Why Mobidea Is the Best CPA Network for Beginners

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Starting in affiliate marketing just couldn’t be easier these days – you have hundreds of guides, plenty of traffic sources and numerous offers to match any conceivable business idea.

At the same time, starting in affiliate marketing just couldn’t be harder – you have to delve into tons of educational content, glean insights out of marketing gibberish, and finally arrive to something actionable.

Yet that’s still just the tip of the iceberg. Having grasped all the concepts, your probable next step is choosing the vertical. There’s a plethora of base verticals, plenty of sub-verticals, yet somehow you have to choose what to stick with, something wide enough to avoid a bid-crushing competition, yet have plenty of opportunities to grow.

Ok, say we are done with the vertical and you have at least a basic understanding of where you intend to “play”. Now ask yourself – what traffic to drive to the offer/vertical?

Many top affiliates follow the rule of “traffic source first, offers second”. The idea is that the traffic source is where you’re strong at and where you gotta focus on. Finding offers for the type of traffic you run is then much easier than doing this the other way around.

Starting with the offers is a bad idea also for another reason: there is no such thing as an evergreen offer. It’s a gross understatement to say that affiliate marketing is dynamic.

It’s outright crazy and could change in a blink of an eye. Offers constantly die out, change terms, get paused or capped. So when you have a successful campaign, don’t stop there.

Mine and explore for new opportunities, preferably similar to the successful ones you’ve had. As the saying goes – don’t put all of your eggs in the same basket.

Ok, now that you know the vertical, know the traffic source, and know the offers, there is one final element that’s missing from this formula – experience.

Yeah, knowledge is not experience. And it might be a barrier to landing a cooperation with the most reliable affiliate networks. These guys are interested in working with affiliates who can prove they deliver results.

Here’s where most of the beginners are greeted with a closed door – they don’t get approved to any affiliate network without showing a successful track record or at least a traffic-generating website. So work yourself around that, and do your homework before you go hunting for cooperation.

Once With The Affiliate Network

Talk to your affiliate manager and arrange an onboarding. Just remember – affiliate managers are a busy bunch – they have hundreds of affiliates to manage and tons of advertisers to serve to.

They can only spend a fraction of their time on newbies, if any at all.

The biggest sin you could commit is to ask basic questions that you could have googled. Show respect for your AM’s precious time, and don’t give them any reason to ban you on Skype (yeah, they do that).

Once more – do your homework. If you wanna be treated like a pro, live-up to that level. You get what you give!

And should you finally start promoting an offer – oh the fun you will have: losing money on first campaigns, trying to break-even, endless testing, optimization and extensive research for insights to improve your performance.

The hard truth is that you wanna be a fast-scaling beginner, but hardly any affiliate network or advertiser wants you.

Here comes the plot twist. Among the many closed doors you’re gonna see, there’s one affiliate network that changed the rules and keeps an open house for beginners – Mobidea.

Here’s a list of 4 things that Mobidea does which makes them the best affiliate network for newbies:

1. A Pro-Beginner Affiliate Network

Each company has its audience and strives to stand out, be noticed and embraced.

It’s one thing to cater to just an established base of successful affiliates, and a different mission to develop potential affiliate bases.

You see, golden nuggets of performance marketing spring-up nearly every day, and it’s a matter of chance on which network they will generate profits.

So Mobidea thought, why not invest in that pool of untapped affiliate potential and turn it into a connected environment of self-learning talents, who are welcome to the network.

Why not create specific content answering specific questions and help people close the info gaps that keep them away from succeeding?

Why not share essential affiliate tools to help them increase their productivity and campaign performance?

Why not even build an affiliate tracker for free, saving them money that they could invest in their campaigns?

Indeed, there is no reason for NOT doing any of this. After all, their end-game is to create a community of young and loyal affiliates – the Mobidea Mobile Affiliate Network.

“Mobidea offers some crazy stuff like fast payments and the ability to run offers as soon as you’re filled out their form… A lot of opportunity here guys.”

Charles Ngo Super Affiliate

2. Web Academy for Affiliates (from Newbie to Advanced)

When you want to study affiliate marketing, you do have lots of sources to turn to:

The problem is, you’re gonna have to go through all those resources on a nearly daily basis, filter them for what’s actually valuable and insightful content, struggling to omit all the selling pitches, lead nudges, and fluff.

You want to be tutored, not sold to, right? Exactly.

“The way you build brands is to help others and not think just about money but long term. And you guys are doing this right now with the Academy.”

Neil Patel Serial Entrepreneur and Marketer

You need a trusted and organized source of knowledge, curated with authority and real interest in getting you on the “+” side of the balance.

And that’s why Mobidea Academy was created– a single all-encompassing source of articles, written by seasoned industry experts, to help affiliates improve their knowledge and grow within and with the affiliate network.

Mobidea Academy covers all things about affiliate marketing, media buying, SEO and is suitable for internet marketers of any level and expertise.

You can dip in specific guides taking you from start to profit:

Mobidea Academy nails it at not only being thorough, but also being able to walk in your shoes. They know that having great educational content is the first step. They also know how crucial is to help you stay focused.

Not just on learning affiliate marketing, but focused on a specific path/channel/aspect of affiliate marketing, that will be your stronghold.

With that in mind all articles are grouped into easy-to-follow Learning Paths.

Pick the learning path you’re ready for and build your knowledge one level at a time:

learning paths

3. The Mobidea Tracker

A deal-braking capability any affiliate needs in order to build a successful campaign, is a tracker. And “building” goes way beyond uploading a bunch of creatives to an ad network, or setting-up a landing page.

