9 Facebook Advertising Tips to Skyrocket Your Campaigns

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Facebook Advertising Tips straight from two of Mobidea Crew’s most important members?

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It’s time for you to learn how to take full advantage of the amazing features of Facebook Ads, which really enables users to target specific interests, countries, age groups, and much more!

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Introduction to Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are a powerful tool to reach a high-quality audience – one that’s deeply related to the product you’re advertising.

Plus: Facebook has over 1 billion active users accessing the platform through mobile on a monthly basis!

This basically means Facebook is simply amazing for affiliates who wanna promote offers within that range of products.

There are super useful tips we’ll be sharing with you.

Our goal?

To make sure you’re gonna reach your product’s die-hard fans while also optimizing costs.

We’re gonna help you create a hyper profitable campaign, so that you can be the king of affiliate marketing.

Without any further ado: here are our 9 awesome Facebook Ads tips!

Facebook Advertising Tips – The Ultimate List

1. Be Smart About WHERE to Promote (High ROI Segments)

We’ll always be aiming towards getting the best return on investment we can (ROI).

We do that by running offers in countries with a low CPM (or CPC, for that matter) but which showcase a high Revenue per Mile (visits) rate.

In other words: the least we can invest, for the most we can generate.

However, there are some countries where we must invest more in order to get amazing results.

Take a look at the following content table:

facebook advertising impressions by country

Source: Data from Facebook Ads reach estimates, and Mobidea’s RPMs from March 2017

These countries are sorted by traffic cost and reach, for a daily budget of 20€, as of March 2017.

You can see that – in some cases – the RPMs of the offers for a given country largely surpass the cost.

What are these, you ask?

Our ready-to-be-explored goldmines!

That’s right!

2. Know the Tools you Can Use

Audience Insights: this is the most important tool you need to help you work your niche on Facebook! Indeed, it’s one of the best Facebook Ads tips we can give you!

There, you can search and select Fan Pages, Profiles and interests related to your niche.

Get a grip on how many out there fit your ad and then smash it like a pro.

facebook audience insights

Source: Facebook Audience Insights

Creative Hub: nice to use when you wanna get inspired and explore different types of ad sets available.

facebook creative hub

Power Editor: use it to create your posts and analyze data. Know your costs, reach, impressions, clicks, CPM, CPC, CTR. Basically, everything that you can squeeze will help you make it bigger and better.

facebook power editor

Source: Facebook Power Editor

3. Learn About the Best Campaign Types to Run

This is one of the most important tips for Facebook Ads so pay attention!

Facebook gives you a wide range of campaign types to select from. We’ll give you two types to focus on.

We guarantee they’ll generate awesome interaction at a lower cost.

Traffic – also known as the “Website Clicks” campaign. It’s meant to bring users to your landing pages. Tip: you can optimize the cost by paying on a CPC basis.

Engagement – “Get more people to see and engage with your post or Page. Engagement can include comments, shares, likes, event responses and offer claims.”

Make sure you use relevant text and images for both these types.

Even the use of videos will increase your relevance score and interaction, while giving you more impressions at a lower CPC/CPM.

Tip: before launching your campaign, always make sure that you’re following Facebook’s Policies.

Pay special attention to the ads section.

4. Your Targeting is One of Your Best Friends

Almost the same as saying “know your user”, or your client.

Let’s think about the kind of product you’re advertising: who’s more likely to acquire it?

What’s their gender?

What’s their main age range?

And what do these users like?

What are their interests?

This is how you’ll reach people who are actually interested in your products.

Ever noticed you’re always seeing ads of things you like or that you usually work with on your News Feed?

That’s good targeting right there, by that specific advertiser.

Finally, go over all the other specific details, so as to make sure you’ll reach the target you want your product to hit.

For example, if we wanted to promote a travel product, we’d be aiming at those users who are interested in “travel”, “paradise” and “tourist attractions” (Interests), but also who may have “used a travel app in one month”, which is a Behaviour.

facebook ads detailed targeting

Then, you can even try and go into even more detail.

Fan Page targeting: if you wanna use this feature accurately, target the exact name of a specific Fan Page. At times, when you’re targeting an interest, the person may not like that interest.

Maybe, they’ve liked a brand that they won’t usually buy, for instance.

