Mobidea’s Real Testimonials From REAL Life Affiliates

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Affiliate marketing can be a lot of things.

For some, it’s an unpredictable source of income where there are no payment proofs; an endless vortex of dull numbers and missed opportunities.

For others, it’s an inspired activity that turns an addiction for analysis and a love for numbers into a viable business.

For a few, though, it’s something uniquely special.

There are some people who think it’s more than a business:

It’s a passion that rules a life and makes you want to discover that special new GEO, find profit in the weirdest places, analyze and optimize like it’s the last day on earth, dream of that awesome campaign becoming profitable, sweat in nervous bouts of energy as you see a campaign that was nothing turn into something amazing.

These people are warriors!

We think you should get to know their stories and that’s why we’ve decided to compile some of the feedback we’ve gotten from awesome affiliates who have managed to get proven results with Mobidea!

Because this business is something different.

It’s a love, a calling and a dream.

It’s a struggle, an eternal fight, and a war against your own self, your fear of failure, your anxieties.

It’s winning and exploring that sense of restless happiness when you make it rain.

It’s more than a job.

More than a profession, steadily giving you a monthly cheque.

Since affiliate marketing is much more than a business, it’s great to have the chance to listen to the true affiliate stories of people who have quit jobs, fastened their seatbelts, and prepared for a profitable (and bumpy) ride!

These lads and gals have made it.

They have been freed from the shackles of an awfully boring, 9-to-5 job; they have been released from daily torments created by overbearing bosses in claustrophobic offices.

They’re free. In this competitive and super harsh world, these people have made it.

They have joined Mobidea because they wanted payment proof and daily payments; they have fought along with us because they value a trustworthy team of multicultural experts and the reliable help they get from a remarkably competent support squad.

They are in.

They’ve joined the ranks.

The big league is where they play.

Every. Single. Day.

Today, these affiliates share their stories with you, hoping that you’ll find them to be an example and a kind of inspiration that’ll guide you in your affiliate marketing ways!

Check this feedback and get inspired right now!

Mobidea Testimonials and Proofs

Testimonial #1

Name: Alex

Affiliate Type: Media Buyer

Affiliate Manager: Tatiana Alshevskaya

Alex Wang started testing Smartlinks and now he’s hooked on Mobidea!

I learned about Mobidea after meeting a rep from Charles Ngo’s seminar and decided to sign up because of a friend’s recommendation.

Since I had no idea how to start (such as many new affiliates), my Affiliate Manager suggested I try mobile Smartlinks.

She told me it basically picks the offer for me and this would eliminate one part of the equation.

It’d also give me the opportunity to dive into the basics of testing, bidding, and optimizing.

I was off to a great start, managing 4 campaigns that were instantly in the green!

It’s been almost a month now and the Mobidea Crew has been great

I have an awesome Affiliate Manager who’s always available to provide answers for my questions (no matter how many I want to ask).

She’s always there to give me valuable insight, support and – most importantly – encouragement

We speak every day and it’s given me ‘peace-of-mind’ which I feel is the most important aspect, especially when you start your Affiliate Marketing journey.

Many, many, many thanks to Tatiana, Raul and the whole Mobidea Crew!

Testimonial #2

Name: Sergey

Affiliate Type: Webmaster

Affiliate Manager: Dima Butuzov

Sergey is a Russian Webmaster who found out about the Mobidea Crew on forums and is now playing the money game!

Hi, everyone!

I’d like to share my experience of working on Mobidea with you guys.

The first time I found Mobidea was in the spring of 2016.

I was stuck, dealing with a problem that didn’t allow me to monetize my mobile traffic.

I needed a good and simple solution for multiple GEOS without additional worries.

So, I went to the forums GoFuckBiz and Master-X and started to test different affiliate networks that were recommended there.

After testing 4-5 different networks and evaluating their pros and cons, I focused on two: Mobidea and MobitEasy.

For the final decision, I decided to make a split test and stay with the one that would get me more revenue.

Therefore, I started working with Mobidea and work up to now.

So far I have had a positive experience of working with Mobidea.

This network helped me to quit my job and start to travel.

During the last half of the year I noticed that this network was steadily growing and developing.

These guys are always implementing new features and improving functionalities.

They’ve got payments within 1-2 days upon request, friendly and helpful account managers (Hi Dima!), detailed statistics of my campaigns, and – most important of all to me – the Smartlink option.

Good luck to you, guys!

I hope we work and grow together for a long time.

Testimonial #3

Name: Ovidiu

Affiliate Type: Media Buyer

Affiliate Manager: Sara Moritz

Ovidiu had a friend who recommended Mobidea and, for him, 2016 has been the year of making it rain!

Only a few weeks ago I was thinking I should try something new in this great affiliate world.

That was when a good friend of mine told me about his experience with mobile affiliate marketing and I jumped at it that very day.

My friend recommended I join Mobidea because there’s no better place to start in mobile affiliate marketing.

Their amazing affiliate managers will quickly get me up to speed.

From my experience, the big difference between Mobidea and other affiliate networks is that the affiliate managers have first-hand experience in media buying.

They helped me set up and optimize my first campaigns in Argentina and gave me tips along the way.

And my friend was right: 3 weeks later, I was already able to run profitable campaigns!

I have a great feeling about what is to come.

Many thanks to Mobidea!

Testimonial #4

Name: Wilkins

Affiliate Type: Social Marketer

Affiliate Manager: André Martins

Wilkins is an awesome social marketer who’s taken advantage of Mobidea’s remarkable technological development!

Hi! I’m Wilkins and I work with Mobidea!

I’ve been working with Mobidea for a year and a half as an affiliate sending traffic.

At the beginning, it was a small partnership but, with time, everything changed.

I was sending only some traffic and the performance was good.

In a short period of time, Mobidea improved due to the technical and personal investment that was made.

The company grew and reached high standards, helping me and my team work better.

It increased our revenues and performance and we got to those awesome high levels.

I’m very happy to be one of Mobidea’s partners.

It’s a partnership which continues to develop each day and we hope that it continues to evolve into the future.

Our account’s massive improvement is not only due to technical improvements but also thanks to our Account Managers.

They’re always willing to help us, share tips, knowledge and recommendations.

It improved our performances and it makes our team better each and every day.

I like to work with Mobidea because of the platform and working tools.

Furthermore, they give a good support to their affiliates.

Mobidea is a safe and trustworthy company.

I recommend Mobidea!

Testimonial #5

Name: Thanh

Affiliate Type: Facebook Marketer

Affiliate Manager: Guilherme Romão

Thanh Son started working with us and is now a fan of Mobidea’s payment policies! Keep getting money every business day, Thanh!


My coach was the one who presented Mobidea to me.

I wasn’t making a whole lot of income on the first day.

Even so – the more I worked and contacted support and account management with Mobidea – the more I actually fell in love with the brand.


Because – through this partnership – I got a large source of income, and because Mobidea has great payment policies.

Most of all, the company has high-rated offer performances.

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