Alexey Veselov Interview @ AWA 2017

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AWA 2017 Interview Series: Alexey Veselov

Alexey Veselov is a Super Affiliate!

He’s got a whole lotta experience in the superbly competitive world of online marketing.

Which means what?

You’ve gotta check this cool Affiliate World Asia Interview!


Don’t wanna watch because you prefer reading?

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Alexey Veselov Interview at AWA 2017

1. Tell Us About Yourself

My name is Alexey.

I have about 5 years of experience in affiliate marketing.

I started by promoting offers.

man with megaphone

Mostly from Russian and CIS markets.

About a year and a half ago, I decided to start working with international traffic on Facebook.

I started to build my own media buying team, which now consists of ten people.

2. What is the Best Strategy for a Newbie?

I’m totally focused on Cash on Delivery offers on Nutra.

I can tell you about this type of offers.

If you are a newbie and don’t really know any advanced tricks and techniques, I think that you should start by choosing a White Hat offer.

You should ask your affiliate manager about it.

For example, if you want to run it on Facebook, you should ask your affiliate manager whether or not the offer converts well on Facebook.

If it’s allowed on Facebook.

When you start, you will get some feedback about your traffic.

You will see how well it converts.

analyzing data on computer

Later on, you can analyze your results.

You can choose to switch to another offer.

Also, I would like to recommend you read some forums for advanced affiliates like STM.

There’s a lot of information.

It’s obvious that not all of the information is gonna be useful.

Even so, if you read a lot, you can get the main aspects which will be useful for your work.

3. Biggest Challenge for an Affiliate Marketer

The first one is the increase of Cost-per-Mile prices which means the traffic price is increasing.

It becomes more difficult to stay profitable.

On the other hand, if you create some kinds of content, Facebook becomes more and more successful when it comes to detecting things like cloaking.

Maybe going for White Hat is a good long term advice.

You can still do Black Hat, if you do it right.

bunny and magician hat

It works.

A big trend is to switch over to White Hat offers.

4. What Skills are Needed to Become a Super Affiliate?

Affiliate Marketing is not rocket science.

If you are new in the industry, you should at least understand how it works.

How traffic sources work.

If you buy traffic from some traffic sources, you should understand how they get this traffic, for example.

If it’s popunder traffic, you should understand how an advertiser explores this traffic and what kind of traffic it is.

You will get some clicks, but they may have lower conversion rates.

You should understand traffic sources.

You should understand different verticals in this business.

man reading on a laptop

I think some markets and skills are obviously very important because you need to understand how people think, how they decide to buy something, how they decide to get conversions.

This normally helps you increase your Conversion Rate.

Finally, it helps you increase your ROI.

5. Tools & Resources

It depends on which traffic sources you use.

There are separate tools for different kinds of traffic sources.

Those who are newbies and those who are not so experienced in a particular vertical should definitely use spy tools because spy tools can give you a lot of ideas.

Of course you can just copy.

It still works.

It’s not as good as creating your own custom creatives but it works.

But if you want to get a really good result, you should look at the ideas others have had and then create your own creatives and pre-landing pages based on that.

It really works better than any already-prepared pre-landing pages.

Some affiliate networks prepare pre-landing pages for you.

You can choose from the list.

On a set of conditions, you can work well too.

Even so, the custom approach works better every time.

6. Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

My experience?

When I started to work with Facebook, I had to spend much more on my tests.

There was also the fear of spending too much on tests.

fearful woman

You always want to stop testing before you actually get the results.

You buy the traffic.

It may not convert so well but you’re buying data which you can then analyze.

If you stop buying this traffic before you actually get enough data for analysis, you’re just wasting money.

I think this problem is quite common for many affiliates.

They stop testing too soon.

7. Favorite Traffic Sources


This is the main traffic source I use.

I haven’t used other traffic sources in a long time.

Maybe I’m not the best person to give suggestions because I’m really focused on Facebook.

It allows you to explore a lot of traffic.

You can run your traffic for a long time because the audience takes a long time to become saturated.

I have some experience running other traffic sources, like Russian social networks.

However, I’m currently not working in the Russian market.

I work in the European market and in the Asian market.

Just Facebook, at the moment.

8. How to Develop Your Skills?

First of all, you should go to conferences like Affiliate World Asia.

It’s a must attend event.

At these conferences, you can meet all the key people in this business.

You can discuss directly.

group of people

You can agree to get better conditions for you.

You should definitely attend big conferences.

You should also read forums.

STM is the most famous one.

In Russia, we have a forum called CPAClub.

It’s in Russian.

It’s a forum for top affiliates.

You can get some information there.

I get a lot of useful information from closed communities.

From people who do what I do.

It’s restricted.

We’re not so open to other people because some of the information we share is pretty valuable.

These people are partners in a closed community.

This information allows us to make money.

person with money bills

We’re there to make money so we’re not very open to share this information.

We only share it with our internal circle.

If you become a member of a closed community, you can get a lot of useful information.

9. Affiliate Marketing Trends

The affiliate business is something which changes really fast.

It’s not easy to actually predict what’s gonna happen in 2018.

One thing that I can mention is the fact that Facebook’s audience is growing and growing.


The price of traffic is growing.

That’s bad for us.

Even so, the audience is growing too.

That means much more traffic.

Facebook gives you a lot of opportunities.

At first, when you start, you try to get profitable.

To get a positive ROI.

Then you try to get a higher ROI.

Finally, you try to scale.

Facebook is a platform where you can scale easily.

Not every traffic source gives you that chance.

Promoting Cash on Delivery offers on Facebook is something which my team and I are gonna do next year!

10. Surprises in 2017

Facebook gives you a lot of surprises.

From time to time, they change their advertising policies.

They change their algorithms.

Sometimes, the offers which convert well start converting poorly.

At times, an offer which is completely allowed on Facebook – let’s say that Facebook has never banned it – starts getting banned.

Then, you don’t really understand what happens.

You should spend some time and effort trying to investigate.

Try to find a solution.

Find out what to do to avoid getting banned.


For me, that’s the most negative surprise.

It’s always changing.

11. Future Plans

My plan is to promote Cash on Delivery on Facebook.

At the moment, we are focused on several verticals inside Nutra.

The Cash on Delivery model.

Facebook as a traffic source.

This is my plan and my team’s plan.

Whoa, Alexey!

What a splendid interview given by one of the world’s coolest super affiliates!

As for you, our awesome readers, keep on coming to the Mobidea Academy because we’ve got more great content to share!

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