6WAMC Webinar

6WAMC Webinar: Nelson’s Awesome Commentary


You know that the Mobidea Crew was part of an amazing webinar.

I was honored to be there and I had a blast.

Wanna know more about it and check a FULL video of my participation at the end?

Let’s start!

What it was All About

On this webinar, Joshua and I spoke about some very important topics for newbies:

How to work with Popunders and Beginner’s Mistakes to avoid.

In fact, these are two very important topics for any newbie who’s getting started in affiliate marketing.

What I Talked About

I tried to summarize the most important mistakes that new media buyers tend to do.

It’s perfectly normal to make mistakes when we’re learning but it’s also very important to actually learn from them.

On the workshop, I gathered a bunch of wrong moves done by me, Mobidea’s Media Buying team, and our Media Buying affiliates.

And on this webinar I only showed a small part of it.

The complete list of mistakes can be checked in the Mobidea Academy.

You can start with part one and move on to the next parts to find all the silly mistakes you can easily avoid.

You can also check Mobidea Academy’s Learning Paths section to be effectively taught by articles written by remarkable experts.

On the 6WAMC workshop, I tried to focus my participation on those specific mistakes which can really have a tremendous impact on your media buying journey.

I also tried to give some real examples about each one of them.

6WAMC Webinar: My Opinion

I think the webinar was very interesting.

It gave very important inputs for media buying newbies.

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Of course it’s impossible to speak about everything but we gave a good baseline for any newbie to start in this business.

You need to be aware that you need to take some risks in order to succeed in this competitive business.

As an introduction, Eric from iStack clearly explained it:

You need to lose money, and test several things that will fail to work.

You’ll fail but – with the correct mindset, tools and skills – you will reach the positive ROI that every potential Media Buyer is looking for.

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I liked the fact that the audience were curious.

They asked relevant questions, which showed me the public was qualified and super interested.

I’m sure that several of these enthusiastic attendees will go on to become big players in the business.

And I hope this will happen with the help of Mobidea!

Ready for the video?

Here it is!


There you have it!

I hope you guys enjoyed this master class.

It’s all about learning, doing it, failing, learning from the failures, and never ceasing to have a determined mentality.

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