Us About Your Journey to Success

I would say that I was learning from my failures.

When I started this journey, this full-time blogging, I left my job.

When I started this journey, nobody supported my idea because blogging in India, for a parent, is a very different thing.

They were saying that I was making a stupid mistake.

So, when I left my job, I didn’t tell my family that I was doing this full-time business.

Because I know my family would not support me.

I knew that there would be many hurdles and many people would be throwing stones at me because they think that, if you’re doing something different, then most people won’t see that as something positive.

They will say:

“Okay, you’re taking so many risks. It’s not good. Don’t take risks.”

So, through my book, “Inside a Hustler’s Brain”, my goal was to just inspire people.

It will only take some good actions in their life.

If they take actions.

Actions are the key to success.

Success depends on the actions you take.

successful businessman

If you don’t take actions, you are just wasting your time, doing useless things, spending useless money.

When I started this journey, I didn’t waste money on these drinking parties and all.

I go to events to network and try to build my business out of this.

Through this book, I just wanted to create a message that most of the people should take action.

They should follow the right people.

If you don’t follow the right people and you are surrounded by people who have a very low mindset, then you are going to lose this business.

You will not be able to be a successful blogger or affiliate.

See all these affiliates here right now?

They are successful because they are in touch with the top, the super affiliates.

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They are learning from the mistakes.

I’m also learning from the mistakes.

“Okay, these guys have done this.”

“These things are not working for you.”

I just try to keep on learning some new things.

Through this book, I just wanted to inspire people to take actions in their life.

They should feel that, if they take actions in their life, the success will follow.

Take actions.

If I can do it, anybody in the world can do it.

I just want to inspire.

I just want to create a positive impact in their life.

Don’t hate anyone.

Just keep inspiring people.

This will help you to grow much better.

9. Affiliate Marketing Trends

I think that what I’m seeing here right now in Facebook Ads and all…people are trying some new things.

Right now, I’m going into Shopify.

I’m trying to see which things are working on Shopify.

I’m trying to read some courses online.

man reading on a laptop

Seeing the kind of strategies that people are using to run on Shopify Ecommerce store.

I’m seeing that the retargeting thing is very popular right now.

I think I was missing this because I wasn’t doing it aggressively.

Now, I’m getting into the Facebook Ads.

Now I’m learning:

“Okay. This retargeting and remarketing really can help you to make more money because you can turn your losing visitors into your customers.”

I was thinking that.

And I think that trends are very new.

Trends keep on changing in affiliate marketing.

Nothing remains stable.

You need to keep on trying some new things.

Try to learn from the experts.

Make some good friends and network.

Meet people who are doing affiliate marketing and try to learn from them.

See what campaigns are working for them.

What things are working for them.

And try to learn from them.

I just do this.

I try to follow some experts.

In try to learn what kind of things they are doing for the business to work much better.

This is a key strategy that so many guys can follow.

They can get a lot of success with this.

10. How Do You See Mobidea?

You’re doing a wonderful job.

Mobidea is going to all these events, sponsoring these big events.

I think that your job is to make people aware that Mobidea is something special that’s doing great things for you guys.

You’re going to all these big events:

Affiliate World Asia, Bangkok.

affiliate world asia

At events, you tend to find the right people who can work with you so Mobidea is doing a wonderful job by doing interviews with experts like me, like other people here right now.

You’re creating engaging content and talking with affiliates.

This always helps you grow your network.

I think Mobidea is already on the right track.

You’re doing a wonderful job.

You have been very supportive.

I like your team support because whenever I have some questions related to your network, your team is very supportive.

call center

I think your support is very important.

If you are taking care of your affiliates, then your affiliates will take care of you.

As simple as that.

I think that you’re doing a wonderful job.

By going to all these great networking events, you’re already attracting a lot of affiliates, the super affiliates.

They want different campaigns and you can be part of it.

You can easily grow this business to another level right now.

I think that, if Mobidea can have an office in India…

Plan to expand your team in India because India is also a big market here right now.

It’s a huge population and a lot of great events happen in India so Mobidea can be a part of some Indian events and get more affiliates from India.

11. What Do You Think of Mobidea’s New Tracker Capabilities?

These big super affiliates always want a great tracking system.

They want great tools in the ad networks they’re working with.

If you give them a value then they will give value in return.

It’s as simple as that.

Launching new features.

Something advanced.

That always attracts super affiliates.

I’m sure.

Because that is a great thing that you guys are doing right now.

It’s a great feature.

12. Future Plans

I’m going more into paid marketing.

I’m doing SEO.

Automation stuff.

I’m focusing on my product:


That is a thing that I’m working very hard on.

I have more good news to announce.

News about Schemaninja.

I’m having one more business partner at Schemaninja and we are taking this product to the very next level.

We just want to create an impact.

Most bloggers have good traffic on their blog but they are not able to monetize that traffic.

They’re not able to make money with their sites because they don’t try to show various offers so they have a recommendation to their visitors.

If you show some good offers to your visitors, your readers, then I’m sure that you’re able to increase the conversions.

My focus on Schemaninja is that people use this product to increase their conversion ratio on their blog.

That’s very important.

I’m focusing on that.

I just bought my own house, in my city in India.

I’m very happy with the success that I’m getting in blogging.

Blogging has stayed in my life.

As I told you already:

Through this blogging, I’m able to travel the world, meet a lot of great people, great affiliates, great friends.

I’ve made friends with you.

I’m meeting a lot of people and blogging has stayed in my life.

I never thought that blogging could change my life so much.

But now, it’s changed my life.

It’s had a great impact in my life.

Such a positive impact.

I’ve met a lot of people.

People that are presenting their work.

Anyone’s life can be changed if they take actions and if they’re surrounded by positive people.

The number one reason for success is that you must surround yourself with positive people.

The number one reason people fail in their life is because they listen to their family, their friends and to society.

Stop listening to anyone else.

Start listening to your heart.

People will keep on saying things about you.

What you need to do is focus on your work.

Spend your time and energy into your work.

Instead of spending it on other works.

I’m doing this and I’m very happy with my own life.

What an inspiring interview, Jitendra!

Props to you for being such an amazing source of affiliate knowledge!

As for you, keep on checking the Mobidea Academy for more awesome interviews!


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