The Best Facebook Ads Courses

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Facebook Advertising is one of the most popular ways to promote your offers.

Thanks to its incredible targeting abilities, this is still the favorite traffic source of most online marketing pros!

But is there a way for you to learn how to make money on Facebook Ads?

Yes, indeed!

Check the list!

List of the Best Facebook Ads Courses

1. Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Mastery Guide

Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing MASTERY

Udemy is a powerhouse of online courses which means these guys are ready to wow you with their awesome Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Mastery Guide!

Here, you’ll learn to:

  • Connect with cool new audiences while lowering ad costs using Facebook Ads
  • Use some advanced features on Facebook Advertising
  • Track those awesome Facebook Ads conversions
  • Get an average of $0.01 per engagement/click/like by following wicked Facebook Ads strategies
  • and much more!

This course will actually give you LIFETIME ACCESS to lectures, which includes new lectures each month.

Wanna take this top-rated course that’s had more than 200.000+ happy students enrolled, learning, and evolving?

Go for it!


The cost of this hyper-detailed course?

If you’re on a lucky day, you should probably find this course at a remarkably low price!

2. Facebook Blueprint

facebook blueprint

The first Facebook Ads Course I’ve got for you to check comes straight outta Menlo Park, California!

What better way to get to learn about Facebook Ads than by checking Facebook’s own course?

What will you be able to learn here?

You’ll get to know how to:

  • Get started with Facebook Ads
  • Learn some mighty advanced buying options
  • Target the specific audience you need to succeed
  • Build hot awareness
  • Generate leads like it ain’t no big deal
  • Promote your app
  • Increase online and in-store sales
  • Pick the best ad formats for your game
  • Manage your ads and their performance
  • Distribute and monetize content

Facebook Blueprint allows you to explore a fine selection of eLearning courses that dive into every single aspect of Facebook Marketing.

It’s all super well organized by role and category, which means you can really get started, and learn how to grow your business in the coolest traffic source around!


Even though the course is free, you may wanna get ready for what I’m about to write:

The Facebook Blueprint Certification exams will cost something like $150 PER EXAM.

Don’t wanna spend so much money?

Keep on reading because I’ve got more courses and guides to share!

3. Facebook Pixel Quickstart

facebook pixel quickstart

Facebook Pixel Quickstart is here to save the day!

Created by ReverseYourFunnel, this is one of the best-known Facebook Marketing courses around.


Because, by the time you get the diploma in your eager hands, you’ll have learned to:

  • Play with Facebook Ads Manager like a natural
  • Set up the Facebook Pixel in less than one hour and get it all over the place
  • Use the said Facebook Pixel to target ad campaigns like a pro
  • Understand whether or not your ad campaigns are getting positive results

Love it?

Wanna know some pricing info?

Check it out!


For $197, you can get instant access and start your Facebook Marketing journey!

4. Facebook Advertising Training Course

facebook emarketeers

Emarketeers is a super reputable source of info!

That’s why you can’t really be shocked by the fact that they’ve got one of the best Facebook Marketing courses!

This course is presential and it’s a super intensive experience.

This basically means you get to a specific location and spend the whole day completely focused on Facebook Ads, drinking information faster than humanly possible!

Wanna learn how to run a successful ad campaign using Facebook and get your money while it’s hot?

Here, you’ll learn to:

  • Create campaign goals
  • Understand where and where not to use Facebook Advertising to fulfill your business needs
  • Know concrete examples and understand how successful people have used the Facebook Ads platform to the max
  • Understand the difference between the Google programs and Facebook Ads
  • Get to become a pro in page post engagement ads, page like ads, offer claims ads, event responses ads, and much more
  • Understand which premium ad options are available and how to leverage them to succeed
  • Pick relevant targeting and audience settings, building custom audiences and targeting by demographics, behavior, and interests
  • Build Facebook Advertising content, learn about word limits, content guidelines, image shapes and sizes, etc.
  • Understand how to A/B test ads, use shout-outs, and hashtags

What else could you possibly need?

Go for it!


For €517, you can enjoy this unforgettable and hyper-intensive day, filled with new learnings and a whole lotta Facebook Ads info!

List of the Best Free Facebook Ads Guides

Ready to check my list of the very best Facebook Ads Guides?

Let’s start!

1. Facebook Ads Guide

facebook ads guide

The first guide I’m gonna tell you about was created by the motherload:


This means this guide is more than legit.

