Sarah Sal Interview @ Affiliate World Europe 2018


Sarah from AdEspresso is a true pioneer of Facebook Ads. Remember that time before the Facebook Pixel?

Sarah remembers!

We met at Affiliate World Europe and asked her a bunch of pressing questions that will help you scale your affiliate game.

For example, if Facebook ads are better than media buying. If you’re making the worst mistake an affiliate can make on Facebook. Or – we can’t possibly stress this enough – how super important A/B testing is. She’s gonna prove it with real life examples!

Sarah witnessed the explosion of the platform from 1 million advertisers to 6 million, and now that you are one of them, you better listen and take notes. She’s got tips for you about navigating this crazy space and ultimately – having your ad win the attention it deserves.

Are you ready for stardom, bro?

Watch the talk, then walk the walk!