Chapter 2: What is an Email Subscriber Really Worth?

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Chapter 2: What is an Email Subscriber Really Worth?

Have you ever thought about the real value of someone when they click subscribe on your form and send you their personal information?

More often than not, it’s just another number on your list and someone that will likely get a bunch of pre-planned emails from your autoresponder series.

However, if you actually put in the time and effort, each email subscriber can be worth multiple times more than they actually are – while also feeling like they are getting more value out of such a relationship.

For example:

Are you using remarketing within your existing online and email campaigns?

Through the use of advertising platforms like Facebook Ads and Google AdWords, it’s easy to remarket to your audience after they leave your website or click a link within one of your mailings.

Just think about it:

They clicked the link and left your site.

Imagine how many more conversions and sales you would see if they just came back one more time again.

man reading on a laptop

Are you also building out custom landing pages and ad copy for your subscribers?

We need to stop thinking of every subscriber on our list as the same individual, with the same intentions and interests in mind.

This is where segmentation comes into play.

The better you know your list demographics, the better you can serve and monetize it.

person with money bills

With so many advancements in the world of email marketing and audience targeting, the days of just sending out a mass mailing to hundreds of thousands of subscribers just don’t make sense.

Implement these tips and methods into your email marketing efforts today, and increase the value of each person on your list tomorrow.

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