RichAds Review: A Complete Analysis

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RichAds Overview

If you want to make it in the affiliate business, you’re going to need a reliable source of high-quality, converting traffic.

For many, that means partnering with a high-volume ad network that can help you find the hidden gold in your advertising campaigns.

In this RichAds review, we’re gonna look at all their platform features, pros, and cons.

RichAds is a global self-serve ad network that can give you exclusive access to thousands of high-quality publishers worldwide.

They are trusted by thousands of affiliates around the world as a proven source of high-quality traffic and are perfect for finding high-converting audience segments in a variety of ad formats.

So let’s take a closer look at what makes RichAds such a great source of quality traffic for affiliates, and how you can use them to smash your performance targets and scale your campaigns with multiple, high-converting ad formats.

RichAds: Offers & Verticals

Ad Types: Although best known for their push ad format, RichAds also includes In-page push, Calendar Push, Pops (clickunders, popunders), Direct Click, Native ad formats in their new platform upgrade.

Verticals: Antiviruses, Utilities, Gambling, Betting, Nutra

Cost Model: CPM, CPC

Minimum Deposit: $100

Payment Methods: Bank Card, Wire Transfer, Payoneer, Сapitalist

RichAds: Support

Personal Account Manager: Yes

Knowledgebase: FAQs and How-to Guides via the RichAds Blog

Support Response Speed: Excellent

Support Rating: Fantastic! RichAds has a team of experienced and dedicated support agents who can assist you with whitelists, creatives, setting up custom rules, optimization tips, and industry inside info.

Contact Methods:

Sales Managers:


Telegram: @nastyarichads

Skype: live:anastasia.zhukovskaya


Telegram: @MKVRichAds

Skype: live:cf4d7ed1dbcdd66


Telegram: @richadsmax


Skype: live:.cid.549164195b0dcdf2

richads knowledge base

RichAds Review: How To Scale Your Campaigns With This Ad Network

With so many advertising networks to choose from, it’s no wonder that new affiliates can feel overwhelmed.

RichAds has an outstanding reputation as the performance marketing ad network of choice for new and experienced affiliates alike.

So let’s look at what makes RichAds so special and why they are such a great choice of ad partner for your affiliate marketing campaigns.

What is RichAds?

richads homepage

RichAds is a performance marketing ad network, established in 2018, created for affiliates, marketers and agencies.

The Cyprus-based ad network has a global reach of 5B+ people in 220+ countries, including rare Geos worldwide, with regular extension of volumes, making it one of the highest volume ad networks in the world.

With a worldwide minimum CPC average of just $0.003 and a volume of 5B impressions daily (a figure that’s constantly increasing) on their Push network alone, RichAds is the top ad network for push notification advertising, mobile advertising, user acquisition, app installs, lead generation and media buying.

Although best known for their push ad format, RichPush, the network has now evolved to include also In-page push, Calendar Push, Pops, Direct Click, and Native ads. This is great news for affiliates who prefer to manage multiple advertising formats under the banner of just one ad platform.

The ad platform itself has had a complete overhaul, resulting in a fresh, new look and a brand new, intuitive interface, with lots of targeting options which makes campaign management and revenue optimization a piece of cake.

Thanks to the RichAds fraud prevention and proprietary performance-driven ad tech, traffic bot-free, affiliates can leverage billions of daily impressions and optimization technology to buy traffic in all popular verticals.

You’ll be able to get expert advice from your account manager to help find new audiences, set up trackers, and get higher converting traffic to your offers.

Register an account at RichAds today, share with the account manager the promo code MOBIDEA and get a 10% bonus on your first deposit!

RichAds Features

RichAds is packed full of features which make creating a winning ad campaign straightforward and easy.

If you want to suggest a new feature, you can speak to your account manager to share your ideas.

So let’s check out some of the top features of the platform, to help you get a better idea if RichAds is the right ad network for you.

Micro Bidding

Micro bidding helps you optimize your campaigns and improve your campaign performance. It works by allowing you to make custom bids, depending on 13 set variables. This can save you a huge amount of time, as you can adjust your bids for each variable, all from one campaign.

