Learning paths

Don't have a lot of time and wanna be able to pick the right articles for you to read? Then you've come to the perfect place! Use these awesome Learning Paths to get the essential info you need! Stay tuned because we're always updating them!

  • Newbie
    8articles 65minutes read

    Get to know what affiliate marketing is all about! Learn about the main concepts, the business structure, the coolest verticals, and how you can start making money in affiliate marketing!

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  • Beginner
    8articles 42minutes read

    In this path, you'll learn how to create a campaign, choose traffic sources, understand the main metrics, and you'll also be able to grasp the targeting options! Let's create an amazing media buying campaign!

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  • Semi-Advanced
    8articles 43minutes read

    This path will tell you about the mistakes you must avoid making in media buying, how to find your niche, how to successfully deal with competition in affiliate marketing, what is a DSP and an SSP, and how to optimize your campaign. Maximize your revenues right now!

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  • Advanced
    8articles 88minutes read

    Learn how to make money from Facebook and Search Engine traffic by checking the advanced path! Go ahead and read up!

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  • Super Pro
    9articles 81minutes read

    Expand your campaigns and dive into diverse traffic sources, get to explore social media channels, learn some tips to use SEO to boost your game, and become a real affiliate Super-Pro!

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  • Media Buying
    8articles 63minutes read

    Learn about the concept of RTB and become acquainted with the very best tactics to choose the most profitable offers! This learning path is for ambitious media buyers and for those of you who are ready to become veritable affiliate masters!

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  • Banner
    7articles 64minutes read

    There's no need to have a design degree to create highly-converting banners! This path will teach you all the aspects of banner design, copy translation, call-to-action buttons and will ultimately allow you to boost banner performance!

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  • Landing Pages
    7articles 77minutes read

    The era of direct linking is over! Time for you to become a master of landing pages! Learn how to create converting landing pages, what LP builders to use, how to set CDN, hosting and domain, and get to know how to optimize your page for the maximum number of conversions!

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  • SEO
    9articles 89minutes read

    Create a stable business and start blogging today! Make sure you know how to push your content to search engines, how to explore the best keywords, build links, write SEO-friendly content, and make Google love your site!

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  • Price Models
    6articles 65minutes read

    This free Price Models Learning Path is going to allow you to master several different business models from CPA to CPL, which must be known by every single affiliate in town! Ready? Check these posts now!

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  • Adult
    8articles 74minutes read

    Dare to be the best? Then you should explore the wondrous realm of Adult traffic! This learning path will teach you how to work with this tricky vertical! You'll also be able to learn everything about traffic sources and check some awesome case studies!

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  • Crypto
    4articles 31minutes read

    What's blockchain? What's an ICO? How is the crypto world related to affiliate marketing and how can you make money in this new niche? Learn everything about crypto affiliate marketing right here!

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