Mobidea Interviewed: Q&A with the Mobidea Experts

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Mobidea is a company fuelled by profit margins, amazing payouts, and those once-in-a-lifetime gold mines you know we love to explore!

Even so, there’s something else that feeds Mobidea, making sure this is one of the most successful brands in the affiliate marketing world!

Thinking about what it could be?


It’s our top range, highly educated, hyper-competent Media Buying Experts team!

These guys are a crucial part of the Mobidea Crew.

They know more about offers than anyone in the industry and love talking about revenue while they discuss the next super-profitable investment that’s gonna be making a lotta that saucy moolah!

media buying team

Wanna know more about our killer squad?

Always felt like you should dive in and discover the hidden truths, slick tricks, and cool moves of the game?

Then check our Media Buying Q&A and prepare to be dazzled by the most incredible, diverse, and knowledgeable group of people!

Media Buying Experts

Rodrigo – A marine biologist who loves going deep into the Media Buying waters

How does your background help you in Media Buying?

The link between marine biology and Media Buying is simple.

Both are fields in which you’ve gotta use numbers and analytical tools to make the right decisions.

Conclusions such as “this particular species is threatened” or “I should invest more in this specific country” are drawn by using numbers and analysing stats.

It may seem strange at first, but the world of marine biology is not just diving into the blue, taking pretty photos of marine life.

The truth is that there are lots of numbers involved since we have to gather a great bulk of data.

Indeed, I notice that I use similar strategies to work on both of these fields.

I try to understand the behaviour of segments and campaigns, performing a deep analysis of the info provided to me.

Later on, I develop a safe strategy to work in these segments; one that will allow me to be super profitable and gather even more info for future explorations!

It’s as if I dive, not in search of rare marine species, but in search of those famous gold mines we love finding deep inside the ocean of opportunities Media Buying has got in store for us!

What motivates you as a Media Buyer?

To let you know about what motivates me, I’ll focus on my daily tasks as a Media Buyer.

I just love to defeat the competition.

Wiping my opponents out gives me that intense rush that fuels every move I make! It’s always a thrill to try to make the other competitors quit.

Why do I like battling and making the competition become a blanket of ashes?

Because it means I’m going to make lots of cash!


Money is another awesome motivation.

I just love making it!

The more the better!

That’s why I’m always ready to explore new markets and new ways of playing the Media Buying game.

The other thing I love is being able to attract users who click the offers and make it all happen.

I like to do that by using new and appealing banners.

My banners are so absolutely appealing it’s almost impossible for users not to click on them!

Raul – Finance was his quest, bid wars are his best.

What is the first and last thing you do when you arrive at the office?

After greeting all my amazing colleagues, I analyse the results from the day before.

In particular, I try keeping an eye on newly launched or recently optimized campaigns.

If necessary, I use my notebook to check which are the priorities I’ve gotta deal with.

While I do this, I also check the notes I have from the previous day, to see if there’s something that needs to be handled.

The last thing I do?

I take a look at the best new segments in terms of RPM and signup growth.

I aim to see if there’s something new that can be launched and also to generate reports to our affiliates.

Organization and discipline are crucial for success in Media Buying!

Always write down the changes you’ve made and the things you’re planning on doing.

Sometimes, when analyzing a campaign, you can have an insight of something good to test and if you don’t write it down you can forget it.

This can prevent you from finding something really profitable and that’s why the pen is mightier than the sword!

Write your game to make it rain!

What are your Media Buying goals?

My goal is to increase my skills in this activity on a daily basis, boosting my strengths and learning to overcome my weaknesses.

This is true for all activities:

No matter how experienced you are or how well you’re doing, you can always learn more and improve, especially in fields that move at a frantic pace such as the Media Buying world.

My mantra is to keep improving.

That’s how I manage to get solid results day after day, generating real returns for the company and our affiliates.

More specifically, I would like to increase my knowledge and become more specialized on the Mainstream vertical since I’ve been focusing more on Adult.

Another thing that really excites me is testing and mastering new platforms.

New amazing ones are launched all the time and incredible results can be waiting just around the corner.

My goal is to reach 4-digits consistent results in Mainstream in the near future!

Elena – Math is easy for her; stats are a piece of cake 😉

Do you like being part of a Media Buying Experts team?

Yes, I do. I think it’s the perfect place for me.

I am a Media Buyer and VIP account manager and it fits me like a glove.

Indeed, it is suited to my skills, experience, and interest.

The people I work with are all very smart, knowledgeable, and friendly.

We talk about a lot of stuff, share knowledge, and are always ready to help each other when it’s needed.

I’m sure that our joint efforts help us develop professionally.

We’re all focused on achieving our goals and increasing overall performance.

We’re curious about learning new Media Buying methods, becoming more experienced about ad networks and the complex realm of DSPs.

The energy in this team is amazing!

You can feel positive vibes all around!

Do you usually feel pressure?

Normally I don’t feel pressure.

I know the tasks I’ve gotta to.

Since I’m really organized, I always have time to do what’s needed and feel comfortable about the quality of the work I present.

I have some goals set in advance and I always try to estimate how much time I need to achieve my objectives until the deadline rings.

I can do them at my own pace, without being nervous.

There’s also a very important factor that helps me perform my daily tasks: the fact that the goals that are set are all feasible – it’s not like we’ve gotta do an insurmountable quantity of work that wouldn’t allow us to maintain our quality.

If there is any sort of pressure, it’s the trembling I feel when I start losing money in a campaign.

