How To Master Popunders with RichAds

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Popunders are one of the oldest ad formats on the internet. For the past 20 years pops have significantly evolved, and now are a source of cheap traffic with huge volumes across all geos.

In this guide, RichAds ad network’s team is explaining the best practices to work with popunder ads in 5 comprehensible steps!

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Step 1. Research the Best GEOs and Niches

Not every niche shows great performance while advertised on pops. Just like for many other ad formats, you need to conduct a little research of what works best with the exact one. For example, you might ask your CPA network’s manager how well such offers take pops, and whether they even accept popunder traffic.

According to RichAds’ experience, popunders are really good at targeting the impulsive audience, which is common for Gambling and Betting niches. Such users are more likely to act upon emotions that can be approached with a sudden offer.

Also, Finance and Media verticals perform very well on pops, as people might consider them legit straight away. Users feel this content is familiar to what they are used to seeing in regular news and research reports, thus are more likely to engage.

popunder verticals

Below you can find the up-to-date best verticals plus geos to run profitably on popunder ads, based on RichAds ad network’s internal data!

  • Gambling — USA, Indonesia, Brazil, Vietnam;
  • Betting — USA, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam;
  • Finance — USA, Philippines, Argentina;
  • Media — USA, Serbia, Vietnam.

Statistically, the geos that perform the best with popunders are of Tier 2 and Tier 3. The audience there is not used to seeing pop ads which provides additional interest.

Step 2. Determine a Converting Landing Page for Pop Ads

Since a landing page is the only creative needed to advertise via pops, you should consider making it as attractive to the audience as possible.

To know what’s usually working in implementing landings for others, you can utilise affiliate spy tools. There’s no need to make exact copies of landing pages you see there, but you can get a picture of approaches commonly used by advertisers.

For popunders there are usually two options in choosing a promoting approach: a pre-lander + landing page and all-in-one landing page.

A pre-landing page is more of a welcoming stage, usually presented as an interactive page that gives a hint on the product. After a time spent on the prelander, the user gets redirected to the landing page with the main offer. Pre-landings are needed if the product demands intense audience engagement, and are quite popular for advertising Gambling niche on pops.

As for a landing page enhancement, we would recommend to side with the main principle: keep it simple and clear.

The landing page is the first thing users know of the offer, and they will have a few seconds to evaluate the product. It must clearly present the offer and show a simple way to perform the needed targeted action. Otherwise, there’s a chance to overwhelm the lead and they will be lost.

In order to determine the best converting landing for your campaign, you can prepare several pages. Test them in separate campaigns applying the same targeting options and choose those that show the best performance for the offer.

Below we listed some advice to apply to your landing page on pops for better performance:

  1. Check the loading speed.
Users won’t wait for the ad to load, so it’s better to optimize it for better technical performance. The optimal page weight is recommended to be below 200Kb, and it must load faster than in 1 second. To increase the loading speed you might want to connect VPS or CDN, that ensure page loading by the closest server to the user.
  2. Make sure it is properly localized.
Since the landing page is the first thing users see on popunders, it must be seamless to use. Check if the page is correctly translated to the needed language and features all the popular third-party services like payment methods in the region.

Step 3. Set Up your Popunder Campaign for the Most Efficiency

One of the most essential things is to set up your popunder campaign so that you can gather vivid results on the testing and properly analyse the audience.

Popunders are considered to be one of the easiest ad formats since you need as little as a landing page, an offer and basic targeting options to start, but to master them you need to apply best practices to each.

Below you will find some advice on setting up popunder campaign to achieve the max:

  1. Start in Performance mode to boost the results.
The optimization flow Performance mode is an in-house feature at RichAds that determines the best parameters for your campaign and automatically applies them. This mode allows you to get fresh whitelists, the lists of the most converting sources, to your campaign, thus increasing conversions for advertising. These whitelists will automatically update every week, so you don’t need to compile and add sources there yourself.

This mode is as suitable for beginners as for experienced affiliates who just want to get a safe choice on optimization.
  2. Ease the optimization process by dividing campaigns by device.
While launching popunders on mobile and desktop, keep in mind that landing formats and CPM bids for these devices might vary. In order to get correct results, you need to run separate campaigns on mobile and desktop.
  3. Use Predictor to set a bid and get sufficient traffic.
While advertising with pops it’s essential to set the right bid for your campaign. This way you can analyse your audience and optimize your ads. If you set the bid too high, there’s a chance you will run out of budget very quickly. If the bid is too low, you might just get no traffic at all!

RichAds managers can assist you in choosing the optimal CPM bid for pops. Also you can use Predictor, — platform’s feature that evaluates how much traffic you’d get for the selected price.

Step 4. Choose the Best Popunder Traffic Source

While starting working with pops, make sure that you run campaigns on the highest quality traffic possible. Popunders have tremendous traffic volumes, so in order to analyse the audience and not lose money, choose the best traffic sources allowed by the ad network.

At RichAds the traffic sources are traditionally divided into four groups: Premium, Standard, Remnant and New. Premium contains the best converting sources regardless of the niche and geo targeting, so it’s recommended to start with them to get first results on your tests. The rest groups can be turned on to scale the campaign. You can also request whitelists from RichAds’ managers and get converting popunder traffic sources exactly for your offer and geo.

Also, worth mentioning that there is a sufficient amount of bot traffic on pops. The evaluation of that issue varies from platform to platform, do make sure that the ad network you use takes action to reduce low quality traffic.

For example, RichAds is verified by Adscore and in-house solutions that detect and filter bot and fraudulent traffic within the ad network.

Step 5. Optimize Your Popunder Campaigns

Optimization is what really brings the main profit for your campaigns. During this process you disable the non-converting or too expensive sources by blacklisting them, and add the most performing traffic sources in the whitelist to get more from them.

Below we highlighted some useful tips on optimizing your popunder campaign on example of RichAds platform!

  1. Set up Automated rules.
This is a very popular feature that allows you to set certain criterias for traffic sources used in the campaign by which they will be automatically sorted into blocklists. Adjusting Automated rules is crucial if you want to make the optimization process seamless and effortless as you don’t need to analyse sources yourself and set a suitable condition beforehand.
  2. Use Micro bidding feature.
Micro bidding, a feature at RichAds, allows you to set custom bids on specific parameters within the campaign. With that you can lower the price on targeting a certain device, source or city if the current bid is too high for the amount of traffic. Or you can set the bid higher to target more audience by this option.


Popunder ads are a very efficient format that can be described as both simple and complicated. There are many universal rules that will increase the performance on pops, but mostly like any ad format in affiliate marketing, they demand practice.

RichAds ad network has been gaining such experience since 2019, and now shared it so that you can boost your popunder campaigns!

At RichAds you can launch popunder and push campaigns right now on over 220 geos from Tier 3 to Tier 1, by affordable CPM and huge traffic volumes.

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