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Google AdWords Training: List of the Best Courses and Guides in 2018


Google AdWords is one of the most effective ways for you to make your products and brands more popular in the web space.

By accessing the platform and learning the ropes, you’ll be able to make money like there’s no tomorrow.

But what about knowledge?

How can you learn how to make money on Google AdWords?

No worries!

Time for me to show you the very best Google AdWords Courses, Guides and Tutorials in 2018!

What is Google AdWords?

You’re now wondering:

What is Google AdWords?

doubtful man

To put it shortly, Google AdWords is an online advertising program created by none other than the world’s most respected and best-loved tech giant.

It basically allows both companies and users to effectively advertise and reach audiences that are actually interested in the services and products they offer on Google’s Search Network as well as a whole network of partner websites.

Wanna know more about Google AdWords?

Check this Google AdWords Overview!

Why Should You Explore Google AdWords?

There are many reasons why you should explore Google AdWords.

The main one is that Google AdWords is relatively affordable if you happen to compare it with other advertising methods (paid, of course.)

Moreover, Google AdWords allows you to take advantage of an array of cool tools that effectively help you create campaigns.

man with computer

Last but not least, Google AdWords also gives you the chance to access a plethora of documentation which means you’ll get to learn how to actually create better campaigns.


Prepared to dive into the best Google AdWords tutorials and guides for online marketing enthusiasts?

Let’s go!

Best Google AdWords Courses in 2018


Check the Best Google AdWords Courses you must try in 2018!

1. Lynda Course: Google AdWords Essential Training

google adwords essential training

By now, you must have somehow become acquainted with Lynda.com

This is a powerhouse of online info and it’s got some of the best courses for online marketers.

Their Google AdWords Essential Training will actually allow you to:

  • Get many more visitors reaching your website
  • Get more value for your PPC spend
  • Know how Google AdWords works
  • Set up a new AdWords account
  • Research keywords to make sure your ads rock
  • Use Google Analytics to monitor ad performance

And much more!

Ready to learn how to measure ROI on Google AdWords?

Prepared to understand how to use ad extensions and create an awesome remarketing campaign?

Then this is the way to go!


Basic Plan: it costs €14.95 and it allows you to watch on your computer, tablet, phone or TV.

Premium Plan: for €24.95, you’ll get everything you’d have with the Basic Plan plus some Project Files to get to practice what you learn and the chance of Offline viewing!

It allows you to access your progress with amazing quizzes and cancel anytime during the first 30 days for free.

2. WordStream PPC University

ppc university

PPC stands for Pay-per-Click.

Mastering this pricing model means you master AdWords.

This university is actually brought to you by none other than some wicked master PPC experts who work at WordStream.

This is a super messy topic and there’s a whole lot of erroneous info out there.

That’s why this university is here to help you out!

What can you learn here?

You’ll get FREE AdWords Training in three different courses:

  • PPC Basics
  • AdWords Optimization Best Practices
  • Advanced AdWords Strategies

Each of these incredibly insightful lessons is gonna be filled with amazing tips for PPC.

These guys don’t stop there, though:

They’ll also allow you to explore some wicked PPC tools that will effectively help you hone your skills and evolve into a powerful AdWords master player.

Wanna know some of the things you’ll learn?

Here they are:

  • What is PPC?
  • The importance of Keywords
  • How to set up an AdWords account
  • How to create a great PPC account structure
  • What is Ad Text optimization
  • What is Conversion Tracking
  • Remarketing
  • Geotargeting and local PPC

And so much more you’ll get dizzy with impeccable knowledge!


PPC University is free!

Go for it!

3. Udemy AdWords 101: The Beginner’s Guide to AdWords

adwords udemy

Perfectly tailored to those of you who are starting to experience the Google AdWords mojo, Udemy’s course will allow you to setup and optimize your account in style.

This course will actually provide some step-by-step instructions so that you can setup your campaign and get that paid search performance looking real sweet.

What will you learn, you ask?

Here it is:

  • How AdWords works
  • How to go about creating an account
  • How to optimize AdWords to improve performance

This course is short and sweet, since it’ll take you about 90 quick minutes to complete.


What will you pay for this quick course that’ll allow you to get the basics of Google AdWords?


It’s free so get going and dive into it right now!

4. Udemy Course: The Ultimate Google AdWords Course 2017

ultimate google adwords udemy

Before, I gave you a basic course.

Now, I’m bringing the big guns!

This is the cream of the crop!

This is the course that’ll teach you how to drive traffic to your website or landing page, use conversion tracking to determine the value of your ad campaigns, monetize daily searches on Google, boost sales to your website and much more!

Described by thousands of satisfied students as one of the best Google AdWords trainings out there, this is where you’ll get to:

  • Understand the theories behind online advertising success
  • Get to know what keywords are all about and how to use them well
  • Learn how to track sales, form submissions and revenue using AdWords
  • A/B test your ads for max efficiency
  • Monitor the performance of your AdWords campaign on a daily basis

And so much more it’d be impossible to cover!


What will you pay for this incredible opportunity?


This includes 18.5 hours of on-demand video, 5 articles, full LIFETIME access, and a certificate of completion to boot.


Explore this training for AdWords!

5. Academy for Ads

academy for ads

What if you could learn everything you need to know about Google AdWords by checking a bunch of awesome AdWords articles created by Google?

