Paulo Faustino Interview @ TES 2018

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The European Summit 2018 Interview Series: Paulo Faustino

The European Summit was the dopest event around!

Cascais welcomed folks from all over the world and some pretty cool people who love to talk about affiliate marketing!

One of them is Paulo Faustino, a Portuguese marketing pro!

Ready to check this wicked interview with Paulo Faustino?

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Paulo Faustino Interview at TES 2018

1. Tell Us About Yourself

My name is Paulo Faustino.

I work as an affiliate marketer. I’ve been doing it for 10 years.

I run a digital agency and a couple other businesses.

I also run the biggest affiliate marketing event in Brazil:

Afiliados Brasil.

afiliados brasil

I work with digital marketing. I’m a huge fan of affiliate marketing. I work mainly online.

My work is available in a lot of places.

That’s me!

2. What Do You Enjoy the Most in Digital Marketing?

I do prefer affiliate marketing.

I usually say that affiliate marketing is the best school you can get when it comes to digital marketing strategies.

There are a lot of people who work in digital marketing that really don’t know how to do digital marketing.

A lot of them know how to use Facebook or how to use Google.

When you work with affiliate marketing, you learn all of that stuff. You learn the hard way.

climbing a hill

It’s a great school.

I do prefer affiliate marketing. It’s a huge challenge every day.

3. What’s Your Advice for Beginners?

One of the things I learned?

Test everything.

Normally, people don’t test much. You need to test a lot of different niches, a lot of different affiliate offers, a lot of different platforms, a lot of different campaigns.

A lot of people run one campaign, two campaigns, and then they give up because they can’t get the ROI they need.

One of the things I would do if I was a beginner is to test.

I’d create a lot of small projects and test some different verticals, different traffic sources and I’d try to do as much as I could to find what’s the best way to do it.

Ten years ago, when I started, it was easier. There was less competition. But there was also less information.

That was a struggle.

One of the things I’ve learned is to try a lot of things. I’ve tried a lot of things.

I created blogs and websites.

Just about anything you can imagine.

And I picked the ones that really worked well for me.

In affiliate marketing, you just need to get that one campaign that works and then you can scale up and get results.

Normally, people don’t have the strength to wait too long or to test some different campaigns until they get to that great point.

My recommendation is for you to try a lot of different things to find the perfect spots for your strategy.

4. What’s Your Favorite Traffic Source?

My favorite traffic source is Facebook. It’s everyone’s favorite.

It’s way cheaper than Google AdWords.

I’m now running a lot of campaigns on Native Ads. I’m enjoying that a whole lot.

It’s quite different from all the traffic sources out there, especially compared with ad networks, Facebook, Google, all that stuff.

On Native, you need to be creative. There’s a lot of sensationalism there.

man with megaphone

There’s a lot of clickbait.

And it’s really interesting because it’s a new way to do the old stuff, in a more creative way.

You need to grab people’s attention in order to get a higher CTR and get a better ROI.

Facebook’s still my favorite but I’m now getting to try Native and it’s really interesting.

5. Crypto Offers and the Facebook Ban

Facebook is quite strange in a lot of things. You can’t advertise a lot of niches and crypto is just another one.

On the crypto side, I think Facebook’s strategy was trying not to advertise crypto as a way to make money for people.

They are trying to avoid that.

Do I think that’s right or wrong?

I think it’s stupid because you really get to know crypto well.

The blockchain. How that works. Normally, people don’t understand.

They just talk about Bitcoin because everyone’s talking about Bitcoin.


They don’t really understand the technology that’s behind Bitcoin.

That’s where the gold is:

In the technology.

Not in the fact that it’s Bitcoin or Ethereum or whatever.

The thing is:

For Facebook, they try to avoid all the things that people could normally use as a way to make money.

They stopped the “make money at home”, the internet marketing. All that stuff that actually provides a way for people to make money.

Because the market has both the guy who advertises that in a good way and the guy who doesn’t.

Facebook tries to avoid it.

I don’t think it’s fair because crypto is an interesting market. It’s a baby. It’s a new born.

I think they stopped the campaigns and the possibility to advertise early.

We need to live with that.

There are other ways to learn how to use cryptocurrencies. I think people will find new ways.

6. How to Create the Perfect Facebook Ad

For me, the perfect ad is one that converts.

The copy shouldn’t be too long.