You can use micro bidding to reduce your target CPA by reducing or raising the CPC for each parameter, based on performance.

Micro bidding can be set up during campaign creation from the sources tab.

micro bidding on richads

Target CPA

Target CPA is an automatic algorithm that can be applied to your campaigns. It’s used to prioritize high converting sources over low performing traffic sources. This boosts your ad spend efficiency by concentrating on sources which will convert for you at the targeted price.

To use Target CPA, select it as an optimization strategy from the campaign creation tab. After an initial warm up phase, the algorithm will be launched and start to work.

richads target cpa

This feature helps to identify converting traffic sources, while filtering out low performing sources and selecting the right bids to get conversions at the target price.

Premium Sources

Push Traffic users can target premium subscriber lists, which include sources that show the highest performance across all verticals and GEOs.

These lists are continuously updated and only include subscribers with a high CR and have a conversion rate of 221% better than remnant inventory lists.

Premium sources can convert up to times higher than average due to better placements and audience lists, so make sure you give them a try.

The software will automatically update new sources that are added unless you turn this off in the settings.

You can also create blacklists and whitelists for specific Publisher IDs (account managers can provide whitelists in Pro and King plans).

richads premium sources

It is recommended to create blacklists and whitelists for the best results. Blacklists can be created with the help of the Automated Rules feature. The team can also provide you with whitelists upon request (the option is available for Pro and King plans).

Automated Rules

Creating blacklists for your campaigns can be a tiresome process.

Automated rules make creating blacklists and whitelists a thing of the past by applying set rules to your campaigns that go on working for you around the clock.

You can set rules for publisher IDs, site IDs, OS, creatives, browsers, devices, and campaigns, and choose to increase or decrease bids for each parameter.

richads automated rules

It’s the perfect way to streamline your campaign performance, with minimal effort.


As an affiliate, you don’t want to spend hours every day creating and updating your campaigns.

Thankfully, with RichAds new optimization feature, you don’t have to!

Optimizer lets you add a source to the blacklist (or remove it from the whitelist) directly from the statistics page. This includes subscribers lists, publishers, sites, and OS.

You can even use Micro bidding from the statistics page, which simplifies the process of working with multiple campaigns and see how your ads are performing at a glance.

richads optimizer


Before you start a campaign, you’ll want to know the forecasted traffic volumes.

Predictor lets you analyze traffic volumes based on your targeting selection. It also allows you to see the amount of traffic for different bids, so you can match a profitable bid with the volume of traffic and impressions you need for your offer.

Traffic Predictor only works with the Manual CPC optimization strategy, and can be used to view available volumes of premium sources over a 24-hour period.

richads traffic predictor

Traffic Insights Tool

If you want the freshest data for your campaigns, you should check out the traffic insights tool

Use this feature to view Push and Pop traffic insights by country. It includes the current win rate percent, total impressions, average CPM and top CPM by country, for both desktop and mobile.

It’s just the thing you need to discover profitable Geos worldwide.

richads traffic insights tool

Save time on campaign creation by using icons from previous campaigns and get high converting push notification icons from the RichAds pack.

The pace consists of 30-40 icons in 8 verticals, which you can download for free to use in your campaigns. They are designed to work with different devices and OS and have been proven to perform well in Betting, Dating, Finance, Gambling, Nutra, Men’s health, Sweepstakes.

Get your free icons here.


If you ever wanted to test various traffic types at the same time, now you can.

The RichAds Multiformat feature can help you scale your campaigns and identify which channels perform best for your offers.

Simply duplicate your campaigns, including creatives and targeting settings, with just one click, and choose your bid to get started.

Multiple Ad Formats

richads ad formats

RichAds makes creating campaigns in multiple ad formats easy.

Choose the ad format which works best for your offers, or duplicate your campaigns with just one click to see which performs the best.

Each format has its own features, and benefits. Take a look at the ad formats below to see which ones are for you.

Push: Select Push for huge volumes, low prices, and natural looking ads (like notifications from messenger, etc).

