Native advertising is one of the easiest ways to get profit on the most hyped verticals now — Casino, Betting and Nutra.

In the article RichAds team explains how to make the most of this traffic type, why it’s even worth your attention as well as provide the insights on specific verticals.

Why Use Native Ads in Your Campaigns?

First and foremost, let’s briefly give a definition of native advertising in order for better comprehension of its pros.

Native ads look like a part of the website they’re placed at. Basically, they look like the content of a resource, for instance, a piece of news or a regular article on the topic of a website. That’s why they’re called “native”, they aren’t intrusive at all.

native ads examples

There are four solid reasons to test this format:

  • Higher CTR: This format attracts the attention of users while not interrupting their experience on the website. This way they show genuine interest in the ad as it’s blended into usual articles with similar content and it’s not intrusive at all. Furthermore, according to RichAds stats, the CTR of the format is one of the highest.
  • No ad blindness: Unlike other more aggressive ad formats that are too common for users and they simply ignore them, native ads are hard not to notice. The thing is that users are already interested in the content of this specific website, so they’re likely to press on the ad as it’s considered to be a piece of useful information by them.
  • Good traffic volumes: This is one of the most voluminous ad types as they can be found everywhere, starting from news sites to healthcare and beauty blogs filled with video and written content. You can choose almost any niche or GEO and will still get a good amount of traffic.
  • Zero influence of ad blockers: Almost any ad can be blocked by specific software, but native ads are usually very hard to identify. This makes the amount of audience wider and again your ad is not considered as some kind of “paid” content.

Most Converting Niches and GEOs for Native Ads

In order to make your experience and results with native ads as fruitful as possible, RichAds team has analyzed the best niches to test native ads on.

Mainly those are Casino and Betting as well as Nutra.

They show the highest CR for the affiliates, no matter what level of expertise they have.

If you were looking for 100% options to get the most from, make sure you test the verticals.


There are also specific bundles to use for the niches at RichAds to get the best ROI possible and increase profits.

They are:

  • Casino – Vietnam, Philippines, Brazil
  • Betting – Vietnam, Bangladesh
  • Nutra – the US

Below we’ll uncover how to actually make the most of these three niches and share some of the approaches for promotional materials.

Creatives Ideas for Native Ads: Nutra, Casino and Betting Edition

There are several approaches to native ads creatives that can boost your revenue and catch the attention of a user.

  • Use eye-catching headlines: For Casino and Betting niches it can sound like “Delaware Woman Won Jackpot by Doing THIS” or “Place a Bet on THIS Team and Get 100% Chance to Win”. This way a user will be intrigued while the article will look like some insights or pieces of news.
  • Bonus giveaway: This works all the time — just specify what kind of bonus you’ll get and attract players. You can try headlines like “This new casino is giving out huge bonuses” or “To get free spin wins, register NOW”. The method is time-proven and shows good results.
  • Scientific research: This approach is perfect for Nutra — if you want people to get interested in a health product, you need to prove its efficiency. This can be done if you mention scientists in your headlines like “Scientists have proven: drink this mixture to lose 10 pounds in a week”.
  • Practical advice: For Nutra offers you can use the approach that implies testing several weight-loss or other kind of pills and highlighting their efficiency. To do this, use headlines “We tried 17 Weightloss Tricks” to increase the credibility of your ads.

Insights on Native Ads Usage from RichAds

As you now realize why native ads are worth your attention and how to make promotional materials for the most popular verticals, let’s have a closer look at the tips and tricks from RichAds to make your native ads campaigns as efficient as possible.

  1. Use at least 5-10 creatives per campaign. This way you’ll test all the possible approaches and choose only those with highest CTR.
  2. Apply images with different banner sizes as you never know what will convert, and update them at least once a week.
  3. Test various devices. Both mobile and desktop work well on native ads, so you can run two separate campaigns simultaneously and then compare the results. But make sure to divide mobile and desktop campaigns — the bids are different.
  4. Choose the best bid: To do this, you need to either consult your manager or check out volumes per bid via AI-powered tool Predictor in your campaign creation interface.
  5. Start with the Premium sources group such traffic is pre-selected by RichAds and has the highest CR in comparison to other sources groups, so go for it first.
  6. Optimize campaigns with Automated Rules: This algorithm will turn off all the unnecessary sources for you daily, cutting off your expenses and helping to get to the desired CPA.
  7. Analyze your campaign results: It can be done via the Optimizer interface — there you’ll see the outcomes on desired metrics and turn off/on sources in just one click or change Micro bidding.

Understanding all of the insights is the key to success when working with native ad format, it’s quite easy to start with yet is more user-friendly than others.

The only thing left is to register at RichAds and get the most converting native traffic on any GEO, make sure you test bundles mentioned in the article for enhanced results.