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Nelson Nascimento

Affiliates Director

Nelson was still a kid when he joined Mobidea in 2013 as a Media Buyer. After four years of pure dedication and gallons of coffee, he is now Affiliates Director.

He manages an amazing team of Account Managers, you know, those guys that will help you make more money. His main goal is to give all the tools and data to his team so they can help you even better and provide the best service possible to all Mobidea affiliates.

Outside of work, he is a normal bloke: he likes to play football, visit interesting places, have some drinks (alcohol-free always, he swears) with his friends and watch/read inspirational stuff about management.

What else does he like? Smart people, a good cup of tea and hip hop music.

He also enjoys spending time in his small village, where he can finally provide his pacemaker some earned moments of quiet peace.

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