What can you learn here?

You can learn how to:

  • Set up a page, understand the idea of messaging, and grow your audience
  • Understand what are the ad formats available on Facebook Ads
  • Play with Video on Facebook Ads, drawing the crowds by using motion and sound
  • Use images to drive users to destination sites or use apps with high-quality visuals to engage and attract
  • Get your audience to feel like shopping by learning to display items from your own product catalog, which is actually customized for each user
  • Boost the post-engagement to get more comments, shares, photo views and those amazing likes
  • Promote offers and discounts, designing your ads so they appear as a video, a carousel or an image
  • Play with lead generation ads to collect important information about people who are ready to dive into your business!

What else could you possibly want?

Go for it!

2. The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Advertising

adespresso facebook

AdEspresso doesn’t play around!

These guys know a whole lot about the Facebook Ads platform and that’s why you can’t miss this guide!

Here, you’ll understand how to:

  • Get started with Facebook Ads
  • Use Facebook Ads Manager
  • Setup a Facebook Ads campaign
  • Create Facebook ad images and messages
  • Manage and review your Facebook Ads

This guide has eight hyper-complete and juicy chapters, which means you can skip some parts you’re already acquainted with and jump to the chapter you’re missing!

Are you a beginner who wants to grow your business using Facebook Ads?

Don’t have enough money to spend on a Facebook Ads Course?

Then “The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Advertising” is the way to go!

3. The Complete, Always-Updated Guide to Facebook Advertising

buffer facebook guide

4 chapters teeming with remarkably updated information about Facebook Ads?

Who can say no to that?

Buffer is the platform all social media managers know about which means it’d be a mistake for you to not read this powerful guide!

Here, the Buffer squad will allow you to:

  • Get an introduction to Facebook Ads
  • Give you the pros and cons of Facebook Ads
  • Learn how to move around the dashboard of Facebook Ads
  • Know the 11 different types of Facebook Ads
  • Increase the conversion on your site
  • Get installs on your app
  • Increase the engagement on your app
  • Reach folks near your business
  • Get offer claims with ease
  • Get more video views
  • Collect business leads
  • Pick the right audience for Facebook Ads
  • Set a budget for your Facebook Ad
  • And a whole lot more!

A free guide containing more than 8,000 words about Facebook Ads?

You’ve gotta check it out now!

4. Facebook Advertising Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

facebook neil patel guide

Neil Patel is the affiliate marketing gift that keeps on giving!

That must be why he’s also got a wicked Facebook Advertising Guide for you guys to check!

Ready to learn everything about the world’s favorite online advertising channel?

Here, Neil will allow you to:

  • Understand why Facebook Ads is the best choice for you
  • Get a Facebook Advertising Overview
  • Check 3 awesome case studies of successful Facebook Ads advertisers
  • Setup your first Facebook Ads campaign
  • Create a budget
  • Create a fan page
  • Create your ad set, your first ad, and play with A/B testing
  • Expand your reach with Facebook Ads

These are 10.000 magnificent words filled with concrete advice, real case studies, and the best tips coming straight outta the mind of the coolest online marketing master of them all.

It’s all free and accessible to every single human!


Learn more about Facebook Ads with Neil Patel!

5. Facebook Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

kissmetrics facebook guide

The Kissmetrics blog is at it again!

These guys have some of the most informative guides out there and it’s no surprise that they managed to create a comprehensive Facebook Ads guide.

What can you learn here, you ask?

You can get to know how to:

  • Market on Facebook
  • Study your stats and results
  • Perform targeted advertising
  • Understand the different types of Facebook Ads
  • Customize your ads

If you’re a true green, newbie, super beginner affiliate, this must be the place where you start to do your thing.

This guide is the shortest one of them all and for a good reason:

This is the trampoline from whence you start jumping your way to the top of Facebook Ads success!

Use this Facebook Ads Guide like an honors student, reach deep inside all the pockets of info you can access here, and then get ready to move on to some of the more challenging and complete guides I’ve shared above!


That’s it for my list of the best Facebook Advertising Courses and Guides of the year!

First, you should start by checking the guides, which pack a lot of useful info and will give you some initial notions of how to go about setting up your campaign on Facebook Ads.

Later on, once you’ve already gotten the hang of it, you can spend those hard-earned bucks and dive into the paid courses so that you can effectively become a Facebook Ads master!

Make it rain like it’s insane!


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