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Adam Riemer Interview

1. Introduce Yourself

My name is Adam.

I’ve been working in digital marketing since the mid 90s.

I’ve been doing it professionally since the early 2000s.

My core focus has always been on SEO, as well as affiliate and monetization strategy.

person with money

It’s what I enjoy doing.

My biggest strength is overall digital strategy and revenue based marketing.

2. Daily Motivation

Creating the lifestyle that I want and being able to provide better lives for others because of it.

I was going crazy seeing people who didn’t have jobs or couldn’t find them because of situations they were in.

I decided to help, so they could begin to relax and enjoy their lives.

3. Which Tools do You Use?

This sounds lame but I use a pen and paper and Outlook’s calendar with 15-minute reminders.

Every Sunday, I write a list of what I need to accomplish that specific week.

person writing

I also create a section for each weekday where I add new tasks for that day.

If it isn’t all completed, the week won’t be done for me.

4. Easiest Product to Sell Online

All products and services are easy to sell.

It’s all about getting the right traffic to the content.

Someone needs to know what part is needed to fix XYZ or how to quiet a blue widget.

If you have the top-ranking video or website and you can explain how the product will fix it and show where to buy it, you have a good chance of making the sale.

5. Most Profitable Vertical in Affiliate Marketing?

There isn’t one.

It’s whatever you’re good at driving traffic to and selling.

It could be designer clothing, a diet pill, or even a game for a phone.

Whatever you have a talent for finding a strong audience for will be your profitable vertical.

6. Favorite Field of Marketing

Affiliate marketing and link acquisition.

They are both ever-evolving fields.

They allow you to create some really cool content pieces that could go viral.

person using megaphone

Watching something get 50K pins or its 100,000th view and up to 1,000,000 is always awesome.

Then, doing the data analysis from the links, etc… that came from it is an additional bonus that lifts your spirits, goals and makes you more determined to beat your old record.

7. Essential SEO Tips

Provide a fast, relevant, and easy-to-use site.

Avoid branding until you have clearly and easily stated what the person will experience by being on your website and make sure your content, page and your entire site uses best practices from IT, content, and links.

Also, we’re now in or will soon be in a very mobile and voice first world.

You should get rid of the high resolution images for web.

hands woman laptop notebook

They are not needed for a phone and will actually slow your site.

8. Should People be Afraid of Building Backlinks?


That would be an irrational fear.

They should be afraid of building bad links.

They should be afraid of the companies that do that.

9. The Best Practices for Building Backlinks

Building good content and letting them come naturally.

That still means you have to do the work of pushing the content out to news stations, influential people who have a following that gets coverage, etc.

If you get a piece of clothing on Lady Gaga and you’re a fashion brand, bloggers, etc. may give you the links saying “sunglasses by”, or “shirt by”, etc.

woman with sunglasses

That’s an extreme example but each city has a local scene style, local sites and there are ways to do this at a national and international level.

The other trick is knowing what is good content and what is bad content.

Most people and companies think they make really good and engaging material.

The majority I see when auditing needs some redesigns.

The trick is actually thinking about the audience looking at the product, not making it about what you want.

10. Is SEO Important for Affiliates?


Part of SEO is creating a quick and easy-to-use site.

This will impact conversions from other channels such as media buying.

When you’re spending money on media, you’ll also be in front of potential backlink opportunities.

By knowing how to use that to your advantage and building a strong site structure around it, you can optimize pages which you wouldn’t have been able to rank without.

11. Most Important Skills

Realizing that you never know everything.

There are always smarter people who are better than you.

You should also think about setting up a support network of people you trust, not just people who are successful.

Some of the people I get advice from are people you’d typically think may be unsuccessful because they work an hourly job or don’t make much.

But those same people have a lot of life lessons that can prove to be valuable.

The other thing is to ignore the success of others.

Focus on yourself.

Your own goals.

fierce look

You can use those other guys as inspiration, but if they’ve succeeded, you won’t compete unless you can take the strategies they’ve used and make it all better.

Then again, if they were helping you and showing you their strategies, it would make you a bad person to take that and try to beat them where they make their money.

That’s not cool at all.

12. How does a Perfect Affiliate Manager Look Like?

If they can meet the goals of your company, then they’re perfect.

That’s different across the board, though.

For me, it is quick turnarounds for my affiliate partners, constantly updated landing pages and creatives for them to use, providing them with tools they may not have known about and building a high level of top funnel traffic that my clients wouldn’t have had without the affiliate.

13. Affiliate Trends for 2018

I’m not sure.

I’m excited to see more affiliates starting to use augmented reality and voice search as these products become more affordable.

virtual reality

Affiliates who can code may begin building progressive web apps as opposed to a standard site.

As these things progress, we can see them taking over the SERPs from slower-moving brands.

14. Where Can People Find You?

The easiest way is through my blog at

You can also come find me at a trade show or join one of the programs I manage.

You can find them by following the blog!

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