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Clickadu Review: A Comprehensive Analysis

Clickadu: Overview

That’s right: another ad network is about to be explored, which means we can add Clickadu to our list of awesome ad network reviews!

Today, we’ll go through another popular traffic source for your media buying campaigns so stay tuned to this Clickadu Review!

Founded in 2014, Clickadu has already got more than 4500 active affiliates monetizing their adult and mainstream traffic all over the world.

When should you try it out?

When you know that your killing offer is amazing on popunder traffic since it’s the only ad format available on the platform.

Clickadu has a great smart bidding system called SmartCPA.

It was introduced in December of 2016 so you know it’s pretty recent.

In fact, an Auto-Algorithm will allow you to save money in the long term by first testing the best combinations and audience fits and only then charging for the conversions you’ve made.

Regardless of the quality it claims to have, we recommend you use pre-landers to boost conversions.

A simple approach, such as with direct linking, may not really bring the effects you’re hoping for!

Clickadu offers a variety of segments to choose from.

However, after testing, we were waiting for more and faster results in terms of higher CR.

Still, the volumes are decent which means you’re definitely gonna find your niche here!

As far as user experience is concerned, both the website and the platform are extremely clear and easy to navigate.

Indeed, finding all the necessary info won’t be hard for you at all!

In case you’ve got any doubts or experience any troublesome issues, the support is really fast (10 seconds of response time, which is impressive!)

In fact, you won’t wait long for an answer and you’ll probably be assigned to an Account Manager straight away.

That Account Manager is gonna quickly add you on Skype and then you can talk it over!

Your Account Manager is a crucial part of your Clickadu experience.

This really is the person you need to overwhelm with questions regarding traffic volumes, top-converting GEOs, and the top position bidding values before you launch a campaign.


This will help you make better decisions, especially since you can’t actually rely on the campaign edit part, as it’s not accurate when it comes to its numbers and alerts.

Clickadu Review: Campaign Creation

Clickadu’s campaign launching is simple and very intuitive.

We’ll go through all the options available to media buyers and will explore the great things and also the small bugs present on the platform.

clickadu create campaign

Now, let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

Let’s evaluate the two Pricing Models we’ve got to select from:

CPM and SmartCPA.

CPM is an easy way to understand a fixed rate CPM bidding system (you pay your bid for every 1000 impressions.)

SmartCPA is a Cost-per-Action pricing model.

With this SmartCPA option, Clickadu’s algorithm will test your campaign and offers across the most relevant websites/zones, for the targeting you’ve selected.

Since this tool is so complex, let’s make sure you understand what launching a SmartCPA campaign is all about.

As we’ve mentioned before, your campaign will begin its journey for a “Testing” period of 7 days, testing placements across your campaign target.

In the end, the campaign will resume its “working” or “stopped” status, according to the results.

This image illustrates the cycle of launching a SmartCPA campaign.

smart cpa flow clickadu

Source: Clickadu

The rule?

In case your campaign has a cool performance and has gotten signups, it’ll continue to receive traffic and keep running (you’ll keep paying for signups only.)

Even so, if – during the test period – there were no conversions, your campaign will be paused.

Even though you’ve got 0 conversions on the latter case, you’ll need to pay for the Optimization Costs – the costs of traffic that’s been used for testing purposes.

This type of campaign has a minimum cost of 50$.

Even so, the traffic source advises you not to set a budget below 100$ so that the campaign algorithm tests a relevant number of placements.

Anyway, if you notice things aren’t going your way, you can always pause the campaign.

Regarding the CPM type of campaign, the minimum budget is 10$.

Moreover, you’ve got plenty of targeting possibilities to build a great campaign:

  • Frequency + IP capping (not available on SmartCPA)
  • Country + Carrier targeting
  • Campaign schedule + Ad delivery method. Your ads will show according to your campaign’s schedule settings and more quickly afterwards, until the point where you reach your daily budget. You’ve got two methods: Distributed and Standard. The Distributed delivery method will distribute your daily budget throughout the entire day or a scheduled time period. The Standard method means the daily budget will be distributed as traffic shows up, without restrictions.)
  • Max daily budget and Total campaign budget
  • OS + OS type + OS version
  • Device types + Devices (Only iOS devices)
  • Proxy + Not Proxy + All
  • Browser + Browser language
  • Website targeting (per IDs)
  • Option to switch off traffic from Anti-Adblock zones

As you can see, some options differ depending on the chosen pricing model.

The CPA model adds another exclusive option to limit the number of impressions per website – Slice Limit.

This allows you to control what your testing campaign will do with the website targeting, making sure you won’t spend your budget on just a couple of placements.

You might ask:

“What if a high CR website is stopped because of this rule?”

Clickadu mentions that its system won’t let it happen, as it actually identifies the high-performance website and allows it to surpass the limit you’ve imposed.


You’re safe, bro!

It’s also important to refer that device targeting is not as detailed as other parameters.

It’s restrained to iOS devices only.

