Why is Mobidea The #1 Choice for Affiliate Marketers?

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Wanna know why Mobidea is the best affiliate network for you to make money online like a real super pro? Then check this article, bro!


People ask us questions all the time.

One of the most persistent ones is the following:

Why should I choose Mobidea?

The answer is primarily based on what’s important to our affiliates.

They are our top priority.

They deserve our full attention on a daily basis.

Of course affiliates know the market.

It’s obvious that they are aware of the great number of affiliate networks available.

These have different value propositions.

They work on specific business models and offer different services.

Even though they all seem to be and do the same, you’ll notice that they all have diverse interests and objectives.

In this article, I’m gonna tell you why I think Mobidea is the affiliate network you should choose to monetize your traffic.

How will I do it?

By writing some awesome facts!

We Process Payments Fast

We know how getting paid quickly is crucial to our affiliates.

We may be dealing with two types of affiliates!

Media Buyers

These guys usually want money quickly so they can invest again to buy the traffic through different platforms.


These fellows need the cash to buy new domains for their webpages.

Moreover, all our affiliates need money to re-invest on their accounts as fast as possible.

That’s why we don’t play around.

In fact, we pay super fast by Paxum, PayPal, FirstchoicePay, ePayments, and Wire Transfer.

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We’ve Got the Mobidea Academy

We do more than just deliver a service or a platform.

We teach you.

That’s right!

The Mobidea Academy is the foremost platform for affiliate marketers to get their education.

We have more than 150 articles about such topics as banner optimization, dayparting, ad networks, ad exchanges, dynamic tracking, etc.

We have interviews with the hottest industry gurus, who share knowledge with our 100.000+ affiliates!

We’ve got an Affiliate Marketing Glossary that’s gonna allow you to get to know any complicated jargon!

We have a Learn the Platform section, filled with articles and videos that give actionable tips and allow you to explore the Mobidea platform to the max.


In the Mobidea Academy, you can download Affiliate Guides for free.

Learn more about Native Ads, Media Buying, and so much more!

We’re Dedicated to Our Affiliates

We give an active, fundamental support to our affiliates.

Whether you’re a Standard affiliate or a VIP affiliate, we’ll always provide an amazing support.

We allow you to have a super competent account manager who helps you succeed, gives you actionable advice, and never gives up on you!

This is a cool person you can trust to give you the best advice in the market.

We recognize that each affiliate is unique and that every situation is different.

That’s the reason why our daily goal is to provide the best solution that fits each specific need.

We’ll give you inputs about affiliate marketing, tips on how to work, suggestions on which markets to explore, advice on which countries to go for, etc.

Additionally, if you’re having trouble finding something on our platform, we’ll guide you and make you get to where you wanna be.

Wondering what we mean?

Then check our Help Section and discover a whole world of info you’ll need to know!

We’ve Got an Amazing Affiliate Service

Our Affiliate Service is made up of different people from distinct cultures and countries.

We’re diverse, multicultural and we’re always innovating in the way we deal and communicate with our affiliates.

Providing constant support is not a dream:

We make it real every single day.

That’s right!

We’re Always Improving Our Platform

Technology is one of our biggest assets.

In fact, the Mobidea platform was designed by our own, incredible IT team.

They’ve created a platform that responds to your needs.

Indeed, each line of code is based on suggestions made by affiliates and was built by the company.

This market is a fierce beast and there’s no time to be asking an external company for favors.

We took matters into our own hands and changed, shifted, created, improved and completely remade the platform.

That’s why Mobidea gives you access to the latest tools and technological advancements in the market so as to guarantee the platform is adjusted to your every need.

Your feedback makes us better and it’s the reason why we keep improving on a daily basis.

We Fight To Present The Best Offers

Integrating new offers on Mobidea is the main goal of our Advertisers’ team, a group of people who are focused on adding the most diverse and well-performing pool of offers to our platform.

We want affiliates to be able to choose the offer that better adjusts to their traffic type and that can give them the highest EPC.

New offers are negotiated on a daily basis between our team and the advertisers.

The offers are then incorporated into Mobidea, tested, analyzed and delivered to our affiliates.

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We Optimize Your Traffic

It’s obvious that not all offers have the same performance.

The EPC – the best performance metric for mobile affiliate marketing – varies according to the country, operator, operating system, browser, language, banner, etc.

It takes some time to understand if a specific traffic works with an offer.

Even so, think about this:

What if there was an original algorithm that could successfully optimize the offers for you?

Don’t believe me?

It’s simple!

We have a whole lotta different offers for each segment (country, operator, operating system) and we’re always looking to have the highest number of offers possible but – most importantly – to have the best offers the market has to offer.

Our algorithm is a remarkable technological feat:

Not only does it test all the offers but it also shows you the best ones from the lot in a single link.

What do we call that unique, intelligent link?

Smartlink, of course.

We Provide Awesome Offers

Apart from the Smartlink, where the best offers are on rotation, Mobidea also gives you the possibility of choosing a specific offer for a given target/segment.

Don’t be worried!

It’s obvious that we filter them first!

The offer list you see on the Single Offers tool includes only the Single Offers that were previously tested.

These are amazing offers which have a proven good performance.

Why do we do that?

Because your success is our success.


mobidea logo

We Have Integrated Tracker Capabilities

Mobidea is not only an affiliate network that cares about education and that guarantees high-quality offers.

We’re also a group of highly-motivated youngsters who always manage to be on the edge of hyper advanced technology.

That must be why we created a whole new platform, showcasing some pretty incredible tracker capabilities which provide more analytical data for affiliates to rock their campaigns.

Our wicked Mobidea Tracker has multiple data centers, an incredibly high-converting group of affiliate offers from a wealth of super profitable verticals, and the Smartlink, one of the most advanced rotators in the history of the affiliate industry.


Mobidea gives you the ability of performing A/B testing, a unique level of segmentation, remarkable amounts of analytical data which allow you to effectively track every single aspect and optimize more rapidly, and the chance to use our famous API.

Can there possibly be more awesome stuff?


Mobidea has got a minty-fresh Opportunities section, a never-ending Live Feed of Offers, and a Support Squad that’s so popular and professional that it’s hard to match!

This is clearly the best mobile affiliate network in history so you know you can’t resist.

Ready to explore Mobidea’s super cool tracking capabilities?


Still don’t believe we’re the best affiliate network for you to explore?

Then you should definitely check this video!

This is a compilation of answers from affiliate marketing experts.

Let them tell you what they think about Mobidea!


Now you know why we’re the real deal!

We’ve got a cool, easy-to-use modern platform as well as the best algorithm in town.

Moreover, our competitive offers are awesome ways for you to actually achieve financial independence.

Last but not least, our integrated tracker capabilities allow affiliates to take advantage of more data than ever before and optimize campaigns to the max.

We rock!

Nevertheless, it’s up to you to decide whether or not you wanna create a Mobidea account.

Even so, I’ll ask you a question that’s gonna make you think about your priorities:

What’s really important to you as an affiliate?

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