ProPush Review: Earn More from Your Traffic with Push Notifications

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You’ve worked hard to get traffic to your website or app, but how do you make sure you’re earning all you can from that traffic?

It’s no secret that publishers are always looking for ways to increase their revenue. And it’s especially tough when you’re working with a limited budget. What else can you do aside from optimizing your ad campaigns to improve your ROI?

There are a few different ways that affiliates and webmasters can earn more from the traffic that comes to their websites or landing pages, and one of them is by getting users to subscribe to push notification ads. This ProPush review will help you learn more about earning from push notifications.

ProPush is a network that helps website owners earn more money online with the help of push notification subscriptions.

In this article, we’ll talk about how ProPush can help you earn money from push subscriptions and even increase the revenue from your media buying campaigns!

Let’s get right down to it.

What is ProPush?

ProPush is a network built to help affiliates monetize traffic by using push subscriptions or simply make more money with their primary CPA offers.

It was built in late 2019 by Propeller Ads, a well-known ad network that also sells push traffic. ProPush was designed to streamline traffic monetization using push subscriptions. It also provides a variety of easy revenue possibilities from the same traffic.

What kind of traffic is accepted?

ProPush accepts all types of traffic, including organic and paid. SEO, SEM, pop, domain redirects, etc.—these are all accepted.

However, ProPush will not allow pages that contain any of these:

  • adult content
  • copyrighted brands and illegal content
  • violence
  • aggressive tactics
  • tech support

Of course, traffic that is also from bots and fraud activities is not allowed.

Also, you should not purchase push notification ads traffic from elsewhere and send them to your landing pages or websites to collect push subscriptions.

Two Ways to Earn from ProPush

There are two ways by which you can monetize your traffic on ProPush. These are:

1. Push Subscriber Collection

You’ve probably seen them before—those little ads that appear on your phone or computer screen, seemingly out of nowhere. They’re called push notification ads, and they can be a powerful marketing tool if used correctly.

Push notification ads are sent directly to a user’s device, and they can be used to promote special offers, new products, or even just to raise awareness about your brand. They show up on Windows, Mac, and Android devices.

With push notification ads, the user does not need to be actively browsing a website or using an app to be shown. They pop up as a message on the user’s device, which is why users need to “allow” the service to send them notifications.

Once a user clicks on the “Allow” button in the push subscription window, he becomes a push subscriptions subscriber.

Extra Monetization Option

So if you’re earning from ads on your website or driving traffic to your landing page for affiliate offers, you can make as much as 35% more from your traffic!

ProPush Smart tag works with another offer of almost all verticals (adult and offers targeted for subscriptions are forbidden). However, based on experience, it works best with Sweepstakes, Betting, iGaming, eCommerce, Dating, Utilities (App Installs), and Finance.

Plus, it won’t disrupt the main conversion flow, so you won’t have to worry about the push subscription prompt to change your conversion rates.

Two Payment Flows for Push Subscription Collection

There are two ways for you to earn from push notifications with ProPush, and these are through:

  • Revenue Share – ProPush pays for push notifications delivered to a user’s subscribers database. The income depends directly on the quality and GEOs of traffic and it increases dynamically with the number of subscribers that a user’s traffic brings.

creating smart tag in propush

  • Pay Per Subscriber (CPS) – You are paid a fixed amount for every subscriber that you bring to ProPush. The price per subscriber depends on the geolocation, platform, and time of subscription.

You can find more information on the updated rates within the ProPush dashboard. Below is a sample table of cost per subscriber rates:

cps rates in propush

Based on the table above, if you get a thousand push subscribers who are Android users from New Zealand, you’ll earn 140 bucks! Rates for Tier 1 countries usually go above $100 per thousand subscriptions. That’s a pretty sweet deal!

2. TrafficBack

So what if the viewer did not subscribe to push notifications? Does that mean you’ll no longer earn from this traffic?

Well, if you won’t be using the traffic for anything else (like for a different offer or for ad arbitration), then you can enable Trafficback.