On the CPM campaigns, you may have noticed the traffic estimator on the sideline.

clickadu traffic estimator

Here’s a graph representing the Daily impressions vs the CPM rate for the selected target.

Just like all estimators we’ve come across in this industry, it isn’t very effective, especially since it doesn’t let you know the volumes and bid you should work with.

clickadu countries & bid

For example, on the AR – Personal – Android campaign we’ve launched, the estimator showcased that there was a maximum of 900 impressions for the 1st place.

However, only a few hours later, we received 10 times that value.

In addition, the CPM rate wasn’t updated as we contacted our Account Manager, who informed us about the top bid.

Our advice is for you to get useful information (max bid, volumes, etc.) about the campaigns you manage!

Then, you should create a media buying strategy for this GEO according to the data you’ve got, setting the perfect combo of bid, volumes, etc.

Campaign Tracking/Reporting

Clickadu’s reporting area is located on the Dashboard menu.

By clicking on a campaign, you’ll have access to the website’s data of that specific campaign.

On Clickadu’s side, that’s all the information you’ll get.

Want some of that sweet and more detailed info on devices/browsers, etc?

You’ll need a tracking software to help you out, such as the one we provide on Mobidea!

You can play with several parameters of your target  such as browser, OS versions, Devices, etc.

We strongly advise you to take advantage of those tools and match them with a tracker to get a whole lotta analytical data about your campaigns.

clickadu dashboard

The previous image shows you the Dashboard and campaign stats.

You can see that the stats are displayed per Zone ID – impressions, conversions, CPM, Cost.

On this page, you can make changes on the campaign target, to blacklist (exclude) or whitelist (include) zones, on the far right tab.

In order to make more thorough targeting changes, you’ll still need to enter the campaign’s menu and edit it there.

Besides this, on your Dashboard, you can navigate through different filters: campaign id, zone and country, and also check different time periods.

Summing up:

In order to get the best results on your campaigns, you’ll need a powerful tracking system that allows to see beyond the stats displayed on Clickadu.

Conversion Tracking


You need to set up your tracker for the SmartCPA system to work!

No worries, though!

Now that Mobidea has got remarkable tracker capabilities, it’s all super simple!


Because Clickadu is already integrated as a traffic source!

new campaign

Don’t forget to enter the AID and TID details that you can find on your Clickadu account on the “Tracking” tab.

clickadu conversion tracking

clickadu tracking domain

In case you’re using another tracking solution, make sure you send all the variables needed.


Because the results of the test phase of the SmartCPA will depend on the numbers Clickadu sees on its platform!


Another important aspect?

The possibility of choosing between an SSP managed campaign and a fully managed campaign.

By default, when you decide to create a new campaign, you’re in the SSP mode.

This basically means that – as the creator of the campaign – you’re the only person choosing the settings and performing changes.

However, you can ask your Account Manager for the fully managed mode.

Then, all the work is on your Account Manager and you can relax.

You may now be asking yourself:

“Is that the only difference?”

Hell no!

Once you get yourself going “full mode” you gain the ability of targeting via IP range, and you can buy traffic for a lower CPM (not the default one that’s showing up on the SSP mode.)

Moreover, in case you only need mainstream, you should make a request to your Account Manager to link non-adult traffic for you.

The only control you’ll have is starting and pausing the campaign.

Which one should you choose?

We’ll leave that to you!

It always depends on what you’re searching for and the resources you’ve got.

You should also understand that it can be super time-consuming to delegate several tasks to another person rather than doing it yourself.

Don’t need the extra features?

We’re sure you can manage to make it all by yourself, even as a newbie!

Clickadu Verdict

Overall, the experience with Clickadu started well.

Indeed, Clickadu has a great support, it’s fast, user-friendly, and can be proud of a platform that’s got the user’s needs in mind!

The doubts and questions we had were answered on the FAQ section, which means we were quickly able to solve our issues.

As for the technical part – for those who sometimes get lost in the complex IT world – you don’t need to worry: it’s definitely transparent.

We asked our Account Manager for trick and tips, traffic distribution, and top bids!

After getting lots of motivation and some awesome advice, we just went all in!

Traffic volumes are decent, depending on the GEOs, which means there’s definitely room to work with.

What about more specific carriers and smaller GEOs?

It’s not the place to dig in.

You may also have to face situations where data collection takes a bit longer than on other platforms.

Ready for the details you were waiting for?

Here they are!

Clickadu: Offers and Verticals

  • Ad Types: Popunder
  • Cost Models: CPM, Smart CPA
  • Verticals: Adult

Clickadu: Payment & Investment

  • Minimum deposit: 100$
  • Payment methods: Bank Card (Visa, Mastercard), Wire Transfer, WebMoney, ePayments, Paxum

Clickadu: Support

  • Personal Account Manager: yes
  • Support Response speed: super fast
  • Support rating: very good. Detailed and concrete answers and useful info. Hooked us to an Account Manager right away and informed the manager of our request
  • Contact methods: contact form on Clickadu’s platform and also via Skype
  • Contact: Skype – ssp.support_1

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