Chapter 4: It’s All a Numbers Game…or Is It?

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Chapter 4: It’s All a Numbers Game…or Is It?

When it comes to building any type of business, many people are obsessed with the numbers behind the brand.

This is especially true in the world of social media.

With more than two billion users on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, there are some amazing opportunities out there for influencer marketing and building a following of your own.

In fact, some users and brands can demand more than $10.000 just for a quick social image update!

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However, when building a business online, you shouldn’t be obsessing over how you can grow your following into the millions, or that you might be too far behind.

Instead, you should be thinking about quality over quantity.

A perfect example of this would be in the world of email marketing and lead generation.

It’s much more valuable to have a subscriber list of 1000 customers who really care about what you have to offer and are willing to buy from you, versus having a list of 100.000 who are just generic or simply don’t engage with your list.

Once you have a lead generation and marketing plan in place, it’s then time to get the most out of each subscriber who joins your list.

To prove this point even further, the following methods should be implemented into every type of lead generation and email marketing:

  • Autoresponder – make sure you have an autoresponder that isn’t just scaled out over time, but also one that is valuable and makes your subscribers feel like they aren’t wasting their time
  • Remarketing – having the email address of your subscribers is huge. Use this to set up a remarketing campaign through Facebook Ads and Google AdWords to squeeze every bit of profit out of each subscriber
  • Landing Pages – if someone is already on your list, you don’t need to sell and pitch them the same way as a random or new visitor. Create custom landing pages for your existing subscribers versus those who you are connecting with for the first time

In summary, while it’s all a numbers game, don’t get discouraged or intimidated by brands which might already have a massive following.


It’s not just about reaching as many people as possible:

It’s about making the most out of each contact.

Implement the easy and effective methods above to increase your ROI per user, and then scale out your marketing campaigns.

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