Chapter 1: Complexity is Killing Your Profitability and Motivation

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Chapter 1: Complexity is Killing Your Profitability and Motivation

When it comes to making money online, way too many of us are often thinking about what the next big thing is or how we can create something amazing that hasn’t been done yet.

With over 20 years of experience in the world of online marketing and of actually doing business, I can tell you right now – more often than not, this is just going to hurt your motivation and profits more than ever.

One of my best ideas that went on to generate over $800,000 in profits in less than 4 months was a dead simple idea.

It provided a service to an audience and they shared it with their friends.

No investment money, programming or marketing was even required.

At the end of the day, it’s not that hard to make money online.

Way too many of us are trying to complicate the process and come up with something original and way too complex.

A perfect example of this can be seen with that Flappy Bird mobile application game.

The guy was making upwards of $50,000 a day because it was getting downloaded and played non-stop, and it was just a stupid simple game to play.

There was really nothing original about it and it just went viral.

Now take that same mentality and figure out a way to make money online.

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This can be as simple as just trying to rank in the search results for something that people are searching for every single day.

For example, how many people do you know that are currently in a financial struggle and trying to improve their credit score or that simply make a few extra dollars online?

There is a ton of opportunity in the space right now and there is no need for you to come up with the next big idea or creative way to financial freedom or to save money.

Instead, it’s really just as simple as this:

  1. Find (or create) an offer to promote to an audience
  2. Find a traffic source that works
  3. Split test your ad copy and different traffic sources
  4. Continue to tweak the campaign until it’s profitable

Now don’t go diving into the world of finance and expect to make money right away.

I was just using that as an example that applies to everyone.

Instead, take some time to do some niche research and make this easy process even easier.

At the same time, think of it like this:

Imagine being able to make just $27.40 per day online…that comes out to an extra $10,000 a year!

It’s not enough to retire, but I sure bet it would make your life a bit easier.

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I hate to come to you with such a simple and generic idea, but this is what it is really all about.

Stop trying to reinvent the wheel:

It’s perfect as it it.

Just figure out a way to get your wheel in front of the right audience.

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