8 Crazy Affiliate Marketing Myths You Need to Kill

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There are a lot of affiliate marketing myths and illusions all over the web.

That’s why it’s so important for you guys to check this post which will really allow you to understand some of those often-mentioned, completely wrong ideas about the business.

Read these fabrications, pay attention, and you’ll be ready to separate fact from fiction and start increasing your affiliate marketing profits!

Marketing is one aspect that will never run out of importance in this professional and sophisticated world.

Even though there are different types of marketing, the recent boom in Information Technology and the extensive importance of the internet have made some specific techniques more fruitful than others.

Affiliate marketing is one such technique which involves the utilization of a website or any such source to advertise and acquaint general products to several customers in the online market.

It is fair to say that affiliate marketing is one of the most interesting and evolving fields in the business.

Unlike most other types of business, affiliate marketing has a lot of boons and banes which are quite divergent from usual situations.

However, the Internet is an enormous place where the information you get can sometimes be deceitful since anybody has the liberty to upload content.

Also, affiliate marketing is not a layman’s term that is used in everyday life, and it can, therefore, be hard for most of us to understand its true potential and importance.

Affiliate Marketing Myths Unchained

Time and again, there have been a lot of myths concerning the concept of affiliate marketing and have sometimes led talented people into misunderstanding their passion.

So, here are eight such myths that have been consuming some of the most talented people by keeping them away from affiliate marketing.

There are also several mythbusters alongside the myths that will help in educating people on the true nature of affiliate marketing.


Let’s dive in and check these affiliate marketing misconceptions!

1. Affiliate Marketing is a Cakewalk

Affiliate marketing might be quite easy to manage for those specific people whose skills are quite exceptional in the field of business and marketing, but for others, it is indeed a time consuming and competitive process.

Even though a lot of people are just attracted to the idea of making easy money online and put a lot of effort by creating different websites and affiliations with several products, one bitter truth is that only the right and optimal way of working hard can lead to great success in affiliate marketing.

Seldom are there any shortcuts to achieve the same as in most other businesses.

Only recently has a popular survey disclosed that only about 0.6% of affiliate marketers have been notably successful.

This is clearly an indication of how devoted one needs to be to gain success in this battlefield.

2. Abundant Traffic is the same as Abundant Profit

Most of the inexperienced crews running the affiliate business are usually under the impression that the prime focus should be on directing traffic to their website.

However, this is hardly true because it is a very naive assumption to make that knowing a lot of people implies you are a very respectable person.

The same applies to affiliate marketing, as the major part of affiliate marketing involves converting the traffic directed to your site into customers.

It is very reliable to depend upon the ratio of the converted customers from the traffic directed to analyze the success of a company than to depend upon the number of visitors to your website.

An affiliate marketer can be considered skillful especially for how much appeal the product brings, than for how many people analyze the product.

It is quite alarming to notice that a lot of top notch affiliate marketers have undergone this stage where only 1-2% of their potential customers ended up buying their products.

The primary reason for this shortcoming might be the inability to advertise a product in an appealing and relevant manner.

3. Affiliate Marketing is all about Advertising in Top Notch Niches

Even though it is quite true that a large range of products bought online fall under a small group of popular niches, it is not true that the prime attraction of every customer is restricted to only those niches.

It is common sense that even if those popular niches are roaring with business thanks to their demand, they are very difficult fields to dwell in, as they also provide an equally difficult competitive platform where you have to fight to survive.

A lot of affiliate marketers usually prefer popular niches as they are deceived with the false sense of security when they advertise for these products.

Even though some products are more popular than others, a capable affiliate marketer is strong enough to give a new identity to some less popular products which will further enhance the success rate of that affiliate marketer.

4. Affiliate Marketing is more about Luck than Skill

Most of us who do not understand the reason for someone’s success in a particular field have a tendency to believe that this field is governed by uncertain aspects like luck or chance.

This is not true in the case of affiliate marketing, since an optimal understanding of what exactly runs an affiliate marketing business to great heights can correct most mistakes that are inhibiting your performance.

Most products are advertised online in an irrelevant fashion which usually leads to not being noticed.

Systematic research on relevant keyword usage and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can take you a long way in the field of affiliate marketing.

It is very necessary to put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer who wants to buy a product of his choice so that you can synchronize your advertisement with what he is exactly looking for.

This can be quite difficult without experience but, with time, this is one of the most important ways of converting your traffic into the trade.

5. Popularity on Social Media Ensures Success in Affiliate Marketing

It is quite ideal to depend on social networking sites and media to advertise without expenses for affiliate marketing, but just because someone is popular on social media, it does not mean that the product he sells is going to be a great success.

Most customers are clever enough to understand that the quality and specification of the product is more significant than the popularity of the person advertising it.

Even though advertising products using famous people can sometimes be a great way to get traffic to your website, it is not necessarily the most important aspect to focus on.

Also, there are a lot of situations in which advertising on social media is a paid venture.

6. Affiliate Marketing is a Dead End

While a lot of affiliate marketing trends see a significant difference than the way they were when affiliate marketing was conceptualized, it is a hoax to suggest that affiliate marketing has reached a dead end.

A lot of standards and specifications have been made a compulsion in the affiliate marketing field which has further enhanced the productivity and relevance of the same.

The algorithm run by Google strictly optimizes the search results pages by cornering the websites which fail to adhere to the regulations laid by it to the end of the search results page.

A lot of banner ads have also been cut short as they do not go well with most of the electronic devices used today.

It is also notable that another effective change includes the replacement of banners with text links embedded between blogs and websites.

These changes only imply the enhancement of the affiliate marketing industry, not its destruction.

7. Affiliate Marketing is only Dependent on the Content Posted on the Website

Even though it is quite true that affiliate marketing stands a chance, especially because of the contents posted on the respective websites, it is not true that they are all that matters.

They are the only sources of information to the customers and are therefore a key reason for the success of a product.

But it is also necessary to keep updating the websites regularly with fresh and interesting content without which a customer might simply lose interest in the products you advertise.

An innovative approach towards advertising with the usage of unique and interesting images can make your website stand out from the rest, at least for a customer who visits your site and these aspects alone might prompt them to buy the product you advertise.

Affiliate marketing is not a one-time deal where you decide to advertise a product and then leave it to speak for itself.

Regular updates and effort is a prime proponent of success when it comes to affiliate marketing websites.

8. Affiliate Marketing is Only for Professionals with Advanced Business Degrees

While the name affiliate marketing gives the vibe of a highly professional marketing subject, it is not necessarily a job that can only be pursued by extraordinary people with an academic association with business studies.

As Mark Twain once differentiated between education and schooling, it is necessary to understand that affiliate marketing has more to do with intuitive and creative skills than the knowledge of several technical words that are not used in daily life.

The realization of this fact can clearly prompt any enthusiastic person with the grit and skills for the job to become a highly skillful affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing is more about brains than qualifications.

End Note

These are some of the affiliate marketing myths that have been misguiding several enthusiastic business people from pursuing their dreams and passions.

Lastly, it is crucial to note that, in affiliate marketing, your skills and dedication play a more refined role than anything else.