What is Performance Mode and How To Gain Profit With It

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RichAds’ Performance Mode: Gain Profit Without Any Efforts

New features to simplify marketers’ work appear every day, some of them turn out to be successful, while others fail to satisfy the needs of affiliates.

Marketers allocate a considerable amount of time to optimize their campaigns. Not everyone has an opportunity to make a big deposit at once and get a manager who’ll do most of the work instead of them. Most affiliates work independently, but there’s a way to simplify and speed up the process for them.

There’s a feature that will update blacklists and whitelists automatically on a daily basis according to your settings. Any marketer can continue optimizing the campaign effortlessly and get skyrocketing results!

This function works as your account manager bringing profit to your campaigns in addition to your manual optimization. It’s called Performance Mode.

What’s more, no actions are required from you! Even if you deposited only 100$, you’ll have access to the feature.

Bonus: Read till the end to check out a real case study with this feature

Manual CPC Campaigns vs Performance Mode

Does this feature really work and increase conversions? The answer is certainly yes!

It has already shown remarkable results in comparison with manual CPC campaigns in terms of CR and CPA metrics:

Manual CPC campaigns vs Performance Mode

Check out real statistics from a RichAds affiliate, the first example from the chart above. He launched two campaigns with the same GEO and settings, the first one was optimized with the help of Performance Mode, and the second was optimized manually.

Spoiler: CR became higher, while CPA decreased dramatically!

Acknowledging that campaigns across various GEOs and verticals were used as an example and analyzed is essential. It means that you can test the feature on any offer, and it’s unlikely to make a mistake.

What is Performance Mode?

Let’s dive deeper into the feature!

Basically, Performance Mode is a new feature by RichAds ad network aimed at automating the optimization process.

As you already understood, the feature creates black- and whitelists according to the campaign settings everyday and renews them to maximize your CR. The goal is to provide the most suitable and converting traffic for exact campaign daily, even if a postback is not set up.

You can find it in the UI of campaign creation at RichAds. It’s available for all the users who launch push campaigns, if you want to test it on pops as well, just ask your manager to set it up.

Stay tuned for the real case study on pop ads with Performance Mode!

Advantages of using Performance Mode

Let’s have a closer look at the benefits you’ll get when testing this feature. Performance Mode promises to do several things instead of you:

  • Updates sources every day – As mentioned earlier, the algorithm creates black- and whitelists daily specifically for your targeting. This way, the efficiency of the campaign increases as non-converting traffic sources turn off immediately.
  • Serves as a personal manager – It’s usually not enough to pay the minimum deposit to get the assistance of a personal manager in most ad networks, for instance, at RichAds, the amount is 500$. It may be expensive for a newbie, but Performance Mode actually solves this problem — it does everything for you at the cost of a usual campaign. For an experienced user this optimization strategy is a great opportunity for scaling.
  • Provides converting sources even without a tracker – In contrast with Target CPA, the algorithm will work to your advantage even if you don’t have a tracker, just according to your targeting. If you have a postback set up, you can also specify the desired cost per conversion, and the algorithm will adjust to it.
  • Supplies you with the freshest traffic – How does it work? As soon as a new source of traffic is verified and shows great results and highest CR on similar targeting, it’s added to your campaign automatically. No need to do it manually or consult your manager.

Case Study with Performance Mode with Pop ads

We’ve asked RichAds team to provide us with a fresh case study on this feature to evaluate its actual performance. One of their clients had great results in terms of CPA goal and was eager to share them.

The starting point was:

Traffic source: RichAds

Ad format: Pops traffic

Period: Week

Goal: Sales

Client: Affiliate

GEO: Turkey

Optimization strategy: Performance Mode

Vertical: Gambling

Campaign setup and optimization

The settings and targeting the client used were quite simple.

1. He chose only mobile devices and set a frequency cap — 1 visit per user a day in order not to annoy a potential client. As for the OS, he used only the latest versions of Android and iOS.

2. The group of sources he targeted was premium only as it has the highest results and is the safest option to start with. He also set the browser language as Turkish to get only relevant leads and set the budget type (ASAP) to get traffic as soon as the bid is winning.

3. As for the landing page, the affiliate used the local language and only one action button. He also applied gamification elements and an attractive picture of girls, which is a great strategy for Gambling.

performance mode campaign landing

4. For optimization, he used just the Performance Mode strategy, nothing more. The algorithm analyzed his targeting and renewed the black- and whitelists in the campaign automatically. Furthermore, he had a tracker, so he set a CPA goal, and his campaign was optimized according to it.

What Were The Final Results?

Total budget: $1,431

Clicks: 977,700

Desired CPA: $8

Gained CPA: $5,10

CPM: $1,50

As you can see, the CPA turned out to be 1.5 times lower than the affiliate expected, which is quite an impressive result.

performance mode campaign results

It works with any deposit amount for all the GEOs and verticals, don’t hesitate to try it.

Just register at RichAds network, and test the Performance Mode algorithm to achieve similar results!

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