Still, that worrisome wave goes away quite quickly.

Due to my experience, I know there’s always a way to minimize losses.

By making certain choices and changes, I can turn a negative campaign into a positive experience!

Sílvia – Her nuclear physics skills turn Media Buying into a profit explosion.

Do you get bored of Media Buying?

Media Buying is a dynamic task. After the excitement of learning something new, it may seem that Media Buying is done and there’s nothing else to get (besides money!)

I’ve gotta say that this just isn’t true.

In fact, this market is really dynamic.

There are many platforms to test and the best segments are always changing.

Indeed, the feeling and enthusiasm of testing a new segment that you never worked before is something that’s really addictive.

Moreover, even when your campaigns are stable and you don’t need to perform a great deal of maintenance to keep them profitable, you always have competition popping up unannounced.

That’s why my answer is no.

Media Buying doesn’t give you a chance of getting bored!

What was your greatest achievement in Media Buying?

My greatest achievement was when I suddenly had to take advantage of a country that didn’t seem like a promising prospect – Japan.

A new colleague had found out that – all of a sudden – Japan was alive.

I was tasked with checking its potential.

Within a couple of days, with the right campaigns and optimizations, Japan became extremely profitable!

After maybe 3 days, competition showed up.

We started our consistent dance of bids and optimization in an attempt to get as high a profit as we possibly could.

After 5 days, as suddenly as it appeared, Japan died.

I believe this is my biggest accomplishment in the business.


Because – even after I’ve had the chance of being successful with other “new-found” countries – this experience left a mark.

It was intense, exciting and thrilling.

It was something I’ll never forget, especially because I had to use a lot of weapons from my Media Buying arsenal.

I had to open the right spots, perform quick and efficient optimizations, and fight a fierce competition in a very short period of time.

Due to the fact that I acted quickly, Japan became quite profitable.

It was a burning match:

It may not have lasted a long time but it was a powerful cash explosion!

Dima – On Marketing, he performs like Flaubert; on Mobidea he’s our banner’s expert.

You have to deal with a lot of campaigns and ad-networks. How do you manage to organize your activity?

I have a whole list of campaigns, ad networks and affiliates and it’s hard to pay attention to them all.

Even so, I try being as organized as possible.

In fact, my day starts with me checking and updating my to-do list.

It’s very important to organize the tasks for the day.

It allows you to be more efficient.

My list can change every day, depending on the priorities.

Guess what? Affiliates are always my top priority!

In the morning, I usually check my affiliates’ results and the performance of their segments.

It’s very important that affiliates are updated about changes in performance.

Later, I normally check Media Buying’s general results.

I analyze the stats per country and ad-network.

In particular, I check campaigns where I performed important alterations and I see the impact on the results.

Seeing how my changes can have a positive impact on the profits is an incredible motivation for me!

When I become overwhelmed with data analysis, I take small breaks so as to refresh my mind.

I also enjoy grabbing snacks to refuel my brain, making sure I’m always energized to play the Media Buying game!

Moreover, when I become tired of optimizing, I choose to change my activity.

Then, I can start making new banners, checking things that I launched earlier, or thinking about new opportunities and improvements that’ll increase my profit.

How do you get the inspiration needed to create/test new ads?

The importance of banners is usually underestimated.

In fact, apart from a good offer and traffic source, good banners are the most important factor at play in a successful campaign.

I do my best and try creating appealing banners for the offer.

Where do I get my inspiration from?

I read design articles.

Mostly, I like reading texts about the impact colors have in our emotions; how different colors successfully trigger different types of emotions in users.

Apart from design, I also think about fonts, adapting them to each website and spending a lot of time thinking about which animation can work better for the banner I’m trying to create.

If you’re ready to invest some money and get the most useful info, you can buy a proxy program (Geoedge, for example).

You can use it to enter specific sites from the IPs of any country you need, so you’ll be able to see the banners of Media Buyers hailing from that specific country.

Moreover, you can buy AdPlexity, which is a professional spying tool.

It monitors ads on many ad networks and affiliate networks, letting you explore them using some cool filtering options.

Using the spying tools available in tandem with my special personal touch, I’m able to produce new banners which can increase the performance of my top campaigns.

Feel like taking a tip home?

Here’s the deal:

Test as many banners as possible, never forgetting about the golden rule of banners!

André – An astrophysicist ready to make Media Buying profit is launched into the stars.

What’s the toughest challenge you’ve ever faced?

The toughest challenge I’ve had to face is having to prove myself in this business even though I come from a totally different field.

I had to do my best and use my skills to show people that my expertise could be useful in a digital marketing environment.

I had many new concepts to learn but – with lots of effort, patience and persistence – I soon became ready to completely embrace this new ground.

I guess I was able to apply my logic and skills to the new concepts on Media Buying.

My challenge was to take South Africa (which, when I arrived at the stage, was an average country) and make it pour money like a golden waterfall!

The final goal was to create a group of several campaigns with a stable, steadily high profit.

The first objective was to organize the country and leave campaigns that showed potential.

At such a moment, you need to be organized and keep it as simple as you can.

As soon as the country had a stable margin, I started checking the competition in each battlefront, trying to fight for each position and securing the more stable positions.

Haven’t got a clue of what I’m referring to?

Check our article and learn how to find goldmines!

After securing the border lines, it’s time to go traffic hunting!

Indeed, you should get as much traffic as you can, making your profits reach the Milky Way!

Don’t forget:

The stars are the limit!