TrafficBack works by sending your traffic to a new offer right after the user subscribes or rejects the push notification subscription.

The user shall be taken to any offer from Propeller Ads’ advertisers.

ProPush will show the user a different offer if:

  • the user closes the subscription window or swipes it away on mobile,
  • the user is an active subscriber already, or
  • the user comes from the unsupported target (OS, platform, and browser)

With this monetization option, you can earn from 100% of your traffic!

Benefits of Working with ProPush Over Other Push Subscription Networks

You may be thinking that there may be other push ad networks that offer the same manner of earning such as ProPush.

You may be thinking that there may be other push ad networks that offer the same manner of earning, such as ProPush.

Yes, that’s true.

But why should you choose ProPush over others? Here are 7 reasons:

#1 Accurate Reporting

ProPush offers more detailed reports on your traffic and earnings. You can easily track your earnings and performance with their accurate reporting system.

The dashboard shows you your profit, traffic volume (pre-requests and impressions), conversion rate (subscription rate), CPM, and more.

You’ll also know the number of new subscribers, unsubscribers, and total subscribers.

Finally, you can see which countries, zones, operating systems, ad formats, sites, and source IDs are performing well and adjust your traffic accordingly.

The reporting system is updated in real-time, so you can always check on your latest stats.

#2 High Rates

One of the things that make Propush appealing is that their CPC rates are pretty high, as you can see in the sample table of rates we showed above.

Keep in mind that the rates are subject to change. You should regularly check the Rates tab in your dashboard for an updated list.

#3 Referral Program

If you know someone who is interested in earning more from their traffic, you can refer them to Propush. Its referral program offers 5% of your referral’s revenue for life!

propush referral program

#4 Postback Availability

ProPush also has a postback URL feature wherein you can get data on conversions, leads, and sales. This is useful for optimizing your campaigns and adjusting your paid traffic sources.

With this, you’ll be able to monitor your traffic’s performance together with all your other media buying campaigns. You can set up the Postback using your favourite tracker.

With the use of ProPush’s postback traffic, you’ll know which source converts well so you can focus on driving more traffic from that source.

#5 Access to API

For those who are familiar with programming, you can access ProPush’s API. This lets you integrate ProPush into your website or page and manage push subscriptions without having to log in to the dashboard every time.

The API is also helpful for those who want to automate some processes, such as sending messages to subscribers or managing subscriber lists. The software works by monitoring and managing data remotely based on API requests.

#6 Good Company Background

ProPush is operated by Propeller Ads, a well-known advertising company in the online marketing industry. Propeller Ads has been around since 2011 and has since then helped thousands of advertisers reach their target audiences and earn revenue.

With billions of ad impressions monthly, Propeller Ads is one of the largest advertising networks in the world.

ProPush is a relatively new product from Propeller Ads, but it is already receiving good feedback from users. It is as reliable as its mother company and you can be confident that it will not disappear without paying out your balance.

#7 Publisher Support Available 24/7

ProPush has a dedicated team of support staff that is always ready to help you with your concerns. They have a fast and reliable support system that can be accessed through live chat on their dashboard, email, or social media accounts.

You can also join their exclusive Telegram group, wherein you can ask questions, give feedback, and get updates from the ProPush team.

How to Start Earning from ProPush

If the rates displayed in the CPS table above or the mere fact that you can earn extra from the same traffic you have got you excited, then let’s discuss how you can start earning from ProPush.

It’s pretty simple, really.

Register at ProPush

This one is a no-brainer. Head over to ProPush and sign up for an account. Approval is usually instant.

propush homepage

Familiarize Yourself with the Dashboard

Before you start adding the ProPush code to your web pages, I suggest you familiarize yourself with the platform’s dashboard first.

statistics page in propush account

The most important parts of the dashboard are as follows:

  • Statistics – This is where you’ll be able to see how your traffic is doing. You’ll see important data such as how many subscribed for the day, how many ad impressions your current subscribers received, how much profit you’ve earned, and more.
  • Sites – This page is where you can get the code to add to your website or landing pages. As of the moment, ProPush allows you to add up to three sites by default. If you need more, you would have to reach out to the support team.
  • Rates – This is where you’ll find information on how much each subscription is worth to you on a particular day. Keep in mind that these rates are subject to change.
  • Earnings – This page shows you how much you’ve earned for a particular date range.

