4 Profitable Traffic Types to Run with Mobidea Offers

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Don’t know what are the most profitable traffic types to run offers? Wanna check a phenomenally cool post created by none other than Andrew Payne? Let’s go!

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So many times we get stuck hearing about the most popular traffic types such as Facebook, Google, Native, Display and Popunder traffic.

But if you take a moment and look at what ad formats are available in some of the traffic sources, you will be quite surprised at the options you can find.

What I’ve noticed from my own experience?

Most of the beginner and even intermediate affiliates do not take advantage of testing different ad formats at all.

While each traffic source and ad type will have pros and cons, with different levels of traffic volume, there are many instances in which I’ve found a profitable campaign with little need to optimize anything – just worked right out the gate.

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Simply because I’m using an ad type that not many others are using and the traffic is super cheap.

So my point to you is:

Be open-minded, test and take the approach of thinking a little outside the box.

You may be pleasantly surprised.

Now don’t get bored on me so soon!

You’re going to want to read this entire article.

The Affiliate Industry is Always Changing

We live in a technology-driven world.

Things are moving and changing so quickly these days that you have to anticipate that the same thing will happen within the affiliate industry.

You have to stay on your toes, network with people and understand what is happening within the marketplace.

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That is how you stay ahead and grow your affiliate business.

Recently, many of my coaching students and friends have asked me what I think is going to happen to popunder traffic in light of the new Google Chrome 64/65 updates that are being released.

What is Happening to Popunder Traffic?

If you know me, I have run thousands of popunder campaigns over the last two years and that has been a strong revenue source for my business.

So, what do I think is going to happen to this traffic type?

In my opinion, not much is going to change in 2018.

This traffic format is not going anywhere BUT there will be changes to your landing pages and promotion methods.

Google is trying to take a hard stance against promotional methods that create annoying and poor user experiences across the web.

I don’t have to agree with them when it comes to this initiative.

However, I do have to adapt to the changes.

You Have to Adapt and Think Creatively

Many traffic sources have already taken measures to ensure they are compliant with the upcoming updates.

And you should be thinking of your next steps and how you will have to pivot your strategy to continue growing your affiliate business.

What I Predict

You will start to see more compliant ad creatives and landing pages across all traffic channels.

Because of a more compliant approach to your creatives, you will see CPM prices start to decrease on some ad types.

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In several cases, I’ve already noticed this happening over the last few weeks.

Those who are diligent at split-testing and optimizing will have the biggest advantages right now.

This means you’ll get to build campaigns that outperform, get to enjoy a cheaper traffic cost, and laugh as others still struggle because they failed to adapt quickly enough.

For those who explore outside the usual conversations and dare to venture off into the affiliate unknown, there are huge opportunities just waiting for you.

Venture Out of the Box

Some of you may already be running several different types of traffic but I guarantee that the majority are not.

Don’t get me wrong:

It’s a great idea to stay focused and learn one traffic type really well but – at some point – you will want to expand or try something new.

One of my friends recently shared details with me on a very easy, passive campaign that has been doing $xxx/day profit for many months for him.

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Guess what?

Most of that was from one placement on the traffic source and it was not popunders or banner traffic.

I’ve heard questions asked of me such as “what is hot right now” and that “pop traffic is going downhill” and “what do I think they should do” and other similar questions.

My answer?

Go out and test for yourself.

In just a minute, I’m going to give you several different ad formats that most of you have never even tried.

But I want to remind you that there are no real rules in the affiliate game (of course offers/networks/sources have terms to follow) but what I mean is that there are no clear-cut ways to do things.

The more creative you are and the more actions you take, the closer you’ll be to finding that million dollar idea or awesome strategy.

Traffic and Ad Types to Consider in 2018

There are literally dozens and dozens of ad networks out there.

Outside of the big ones like Facebook, Google, etc?

You still have a lot of great options.

Every ad network offers different ad formats but if you are diligent and are testing new ideas, you will very likely find a honey hole that no one else has found yet.

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The first step is to talk to your reps at the ad network and see what insights they can give you, thinking about the audience demographic that makes up their traffic.

Then, what?

Go back to Mobidea.

Match up your ideas with offer types that would be relevant and go launch your new campaigns.

Here are four mobile ad types that I have had great success running over the last 12 months:

Mobile Redirects

This is a traffic type that comes from users who type in a domain name incorrectly or that does not exist and it redirects the user.

This can work for many different offer types.

Zeropark or Tonic are two of the places where you can find this traffic.

Display Banner

With this format, you have a lot of options.

Many ad networks support this type of traffic with several banner sizes to go along with it.

The targeting options are usually good and you have a lot of scale potential.

Mobile Native

A less common ad format but some sources offer it.

This format is one that I still have a lot to learn about.

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Even so, I’ve had good results for some of my campaigns.

ExoClick and Adcash are great sources where you can find this traffic.

In App

This ad type has been around for a long while but you will see several versions of it available within ad networks.

From interstitials, to video types, and more.

This is a very powerful ad format and it’s worth checking out.

Final Thoughts

In my business, I like to ask myself:

“How do I get ahead of everyone else?”

And that simply starts with taking action in ways that few others are doing.

The biggest thing holding you back is yourself.

This year is going to be a great year and I look forward to hearing the success stories that come along the way.

If you haven’t already checked the top offers running at Mobidea, you should hit up your affiliate managers right away and drill them with questions.

Strategize. Prepare. Launch. Optimize. Profit.

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