In-page push: The main advantage with in-page push traffic is that the in-page push format works with iOS, whereas the classic push format is not available for Apple users. These ads also don’t depend on browser updates and have a fresher audience of users who haven’t seen push ads before.

Calendar push: These ads are displayed in the Calendar app on iOS and macOS in the form of the scheduled event. Advertisements here have the headline, link and optional description.

Pops: Pop ads are easy to launch as you do not need to prepare creatives, have low CPM bids, and ads that automatically adapt to different devices.

Direct click: This new traffic type is great for unobtrusive traffic type, similar to pop traffic, which redirects to the offer page. You don’t need creatives, and these ads have a high quality and CR. Recent tests have shown that direct click traffic has up to 10 times higher CR than pops!

Native: Native advertising refers to advertisements that are seamlessly integrated into the content of a website, with the aim of appearing as organic as possible. Unlike traditional ads, native ads blend in with the webpage and do not disrupt the user experience of potential customers.

High Converting Ad Formats

Different ad formats tend to work better than others for some verticals.

All popular verticals are available.

The top verticals and Geos to use with RichAds are:

  • Antiviruses: JP, BR, MX, US, CA, GB, DE, FR, AU, CH;
  • Utilities: BR, MX, PH, TH, CA, US;
  • Gambling: IDN, THA, BGD, MYS, ID, PL, CA, SG, BR, KZ;
  • Betting: BD, MY, ZA, BR, KH, TR, SG, TH, KE, IN;
  • Nutra: TH, IN, ID, PH, BD, MY, IT, SG;

While you don’t have to stick to these verticals, they’re generally a good indication of the types of high converting traffic you can expect in each Geo.

Permitted verticals include Antivirus and VPNs, utilities, gambling, nutra, betting, dating, and finance. Prohibited products include alcohol, drugs, etc.


RichAds has a minimum deposit of just $100.

This will grant you access to all the standard features of the platform, including pro support from the team who can assist you with whitelists, creatives, setting up custom rules, optimization tips, and industry inside info (available for Pro and King plans).

RichAds offer 3 account types that differ according to the deposit sizes. The bigger the deposit, the more perks you will have!

Follow this link to find out more details, or view the account status info tab in your account

adding funds on richads
Payment can be deposited via Credit / Debit card, WebMoney, Wire transfer, and Paxum, with more payment options expected to arrive in the near future.

There is also a minimum daily payment threshold of $25 which you may want to factor into your budget estimates.

It’s recommended to start with a budget of between 10 and 30 potential CPAs. So, if your CPA value is $5, the recommended starting budget would be $50-150.


To get access to the main features on the platform, you will need to set up postback tracking. Without first setting up your tracking and deposit, you won’t launch a campaign.

To set up tracking, you need to go to the special section on the platform (top menu). RichAds is integrated with all the main trackers (there are templates for push and pop traffic in the trackers).

tracking setup on richads

There is also a special section on the blog which contains articles with instructions for integrations with different trackers.

Qualified account managers will also be able to help you set up a tracker.

Add your postback URL along with your conversion type.

RichAds will use this data, using Target CPA and Micro bidding, to maximize your conversions and ad performance.

The platform will work seamlessly with Thrive Tracker, BeMob, FunnelFlux, AdsBridge, RedTrack, Kintura, Voluum and other well-known trackers


RichAds makes targeting granular audience segments a breeze. It has some of the most advanced targeting options of any ad network, and is incredibly easy to set up.

Targeting options include:

  • Country
  • Region & city
  • Device
  • OS
  • Browser
  • Connection type
  • Browser language
  • Carrier
  • ISP
  • IP
  • Time & schedule by week
  • New Subscribers Only (for push traffic only)
  • Subscribers lists (zones for pop traffic)
  • Publishers


Bids for Push ads start from just $0.003 in Tier 2 and 3, and from $0.01 in Tier 1 Geos. You can buy pop traffic from just $0.5 per 1000 impressions.

Push uses CPC, while Pop and Direct Click use the CPM cost models.

If you want to know bids for specific countries, traffic types or devices, you can turn to the Traffic Insights section in your account.

How to Create an Account and Run Ads with RichAds

RichAds makes campaign creation and optimization easy.