You’d still gotta have those setup, and that’s the easy part (although a bit time-consuming). The not so easy part is optimizing your campaigns while they are running and not messing everything up. You gotta collect the stats from the tracking system and — once you’ve got enough data to draw conclusions — start optimizing towards your ROI.

A proper tracker is priceless. It gives you so much crazy insight that you’d cringe at the thought of having to guess all those things alone.

Here’s the headache a high-quality tracker solves for you:

  • splits traffic to different landing pages and checks which one converts better.
  • allows you to filter and segment your traffic, matching each click with the most appropriate offer.
  • gives you lots of additional options for creating exquisite campaigns and analyzes their performance on all levels.

The thing is, no matter how crucial it is to have tracker capabilities, many people simply can’t afford a paid service such as Voluum. So here’s the twist in the storyline, proudly brought to you by Mobidea: no budget is no longer a deal breaker!

They provide their own in-house developed affiliate tracker for free!

“Free” also means that it’s packed with the market’s coolest features

  • Full integration with over 100+ traffic sources
  • Different types of redirects
  • A/B testing for landers and offers
  • Real-time stats (naturally!)
  • Custom domain management
  • Campaign setup

… this list goes on and on. Just think of any feature a paid tracker offers, and imagine having it for free.

With Voluum dismissing their free plan, Mobidea’s free tracker is currently the best option for self-starters.

4. Picking the Affiliate Network’s Best Offers 

How do you actually choose an offer to run? Here’s our two cents on the situation you could be facing.

Ask yourself if you’re a new age follow-your-passion/interest type of guy? Hint: we hope not!

This formula ruins lives. Ask any artist who struggles to make ends meet by teaching tipsy housewives to paint “that same tree” day in, day out.

Or maybe you’ve tried to make friends on forums, but still no one disclosed the hot offers they are currently running.

Asking Google is pointless as well – the relevant search results will take months to surface and you need them now. Asking your Affiliate Manager hits a closer target, but still they are overloaded with work and are mostly focused on specific verticals.

Bottom line – none of those sources is reliable enough. What you need is to turn your situation from “spending your money and time” on gathering information on what works into “investing your money and time” in optimizing an offer that actually boosts your ROI.

Wouldn’t it be nice if every offer showed how profitable it is with actual stats? Like this:

offer wall

At Mobidea you don’t simply have offers grouped and filtered, you actually see the EPC, CR, Clicks and Revenue per offer.

Why? So that you can make the right decision and go straight to boosting your ROI.

“You guys can definitely help newbies coming into the market by providing them a great place to get started; by offering them different offers in various verticals and different countries.”

iAmAttila Internet Marketing Expert

It would be dope to have insights on the traffic sources too, but you understand that affiliates are reluctant to share this info for the same reason you would be.

Here’s what you can do to cast some light on the incoming traffic:

  • check with your affiliate manager, they might have a clue.
  • check the offer landing page through SimilarWeb: go to the Ads tab and you might get stats if the offer has ran long enough.

similar web traffic source

Not looking for a specific offer but looking around for new opportunities?

That’s a no-brainer – everytime you check Mobidea offers, you’re gonna see related opportunities that seem like a 100% match:

opportunities for beginners

Furthermore, every week (unless you opt out) you’re gonna receive a list of the hottest performers.

Just remember that the Top offers change constantly – one might be lucky enough to live for a month, other barely last for a week. Make sure to open your eyes for new offers and keep track of your current runners in case something changes.

Automating the offers selection to fit your creatives and funnels is another feature that’s gonna make your life easier. You see, it’s quite common for offers to suffer from fatigue: the juice dries out sooner than what’s expected from your funnel.

Why does this happen?

Good offers have hundreds of affiliates running them and regardless of how much the community likes you, the truth is there is someone whose traffic is stronger than yours. It’s survival of the fittest. However, automating the offers selection to fit your creatives and conversion flows is possible.

Here’s how (drumroll):

Just use the Mobidea Smartlink. It rotates offers fit for your traffic, suggesting those with highest chances to perform.

Let’s zoom out and recap.

  • Top knowledge base
  • Great guidance and easy to use
  • Free tracker
  • High converting offers

If you are a complete beginner in affiliate marketing, there’s hardly a better place to start than with Mobidea. They treat you like a pro so you can focus on putting in that hard work and persistence, and not your life’s savings.

The result is that a lot of people succeeded with them and even if the majority are camera-shy and prefer not to share their secrets in public, here’s a powerful example you can look-up to.

The Success Stories

People are an odd bunch. You can be talented all you want, but none of it will mean anything without effort.

Hard work beats talent any day and there are people who know how to win in this game. All they need is an idea, the rest 99% is hustling.

Most of us however need a tip or two – a concrete example, that they can relate to. Someone like them who made it big and came back to tell the story step by step.

Like this guy here. An absolute beginner, with zero experience at the time and very little money, who generated over $200,000 on Mobidea to date.


Let’s wrap it up!

We can spend hours talking about how to lower the entry barrier for new affiliates, but it’s actions that count!

This affiliate network is giving you the opportunities (offers), the tools (tracker) and most importantly – information (guides, stats and knowledge base) so you can become the king you’ve always wanted!

“You’re gonna want to work with a network that’s trusted and companies like Mobidea.”

Zac Johnson Affiliate Marketing Legend & Entrepreneur

All you need to do is spend that next weekend not on the beach but in front of a screen setting up your first campaign.

Be a fighter, and your money will work for you. ?

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