However, if you target the fan page of that specific interest, you’re sure to lure more users!


Because nobody is gonna join a fan page unless they’re fans of that specific subject!

Keywords which aren’t linked to fan pages are usually presented as an association keyword.

That may not be good all.

You should stick to what you know, and aim at specific fan pages with high engagement.

Find the exact Fan Page you wanna target inside the Facebook Audience Insights Tool.

It’s not El Dorado. Even so, it’s always a cool tool that’ll help you research your niche’s main subjects.

Use this tip to understand the interests that make your audience go crazy.

Groups Targeting: check the “About” section of the group or page. You should be looking for tags (keywords) that are used to describe it.

Then, set up a campaign.

Your campaign should have a target keyword which is #1 and then another which is #2, and then #3… the quantity of keywords you feel like going for.

The more keywords you actually pick, the more specific your targeting is gonna be!

It’s not gonna be the case for that specific Facebook group.

Even so, it’s probable that you’re gonna be targeting users who’ve liked that particular page.

What about those nasty “unavailable” fan pages?

You can use the same old trick, alright!

Audience Size: try aiming at audiences with a potential reach that’s lower than 75.000, meaning that you have to be mega specific.

Remember: your goal is to reach out to your niche! This is one of those Facebook Ads tips that you CANNOT forget!

In case you wanna go beyond that, you’re gonna be spending money that’s gonna be tough for you to earn again!

facebook ads audience size

Carrier Targeting: yes! You’ve just read it!

These following steps will teach you how to buy operator traffic.

As an example, we’re gonna select one of Mobidea’s best segments on Mainstream: Chile – Entel.

Step #1: Select the Country

facebook ads select country

Step #2: Select 3G and 4G Connection

Behaviours > Mobile Device User > Network Connection > 3G & 4G

Go to the “Detailed Targeting” box, and then click “Behaviours”

facebook ads detailed targeting 2

Find the “Network Connection”, in “Mobile Device User” and select 3G and 4G

facebook ads network connection

Step #3: Narrow the Audience and Select the Carrier

facebook ads targeting carrier

This is how it should look:

facebook ads targeting carrier 2

Pay attention!

That carrier must appear as an “Interest” and not as an “Employer.”

5. Increase Your Reach While Lowering Costs

It’s time for us to take two major factors into account: post engagement and relevance score.

These two always walk the road together so pay attention!

Post Engagement: it’s influenced by the number of likes, shares and comments your Ad gets as a post.

Getting lots of positive engagement?

Then you’re letting Facebook know that the content you’re promoting is making users happy!

This means your ad will be chosen to be displayed in people’s News Feeds or other publicity spots more often.

Interesting content often triggers strong engagement such as post sharing.

In fact, “being interesting” accounts for 50% of the overall reasons why users share other people’s posts.

This isn’t one of our Facebook Ads tips, it’s just a fact!

Relevance Score: think of it as the combination of two pieces. On the one hand, you’ve got your ad’s text and images. On the other, you’ve got your targeted audience, with all their likes and behaviours. Put them together and you get the relevance score – the content you’re gonna be promoting to a selected audience.

The more well-designed, written, and suitable your ad is to whoever you’re targeting it to, the higher your relevance score will be.

What does that lead to?

Lower CPMs, or CPCs, and higher priority in ad display.

Plus: a good CTR will positively influence your Relevance Score.

How to get great Relevance Scores?

Create a good targeting: pick the ages, genders, likes and behaviours like a master!

Time to sum up!

Here’s how you get a wider reach while also lowering your CPM/CPC:

  • Write accurate and interesting titles
  • Use call-to-action buttons, such as “Buy Now”, “Learn More”, “Download”, etc.
  • Achieve the goals your campaign is aiming for: it can be fan page likes, website clicks, or conversions. The more regularly you reach these, the more relevant your Ad ranks
  • Keep testing new images and texts frequently, and see how your audience responds to them. This is super important and one of the crucial Facebook Advertising tips!

6. Test Your Advert Sets

Media Buying and Facebook Advertising have something in common: on both of these games grabbing data and testing like a madman is super crucial!


Because that’s how you get to know exactly when the time to make real money is gonna pop!

If you’ve got to spend money to get the data you need, JUST DO IT!

The good news?