I was talking with one guy here at The European Summit about that…when people click READ MORE on your copy…he was telling me he got a higher CTR.


But you’re getting a higher CTR on your ad, not on the ad that drives people to your website. It’s quite different.

If I get a higher CTR on my copy, it’s different from sending people to my website. I get more people to my website, not to read my text.

My suggestion?

Produce less copy. People don’t need to read that much.

man reading on a laptop

Use Emoji. When you use Emoji, you convert 30% more.

Use better ads.

Try to use colors that you can easily see on Facebook. A lot of people create ads with colors which are similar to the ones displayed by Facebook. That same blue.

Don’t do that.

That isn’t eye-catching.

You need to use colors that catch the eye. You need to understand the behavior.

Normally, people use Facebook on a smartphone.

If you are scrolling down on your feed, you need to see something that catches your attention.

You need to create your ads bearing that in mind.

Colors like green, orange, or red.

color explosion

Colors that catch the user’s attention on the feed.

Use texts but less than 20%. Even if Facebook allows you to use more, don’t do it. You’re basically paying to reach less people.

Use good titles and Emoji on your titles.

People are afraid of using Emoji because they think or feel that Emoji are a childish thing.

They’re not.

It’s a way to express feelings.

People like Emoji because of that. Use it a lot. It works really well.

That’s what I’ve learned.

7. Best Verticals to Advertise on Facebook

Those verticals that you can’t advertise on Facebook?

They tend to be the best.

Adult traffic, Casino or Gambling, Weight Loss products.

All of these are huge markets. They’re huge because people want that product. People like to see adult content, people like to gamble, people want to lose weight.

person running

Normally, they like the products you can’t advertise on Facebook.

The best product to advertise on Facebook is quite restricted.

One of the things I learned works really well on Facebook is E-Commerce. E-Commerce-related products work well on Facebook.

In terms of campaigns, online courses work well on Facebook too.

All kinds of digital products work as well.

Honestly, the good ones are outside Facebook.

8. Pop Traffic

I mainly work with interstitials and tab-unders.

I try to avoid pop traffic. It’s that annoying thing.

One of the things you need to use in Pop Traffic is an offer that suits everyone.

If it’s a niche offer, you won’t be able to use it on a pop.

It won’t convert well.

On the pop, you convert on the volume:

You have a higher volume.

On that volume, you can convert a small percentage. But the volume is quite cheap, which means you get a good ROI on that.

excited man

I do prefer the tab-under because it avoids a lot of ad blockers.

Interstitials too.

Popunder ads could work well in some campaigns. Because popunder is quite different from tab-under.

It’s behind the page.

When people are closing the browser, they see there’s a page there and they normally just close it and shut down the computer.

On the tab-under, that doesn’t happen. It opens up a new tab.

Normally, people pay more attention to that.

My recommendation is for you to go for tab-under and interstitials because it’s a great kind of attention-driven advertising.

9. Have Your Campaigns Been Negatively Affected by Google Chrome’s Ad Blocker?

No. For me, pop traffic is like a pre-roll on a video. It’s the one you skip.

The pop?

You close it, because it’s an annoying thing.

The experience is bad. It’s that annoying thing that’s popping in your face and you just close it. There are better ways to get the public’s attention and to get better results.

For me, the restrictions on Google when it comes to pops and all that stuff?

It doesn’t change a thing.

10. Future Plans

I do have a lot of plans. I’m trying to get into new niches and trying new affiliate offers and new affiliate opportunities.

It’s obvious that there are struggles.

There’s a lot of learning.

We’re trying to play in new markets. That’s always a learning process.

We’re trying to create new ways to make money on different markets.

wallet with bills

We’re also working on Afiliados Brasil, our event. Getting it to become bigger. We’ll have the first international edition.

We’re trying to create something that’s really valuable for both newcomers and experts.

We’re trying to educate the market about affiliate marketing because it’s a huge market but there are still a lot of people who don’t understand what it is, what they can do, how to do it, etc.

Hence, one of my goals for 2018 is to educate the market a bit more.

Teach more, create more content, organize more events. Trying to bring that educational aspect and offer it to newcomers.

Trying to develop the market because I think there’s a lot to be done on that side.

Whoa, Paulo!

What an incredibly informative affiliate marketing interview!

As for you, our readers, stay tuned to the Mobidea Academy because we’ve got some more cool European Summit Interviews to share!

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