The icing on the cake, it seems!


That’s Academy for Ads!

This is where you’ll be able to get some knowledge straight from the source.

What to do?

When you reach the page, just click on “New here? Get started.”

Then, what?

Navigate, evolve, learn, and get to know every detail about Google AdWords.

This platform is updated on a regular basis and it allows you to learn anything that’s remotely related to AdWords step-by-step.

These guys even give you short modules, explaining how long it will take for you to read and assimilate the info.

The goal?

For you to be able to understand how long it can take you to go through an entire course.

At the end of each specific course, you’ll get to go through an exam and get your certification.

What to do?

Rock each specific module, learn like a pro, go through the exam, and get all the Google AdWords certifications you’ll need.


The ability to learn every single possible AdWords detail can only come with a hefty price.


Is that what you think?

No way!

It’s entirely, utterly, and totally free.

Who said mastering AdWords was gonna be expensive?

Best Google AdWords Guides in 2018


Is it over yet?

Yes, but only the first part!

Now that I’ve told you about the best Google AdWords tutorials and certifications, it’s time for you to dive into the world of guides!


Check my list of the best Google AdWords Guides in 2018!

1. Neil Patel’s Google AdWords Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

neil patel google adwords

Neil Patel isn’t only a popular online blogger:

He’s an essential source of knowledge for AdWords!

In this guide, Neil doesn’t pull any punches and gives you the whole AdWords juice.

By reading this regularly updated guide, you’ll get to:

  • Learn how to use Google AdWords
  • Understand how the platform works
  • Set up your very first campaign
  • Calculate your AdWords campaign budget
  • Select a specific keyword
  • Check the competition to always be learning

And a whole lot more!


I’m talking about more than 10.000 words filled with the info you need to create a Google AdWords campaign like a pro!

This guide should be super expensive, since Neil gives away so many crucial tips for Google AdWords.

But guess what?

It’s free!

No excuses!

Get your Google AdWords education today!

2. WordStream’s 6 Steps to Building a Brilliant Paid Search Account Structure

word stream google adwords

Another WordStream contribution!

This time, I offer you a guide that’s gonna completely blow your mind.

This is the Google AdWords article you must check if you want to learn how to explore the platform like a true pro.

Here, you’ll get to know:

  • How important it is to get your Google AdWords structure right
  • The importance of a well-performed keyword research
  • The need to focus on relevance, why and how to respect the character limit, and the necessity to direct to your most relevant landing page
  • How to create a budget that allows you to do your thing in style

Filled with helpful images which really allow you to hone new skills, this is the guide you need to succeed!

Go for it, bro!

Get the Google AdWords tips you need!

3. HubSpot – How to Use Google AdWords: A Simple Setup Tutorial

hubspot google adwords

HubSpot is a credible and super insightful source of knowledge for any online marketer who wants to make a mark.

This means that it’s no surprise that they’ve got such a well-written guide that clearly allows you to learn everything you need.

This super detailed guide is here to teach you how to:

  • Create a Keyword List
  • Use the Keyword Tool on AdWords
  • Create a Google AdWords Campaign
  • Get your Bidding and Budget just right
  • Customize your campaign by playing with the Advanced Settings

What else could you possibly need?

If you don’t have the time needed to go through a lengthy course, there’s nothing better than for you to check this guide!

Learn how to create a Google AdWords campaign like a master!

4. Kissmetrics – How to Create a Profitable Google AdWords Campaign (from Scratch)

kissmetrics google adwords

Kissmetrics’s wonderful blog is always packed with great info for online marketing beginners and more advanced players.

In this Google AdWords guide, you’ll get to check an article so well-researched and impeccably made that part of you will feel insanely jealous!

What will you learn in this guide for Google AdWords, you ask?

You’ll learn to:

  • Understand customer demand and to tailor your ads accordingly
  • Get competitor intelligence to learn the ropes
  • Create an offer that’s impossible to refuse
  • Make compelling ads like it’s no big deal
  • Structure your landing pages for max results

Ready to explore this online marketing guide for monetization enthusiasts?

Get going!

Bonus Tip: AdWords Help

A Bonus Tip?


The Mobidea Academy really is a gift that keeps on giving!

Remember when I showed you a platform created by Google that will allow you to learn straight outta the source?

This isn’t much different!

AdWords Help is one of the best websites for Google AdWords explorers.

adwords help


Because this page is packed full of incredible knowledge that YOU KNOW is backed by Google’s finest minds and brightest engineers.

What can you learn?

Here, you’ll get to:

  • Understand how to set up a campaign
  • Get the basics of Google AdWords
  • Manage ads
  • Understand the concept of billing
  • Measure your results

Each specific theme is divided into many important lessons you must learn.

Which means what?

That the fact that you’re still reading this Mobidea Academy post is now stressful to me.

Go ahead and dive into a veritable source of AdWords knowledge!


That’s it, brother!

If Google AdWords was a planet, you’d just been given a complete list of all the countries you must explore.

From the very best certificates to the coolest guides, this is all the info you need to take your pick, dedicate yourself to educating your brain, and get started on Google AdWords like it’s no biggie.


Explore Google AdWords after checking these guides and courses, and then just go ahead and celebrate your money-making existence!

king with crown

It’s your time to shine!

Go for it!


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