Lower CPC with Push Ads: Example for Sweepstakes Offers

As you may already know CPC is the price model when there you pay only for clicks on your ad. One of the lowest minimum CPCs on the market is $0.003 offered by RichPush, a push traffic ad network. However, the bid will not always stay at its minimum level and may vary significantly depending on the GEO and verticals you target.

Tip: To decrease your CPC without any loss in conversion, RichPush suggests using a feature called SmartCPC. It buys clicks at the cheapest price possible, lowers average CPC, and saves your budget to buy much more clicks.

In turn, RichPush Insights analytics tool helps you decide what to target. You can follow what is popular in a particular country right now, current CPC rates by country, verticals, devices, and more as fully described below.

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How it works

This guide shows you the Average CPC, Clicks by GEOs and Devices for one of the most popular verticals for push advertising: Sweepstakes.

It’s covered almost 20% of all clicks during the last half a year:

The Average CPC for Sweeps is $0.0122. Nevertheless, there is always a chance to make a CPC lower: activate SmartCPC on the one hand and vary target GEO and Devices on the other hand.

Clicks and AvgCPC by GEO

No doubt Average CPC changes significantly from country to country.

It makes sense to set the goal at once: target the most popular GEO for your vertical or check where there is no competition for it.

Top 5 GEOs for Sweeps are India (16% of all Clicks), Brazil (11%), Indonesia (8%), Philippines (7%), and United States (7%).

Most AvgCPCs in these countries are slightly below the world’s average: $0.0046, $0.0053, $0.0065, $0.0077, and $0.0368 accordingly.

Tip: You can check the time when AvgCPC in certain GEO drops and buy traffic for a cheaper price.

As an example, for Sweepstakes it looks as follows:


Clicks and AvgCPC by Device

Most clicks on Sweeps offers come from Mobile devices: almost 90%. By the way, this tendency works for most offers.

The AvgCPC for mobiles equals $0.012 – you can see that on the more detailed graphs below.

What else RichPush Insights let you know:

  • Insights on CPC for all the verticals available.
  • Average CTR by GEOs, verticals, devices to estimate how creatives work.
  • Report on Average Impressions per Day by GEOs, verticals, devices.
  • And much more.

You may contact RichPush experts to get traffic insights on a particular vertical you’re interested in: E-mail (support@richpush.com), Live Chat, or Support in your account.


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