It’s time for the Grand finale of the Mobidea AWE Talks! You might not know that, but Codewise are the masterminds behind Voluum and Zeropark, and Mat is their business engine! He’s here with a ton to say to all ya’ll!

True veterans of affiliate marketing, the Codewise crew has been in the game since 2013! And a lotta things happened since then.

Remember when affiliate marketing was all about pops? And now it’s increasingly more about native, CPA on Facebook and Google! He’s seen it all!

Newbies, better listen to his epic tried and tested advice. As for the pros around here: Mat’s got news that are gonna make your day (direct tracking pixel, anyone?).

Listen up and get to know how they made it to only 5 minutes of downtime per year, if machine learning is their next big thing and what’s the one mistake that every single newbie makes no matter what.

Still here, bro?

Check the interview!