[Case Study] 310% ROI on Mobile Subscriptions with Pop Traffic

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RichAds client from Ukraine made 4930 conversions on pop traffic per month and achieved 310% ROI.

What was the tactic, and what to pay attention to for getting such a profitable result?

Read in this case study 👇🏼

Traffic source: RichAds

Ad type: Pops

Period: August 2021

Vertical: Mobile subscriptions

Offer: Private

Payout: $0.16 – 2$

Costs: $332.42

Revenue: $1364.68

Profit: $1032.26

ROI: 310%

Campaign setup

Their client’s team has already been working with pop traffic for 7 years and usually runs push and pop traffic.

In what concerns tests, they are always run on pop traffic due to huge volumes and low prices.

Moreover, it’s always clear whether the offer works or not.

The team from Ukraine has already worked with a similar offer on RichAds traffic. This time Mexico was chosen as the main GEO.

For the first tests, it was essential to make sure that the landing pages converted fast and the offer was promising and working.

Country: Mexico

Devices: Mobile

CPM: $3.5

Creatives: 2-3 pre-landing pages per offer

Targeting options: Wide (except the carrier)

Carrier: Telcel

Budget: Unlimited

After choosing the offer on pops for Mexico with the help of an affiliate program, the media buyer started the testing phase.

The team has a clear strategy but remember that it may not work with all offers and all campaigns:

  • At the start, they make tests without black- and whitelists on all sources. It allows running maximum effective and wide tests.
  • Also, they usually set up a little higher CPM than recommended. It allows getting all the information for further optimization. Our manager recommended $2 CPM, but our client chose a $3.5 rate.
  • The client started testing with 2-3 pre-landing pages for one offer. During split testing, most of the traffic was sent to the best converting landing→offer combination. And other volumes were shared among different combinations.

The media buyer doesn’t disclose landing pages, but here is an example of something similar.

How to Start with Mobile Subscriptions

A few tips for those who only start working with the niche of mobile subscriptions:

  • Run as many tests as possible (pre-landing and landing pages, rotation of users).
  • Be in touch with managers to make changes quickly.
  • Try to get unique conditions (higher rates, more caps) and opportunities to get customized landing pages.
  • Even small changes may change the conversion of the “dead” sources.

Conclusion: test to get more!

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First Results

10 minutes of tests brought first conversions! 💥

Moreover, tests of similar offers at RichAds showed 100% ROI even without optimization. Later the ROI figures were fantastic!

Let’s Optimize

The first step is always to disable non-converting sources.

If there are no conversions after spending x2 payout, the source will be blacklisted.

To get more traffic, our client raised CPM from $3.5 to $5.

After getting more data, the team narrowed targeting options (non-converting cities, OS, browsers). In this case, some

Android versions and WebView were disabled. Chrome only was left.

Remember that after narrowing targeting options, you may not get traffic at all. And the struggle for the tidbit will be much more expensive.

As for the features, the media buyer used Micro Bidding and Target CPA.

Micro Bidding:

  • Makes particular bids for different websites.
  • Increases or decrease bids for specific websites.

Target CPA:

  • Helps to search for more websites according to the targeting chosen.

Final Results

Ad spends for two months were $332.42.

So, the net profit is $1032.26 (310% ROI).

There were two campaigns for Mexico. For one month, the media buyer spent $1746.39. And the total net profit was $5599.14 (320% ROI).

How To Scale on Push Ads

Here is one more great tactic from our client. Most often, the team uses 6 creatives. Usually, the focus is on the copy/text part, and the image is less important.

As soon as the CTR of the creative starts to decrease, it’s necessary to update creatives and follow the results.

On push ads, it’s reasonable to start with Premium sources. The quality is high, and you will not overpay.

Then you can run campaigns with other groups of sources except for Premium. But it’s better to create new campaigns for these sources to compare performance more effectively.

As for the targeting options, start as wide as possible, then narrow.

Start working with RichAds pop traffic today to maximize your profit!