Let's Meet

Affiliate World Asia

Bangkok, Thailand // 06 - Dec

Let's Meet

We're proud to be a Diamond Sponsor of this wonderful and must-attend event!

This is where the action is, and you know this conference will allow you to connect with industry influencers and discuss the future of a whole business with the best professionals around!

map of the event

Who's going?

  • Antoine Moreau

    CEO & Founder

  • Nabil Ben Khelifa

    Sales VP

  • Luís Garcia

    Marketing VP

  • Nelson Nascimento

    Affiliates Director

  • João Oliveira

    Head of Advertisers

  • Luís Alves

    Account Manager

  • Karina Bielawska

    Account Manager

  • Tatiana Alshevskaya

    Account Manager

  • Nuno Ribeiro

    Account Manager

  • Nádia Vieira

    Marketing & Comms Professional

  • Denitsa Velcheva

    Business Developer

  • Cátia Gomes

    Business Developer

  • Ricardo Candeias

    Business Intelligence Team

  • Rachel Lei

    Account Manager

  • Rose Liao

    Business Developer


Come meet the Mobidea Crew on booth B1!
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