With Facebook, you can develop strategies to get that precious data without major expenses.

Even so, bear in mind that you’ll always have to spend more money for the final tests!


In our previous article, CPA on Facebook Ads, you were able to understand how important it is to study your audience (Point #1) and you’ve also grasped how you should always create a Fan Page (Point #4) related to the theme you happen to be exploring.

By studying your audience, you’ll develop a specific ad set for it.

Based on that, you MUST create a Fan Page.

Use this page to understand how Facebookers react to the different posts you show them.

Learn from their feedback so that you post something new and better next time around!

Your Fan Page should really include appealing and interesting content.

This will ultimately help you understand how a real user reacts to your theme. This means it’s very important that you get a considerable number of real followers, so that they can provide their valuable feedback.

Why should you do it?

To test your different Ad sets so that – when the time comes to pay for it – you know that you have higher chances of reaching that saucy success!

Aim for clicks, shares, likes, positive comments!

In order to get better results, you should always test different…

  • Images
  • Headlines
  • Texts
  • Call-to-Action buttons (CTA)
  • Landing Pages

Let’s say you’ve been getting great results right from the get go – great CTR from your ad set.

Even so, it’s important that you test it, since you can always improve it.

Test as much as possible so that you know what works for you niche.

Test Images

Use the most addictive images or videos to grab the user’s attention so they won’t dare look away!

Find out which images have that special effect on your target.

Perform as many tests as possible.

A good image is a great start to induce a spontaneous click that might lead to a sign up.

facebook ads image 1

facebook ads image 2

facebook ads image 3

facebook ads image 4

Tip: beautiful people and gorgeous smiles never get old! Use them on your ads, since users tend to respond positively.

Test Headlines

Wanna be able to write headlines that convert like crazy?

Nothing like reading a Mobidea Academy article about how to create the best headlines of all time!

Read our post on How to Write Facebook Ads Headlines!

Remember: make your headlines as clear as possible and list your benefit to the user.

Test Call-to-Action (CTA)

Find the perfect CTA according to your ad set.

Use it to galvanize users and get them to perform an action.

Facebook provides you several CTAs:

facebook ads call-to-actions

Check this article from AdEspresso to learn how to perform the right experiments to discover the best CTA button for you!

Test Landing Pages

Start your first tests on landings pages.

The goal here is to understand if you need to optimize your landing page.

Make sure to fulfill all the requirements that we’ve mentioned on point #3 of CPA on Facebook Ads: Definitive Guide for Beginners.

Once you fulfill all the requirements on your landing page, work your way in, and turn the visits of your page into conversions!

The most important thing?

You’ve gotta make sure your landing page showcases 0 distractions!

It’s gotta be simple and easy for a website visitor to find what they’re looking for.

Use straightforward and clear words in order to guide your users to the path of Call-To-Action conversion!

If you’re still wondering how you should optimize your landing page, check this guide for landing page optimization written by Neil Patel and Sherice Jacob!

Do you have any technical doubts when it comes to creating your landing page?

7. Use Custom Audiences

Custom Audiences are a way to increase conversion rates based on info you have regarding your customers.

That info may be an email list. In such cases, you already have leads to market to. Use those.

You can save your email list on a .txt file (which you can edit on a program like Notepad).

Then, on your “Adverts Manager”, go to the “Audiences” tab.

Click to create a new “Audience” and choose “Customer List”.

Then, upload your .txt file with all the emails, and wait some minutes until it’s ready to use.

In other cases, you may also want to advertise to people who have specifically visited your website, for example.

Here, you’ll install the Facebook Pixel code on the page you find more convenient (the index file is definitely a good one).

Use that pixel name when creating a new custom audience.

You’ll even be able to target people who surf the web looking for other subjects, by including desired keywords in the Website Traffic area.

For example, if your website is for app promotion, you could choose to target users who also visit pages related to “tech”, “gadgets”, “Android”, “Apple”, etc.

Facebook has some more reaching capabilities for you to dive into!

In fact, you can use the “Lookalike Audiences” feature, which will present your adverts to other people who match the criteria of your custom audiences.

create audience facebook ads

8. Scale Up Like a Pro

After nailing the perfect ad, here’s how you should proceed to scale up your campaigns.

How do you know when the time to scale up is finally a reality?