They also have a ton of useful features that will help you to create high converting campaigns in a flash.

So let’s look at the steps to creating your first campaign with RichAds:

Step 1: Create an Account

create an account on richads

To get started, first create a new account.

Go to RichAds and click Sign Up.

Next, enter your details, filling out each step of the form, and click Get Started.

Step 2: Login to the Dashboard

Login to your account and take a look around the dashboard.

Here you can create a new campaign, view traffic insights, set up tracking, view reports, add funds and view your account profile and settings.

The best way to make sure you stay on track is to follow the recommendations on the account score. This will help you get familiar with the platform.

RichAds have found a neat way to increase user interaction with the platform by adding gamification to the user profile.

You start out as a Rookie, but can increase your rank to Professional or King, depending on your ad spend.

Also, make sure you contact your account manager before starting a campaign, as they can offer you expert support and valuable insights into profitable traffic sources.

richads account score

Step 3: Top up Your Account

Before you can get started, you will need to add funds to your account. You can make a deposit with just $100.

Payment can be deposited via Bank card, Wire transfer, Payoneer, Сapitalist

Step 4: Create a Campaign

Click the + New Campaign button to create your first campaign.

Select the Push, Pops, In-page, or Direct Click ad format.

choosing campaign type on richads

You will then need to select your Optimization strategy (Target CPA, Performance Mode, Manual CPC), add your creatives (up to 10), targeting, goals and set your budget.

You can also select the advanced targeting and sources menus for more control over your campaign targeting.

Step 5: Check the Campaign Stats on the Dashboard

You can view your campaign performance from the reporting tab on the dashboard.

Use the reporting tab to check which ads are performing the best, adjust bids and optimize your campaigns.

This is important if you wanna make informed decisions about optimizing your campaigns.

You can also apply filters and segmentation to your reports pertaining to specific campaigns, creatives and other targeting options, and display these over any given time period.

This provides a complete breakdown of your performance stats and makes it easy to identify which areas need your attention.

Used in connection with your tracker, you’ll find the reporting tool to be a valuable resource for optimizing your campaigns.

reports tab on richads

Congratulations on creating your first campaign! Make sure you use all the features available to you to get the best results from your ads, or speak to your account manager if you would like any further support.

Pros and Cons of Working with RichAds

Now that you know the main features of the platform and how to start running campaigns with RichAds, let’s look at the pros and cons.


  • Easy-to-use: RichAds makes setting up and optimizing campaigns easy, so you can save time and get great results right away.
  • Great choice of ad formats: You can select your preferred ad formats, or try them all to see which formats perform the best for your offers.
  • Cheap traffic with huge volume: With over 5B daily impressions, it’s easy to scale your campaigns.
  • Premium traffic sources: Get high converting traffic from the freshest users.
  • Advanced targeting features: Target audience segments down to the granular level.


  • No template option: It would also be nice to have the option to create a new campaign from a saved template in future iterations of the platform.
  • Not all features are available to basic users: Some advanced features require the Pro and King plans.

RichAds Verdict

RichAds is a high-level ad network that offers many excellent features for performance marketers.

The recent update will appeal to advertisers who work with Push, Pops or Direct Link traffic, and the large number of high converting publishers and choice of targeting options is a welcome addition to the platform.

Advertisers who tend to work with one ad format can use the platform to scale into other markets, or simply choose to focus on the top performing verticals in any given format.

It’s this versatility and scalability, and the ability to create turnkey ad campaigns, which makes RichAds such a breath of fresh air.

The beauty of the RichAds platform is that the proprietary ad tech and advanced algorithm works the same way across all ad formats to give you the best performing traffic for your campaign.

With an intuitive and easy-to-use interface – combined with many unique features, such as fraud protection, and automated rules – RichAds is likely to continue to grow as a network and will appeal to new and experienced affiliates alike

With many excellent features on offer, there’s a lot to be excited about, and RichAds is well on its way to becoming the leading performance ad network of its kind.

Join RichAds platform and use the promo code MOBIDEA to get a 10% bonus on your first deposit! Tell the code to the account manager to activate your bonus.