Get Your Push Subscription Prompt Code

Now, this is where we start setting up push notification subscription prompts on your website and landing pages.

Step 1: Go to the Sites Page

Click on Sites on the left pane of the dashboard.

adding a new site in propush

As previously mentioned, you can set up a maximum of 3 sites before you can request more (which is still subject to approval). As such, we recommend you enroll domains instead of individual pages, even when enrolling landing pages.

Step 2: Add Source

The Source is the page (or group of pages) that will display the push notification subscription prompt, which looks like this:

push notification permission message

On the Sites page, click on Add Source.

adding a source in propush

Step 3: Choose between Website or Landing Page

Choose either website or landing page as the source. If you’re a media buyer and you send paid traffic to individual landing pages, choose landing page. Otherwise, choose Website.

choosing the monetization source in propush

Step 4: Add your URL

Place the URL of your website or landing page on the next page. To avoid rejection, make sure you follow the requirements for an acceptable landing page or website, which you can find here.

adding a new landing page in propush

Approval takes anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of days. Based on my own experience, my websites and landing pages get approved within the hour.

Step 5: Add a file to your Website or Landing Page

Once your source is approved, you will then be asked to upload a file to the root directory of your website.

Once you’ve completed this, click on the “Verify uploading” button.

checking if website or landing page is verified in propush

The button will turn green and show “Verified” if all is well.

Step 6: Add Smart Tag Code to your website or landing page

After verification, you can proceed to the next step, which is adding the code.

You can set up Postback to track your subscriptions, and Trafficback to earn extra (which we already discussed above).

setting up a new postback on propush

A Postback URL allows you to monitor the traffic that comes into your website or landing page and which among them converts into a conversion (in this case, a subscription). You can do this with the help of a third-party tracker.

Once you enable the Postback, you will be asked to fill out the details in a pop-up window.


generating a new postback url in propush

You can then click on “Generate new Postback URL,” which you will then place in your tracking platform.


Now, a third-party ad tracker system is not a requirement. After all, ProPush has its own reporting dashboard, which provides ample information for the account holders regarding their earnings.

However, if you run multiple media buying campaigns and would like to see how each campaign earns extra for push notifications, then it’s a good idea to link them to your tracker.

The next thing to do is to get the Smart Tag Code and paste it within the head tag of your landing page or website.

propush html tag code

This code triggers the file you uploaded earlier and will show this prompt below when users surf your website or view your page.

push notification permission message

And that’s it! Your page will now show push notification subscription prompts to your viewers.

Frequently Asked Questions on Using ProPush

By now, I’m sure you’re pretty excited to get started. But before you do, here are the answers to some of the most common questions on ProPush that you should know.

How do I get paid from ProPush?

ProPush pays its affiliates through multiple payment options, including Skrill, WebMoney, PayPal, and Payoneer. The minimum payout is $100, and payments are made on a NET30 basis. This means that you’ll get paid 30 days after the end of the month in which you generated the revenue.

For example, if you generate $100 worth of revenue in January, you will get paid on March 1st. If you don’t reach the $100 minimum, your earnings will be carried over to the next month.

If you receive more than 10,000 unique users a day, you can get bumped to weekly payout frequency.

If you have any questions about ProPush or need help getting started, feel free to reach out to their support team. You can also check out their FAQ and Quick Start guide for more information.


In conclusion, ProPush is a great platform that can help you monetize your traffic and earn more revenue in more ways than one. With its accurate reporting system and access to API, you can easily track your performance and make adjustments to your campaigns as needed.

We hope this ProPush review is able to push you towards a higher earning potential. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and start earning!