It’s fundamental that you can always listen to your data and understand what’s important.

After performing the tests we’ve mentioned above, you should have reached an “Ad Set” that’s close to perfection.

However, the real test is gonna be when the campaign is live and you start receiving relevant stats.

When you’re looking to scale up, you’re still making tests.

Before we tell you how to scale up, you’ll learn how to perform a campaign that’ll give you the info you need to be able to scale up.

For each test, we advise you to make it as reliable, and comparable as possible.

Bearing that in mind, here’s how the Mobidea Crew plays the game!


The majority of ads are created for the Feeds, so you should only select Platform > Facebook > Mobile > Feed (see image below.)

Don’t forget to select in Device type > Mobile Only, excluding desktop traffic.

Here, you’ll also exclude Instagram and Audience Network ads.

facebook ads placements

In case the offer you’re promoting only works for a specific operating system (iOS or Android), select Android or iOS devices only in the Specific mobile devices & operating systems tab.

facebook ads Specific mobile devices & operating systems

Tip: this is a test, so do it for the best traffic available. In OS versions, select recent operating systems.


Establish 10$ of daily budget and an automatic bid – this standardizes your tests.

facebook ads budget and schedule

facebook ads bid amount

The reach will be different, depending on country and target.

This setting loads all the data you’ll need to be able to understand the campaign’s potential.

Even so, feel free to change this setup according to your needs.

Time to scale up!

Check for:

  • Low Cost-per-Click (CPC)
  • High % CTR
  • Conversion Ratio
  • Earnings
  • Demographic data (Gender, Ages, etc.)

Check these parameters.

Later, you’ve gotta understand whether or not you can reach a break-even campaign or even a profitable campaign after another optimization.

Can you?

Feeling confident?

Optimize and spend another 10$, bro!

The money bell rang at your door?

Scale up, dude!

This is a crucial step!

Yes, we know you want your money fast!

However, we strongly advise you to think about the possibility of reaching the King’s Level of having long term & stable revenues.

Here’s a good example of how to manage your daily budget when scaling up:

  • Day 1: Test – 10$ Daily Budget
  • Day 2: Second test after optimization – 10$ Daily Budget
  • Day 3-4: Hold your horses – 10$ Daily Budget
  • Day 4-6: Time to grow – 20$ Daily Budget
  • Day 6-12: 50$ Daily Budget
  • Day 12-20: 100$ Daily Budget
  • Day 20 and onwards: MAXIMUM of 150$ Daily Budget

There isn’t a right formula to scale up, but you should do it progressively.

This will allow you to have more control over your campaign, understand small variations, and perform better optimizations.

It also enables you to keep your campaign running for longer periods.

Pro Tip: get serious! Use a Business Ad Account. Using a business account will also help you when it’s time to have more traffic and campaigns.


Because you can aggregate other ads accounts to it, and use the same payment methods to charge your campaigns.

9. Do Your Market Research!

Here’s the honest, factual truth: if you really wanna succeed while promoting content on Facebook, you’ve always gotta be one step ahead of the game.

Show something different, catchy, innovative and clickable.

It’s time for us to show you other ways to go about your goals.

Investigate, read up, and be alert so that you can always get better.

Whatever you do, make it different, new, and memorable!

Let’s say you wanna explore a new niche.

How do you start?

You spy a bit! That’s right!

My name is Bond, James Bond!

Got the offer?

cpa offer

Let’s see what’s out there!

Just use a simple Google Advanced Operator – site:facebook.com “win a samsung galaxy s7”

Thousands of posts will rain!

Just check them and get inspired!

google search

You can also find associations/relations, finding important insights related to your theme – in this case, Whatsapp.

Go to SimilarWeb and type “whatsapp”:

referrals similarweb

One of the many features allows you to know which websites are sending traffic to your theme.

This is how you improve your targeting: by getting super specific!

You can also see the top countries coming from that particular niche:

similarweb traffic by countries


There you go!

Feeling hungry?

Ready to start?

This was a summary of the most important aspects/features that you should check when preparing or running your Facebook Ads campaigns.

We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Run, and take advantage of the amazing quality traffic that Facebook has to offer.

It was a real pleasure to be able to share these wicked Facebook Ads tips with you guys!

Use them well and thank us Mobidea Facebook Masters later!

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