[Case Study] Mobile Content Offer + ProPush: 40% of Campaign Profit

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Founded back in 2019, ProPush has quickly climbed the ranks and established itself as one of the most innovative push services out there.

Known for its ability to increase revenue without hampering the user experience, ProPush is an ideal solution for affiliates and webmasters alike.

Let’s dive deep into one of the many cases where ProPush helped a marketer increase profits by 40%.

Setting the Stage

First, let’s go over some key details to help set the stage for the case study.

To start, the marketer used a Giveaway offer. This user also tested other offers live to see if they would perform better than the original.

PropellerAds was the traffic source and ProPush was used to maximize notification opportunities.

How does it work?

After the advertiser added the ProPush tag to his landing page, users began seeing an opt-in request. Upon subscription, these users started receiving relevant push alerts that never spoilt the main offer’s flow.

The marketer also used Bemob for tracking to track the campaign’s pop-under traffic, which covered Tier-2 and Tier-3 GEOs.

The marketer’s goal was to generate more revenue from an offer that yielded less than $1 per conversion:

“I wanted to increase my earnings. Since testing new offers can be costly, ProPush ensures that I won’t exhaust my entire testing budget.”

  • Traffic Source: PropellerAds (Check Mobidea Academy’s PropellerAds review)
  • Additional Monetization Platform: ProPush for additional monetization (Check Mobidea Academy’s ProPush review)
  • Tracking: BeMob (Check Mobidea Academy’s BeMob review)
  • Type of Offer: Giveaway + Mobile Content
  • Offer Payout: < $1
  • GEOs: Tier 2 and Tier 3
  • Goal: To assess the potential impact of ProPush on his earnings
  • Traffic: Popunder

The Main Goal

This marketer had a relatively successful campaign still in the early stages, but was faced with an extremely common challenge: after a certain period, offers would lose momentum and the profits would significantly decrease.

While this occurred, this marketer wanted to have something in place that would keep the profit margin high, even while testing new offers.

He had reservations about ProPush — namely that the code would have a negative effect on the CTR and overall revenue.

To overcome this obstacle, the marketer performed simultaneous tests with duplicate landing pages to find the best setup.

Campaign Launch

Day 1

Although the marketer prepared for an impact, he was pleasantly surprised that the ProPush tag didn’t affect user behavior.

The CTR remained high and the ROI maintained its performance while ProPush shined on its debut. On the first day, the marketer registered a profit of $1.979 with a 17.41% conversion rate, which is a great start.

Day 2

On the second day, conversion rates remained steady and the return on income also seemed unaffected.

Day 3

Things slowed down by the third day due to the areas that were being targeted. But, at this point, ProPush showed its value as its earnings covered the testing budget. Moreover, after seven days, the counting stats showed a rise in profits, ultimately validating the implementation of ProPush.

Campaign Optimization

Day 4

After 30 days, the marketer was ecstatic. The ProPush campaign showed a boost in revenue. The ROI and CTR were slightly affected in the long run, but the revenue significantly increased, making the shift a positive one.

A month into the campaign, the results were notable. ProPush on its own generated $308.21 on a 13.37% conversion rate, proving once again its ability to open up a new revenue stream.

“Will I recommend people to use ProPush?

To my surprise, it didn’t impact my CTR as I expected, and the ROI turned out to be quite satisfactory. I’ll continue testing and expanding to more GEOs, eventually implementing push on all my landings.”

Taking Your Campaign to the Next Level with ProPush

As you can see in this case study, ProPush is an awesome addition for both webmasters and affiliates, which is the reason why it’s earned such a good reputation.

Though it may require testing and adjusting, ProPush supports great landing page performance. The best part is that this monetization option provides yet another revenue stream regardless of your setup.

Many expect ProPush to become part of every affiliate’s toolkit because it can increase profits, ensure a steady income, and allows the rest of your campaigns to run smoothly.

Try ProPush and check it yourself!