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Martim Calmeiro

Affiliate Business Developer

Martim is the coolest guy of all time! He's a people person, and loves spending time listening to stories and sharing his own.

Having studied Political Science and International Relations, he's all about diplomacy! He sees things from a great perspective and is keen on presenting the best solutions to the harshest problems.

That's why he became a member of Mobidea's famous Support Squad! His amazing tips and ability to guide affiliates is a testament to his life mantra: "the success of my affiliates is my success!"

Since he managed to learn so much from his experience as a Support Squad Member, Martim now works in the Business Development Team, helping affiliates get back on the money train!

When he isn't guiding Mobidea's users, Martim is probably surfing, enjoying the Portuguese beaches, and playing tennis like a real pro!

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