From Novice to Pro: How To Succeed in iGaming Promotion in Europe

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How to become successful in the promotion of Gambling and Betting verticals in Europe and double your profit?

This region is not just promising, it’s literally full of money and opportunities in terms of iGaming. According to EU Reporter, in 2021 there were 125 million active gamblers in the region, and the iGaming market brought 21.1 billion euros in the same year. Furthermore, by 2027 it is expected to reach 52.2 billion euros.

In the article, RichAds team will answer the question reveal all the trends of online casino promotion in European regions as well as provide a step-by-step guide on launching a profitable campaign.

European iGaming Market: Trends Overview

As we’ve already mentioned, iGaming in Europe is very widespread, so it’s crucial to know the latest trends to make a real profit and not dissipate your energy in each region.

Most Popular iGaming Activities and Casinos

According to the European Gambling and Betting Association, there are several relevant online iGaming activities that are popular among Europeans.

Check them out below!

most popular gambling online activities

Trendy Countries in the European Regions

It’s crucial to understand that there are countries that are more profitable than others, not the whole of Europe gambles and has great potential.

According to the Statista report by GGR we can highlight several countries:

  • Italy
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • France
  • Spain
  • Netherlands

countries with the highest gross gaming revenue

Those are the European countries where online Gambling and Betting are legalized and really widespread. The first to make the activities legal was the UK, it can even be called the iGaming capital of Europe.

After that, Spain, Italy, and France took the example of the UK and made online betting legal. Netherlands and Germany were the last on the list to legalize the iGaming activities and take great income out of them.

European Gambler: Overall Portrait

A typical European gambler varies greatly depending on the country they reside in. However, some general trends can be observed.

European Gambler

Age: it varies from country to country, but mostly those are middle-aged users, from 35 to 45 years old.

Gender: mostly male, but there are exceptions. For example, in France men and women gamble equally.

Average bet: €100-200 per game

User behavior: a typical European gambler is quite focused and disciplined. He or she sets a fixed budget before they start playing and stick to it, they’re more organized than risky. Such players also tend to be logical and know all about the games they engage in, understanding the odds and strategies involved.

Note: this is summarized data that will help you just to start with the niches. Make sure you try several approaches for each specific GEO so that you generate maximum profit and target the best possible audience.

Step-by-step Guide on European iGaming Market

We’ve identified several steps that will lead you to hugest income when promoting Gambling and Betting on the European audience. Make sure you follow them and just reap the fruit!

First Move: Choose the Traffic Source

We’d recommend keeping it easy and simple here — choose the sources that convert and are easy to set up. There’s no use mentioning that Facebook, SEO, ASO and social networks do convert but they require several efforts to understand the setting up process and develop your own restrictions overcoming techniques.

The sources that fit both of these criteria are push, pop and direct click ads, they can be found at RichAds platform.

  1. Push ads. This is the format that is very easy to set up, basically, you need creatives and basic targeting to achieve success. Other characteristics include affordability, an eager audience as they subscribe to such ads themselves as well as there are no limitations by GEO and niches.
  2. Pop and direct click ads. They’re united by one point, no creatives are needed, only a link and again targeting set up. When it comes to the approach of the formats, it’s a bit different.

Direct click ads target a very interested audience looking for similar offers, and redirect them to your offer page. Pop ads are more aggressive. Basically, a user doesn’t have a choice, he’ll see your ad with a hundred percent probability, though this approach also works for iGaming really well.

Here you’re the one to choose the formats, those are just the simplest yet quality ones. Below we’ll make a detailed explanation of creatives angles!

Second Move: Make Creatives that Convert

The more approaches are applied, the better, so let’s have a look at the most common ideas for iGaming offers:

  • Follow the trends. If you chose a region, check out the most popular games and peculiarities before making creatives. For instance, if crypto casinos are really popular in the country, specify this in your texts and images.

igaming ad example

  • Use personalization. A messaging icon and personal approach always convert. A person feels that he’s addressed directly and pays more attention to your offer, make sure you use this hint and get a higher CR.

igaming ad example 2

  • Apply popular brands. Europe is diverse, so make sure you do local research per country and choose only trending brands in a specific region. Then you can use this name dropping technique and implement their logo.

igaming ad example 3

  • Implement bonuses. Yes, we all know that it works, but it’s crucial to follow the main rule — apply only real bonuses and do not use phrases that can mislead a potential client. In this case you may also use pictures of happy people with money to make it more realistic.

igaming ad example 4

  • Highlight the expertise. If you’re promoting Betting, make your potential client think that he’s an expert and knows best. Especially if it’s an event betting campaign, mention popular teams and highlight that your client is the one who defines a winner.

igaming ad example 5

What concerns landing pages, the best and eternal approach is any interactive game, if you don’t use any pre-landings, of course.

If you do use the prelander, just make the registration form on the landing page as easy as possible.

igaming ad example 6

Also make sure the page is translated either into English or local language. For instance, in Poland or Spain you’d better use native languages to get more users interested.

igaming ad example 7

Third Move: Choose the Best Settings

There are several main rules you need to consider when starting a push or pop iGaming campaign on Europe.

  1. Apply no less than 5-10 creatives per campaign to find your target audience.
  2. Set a frequency cap to not annoy users with your ad, 1 impression per user a day is enough. But if you promote an event betting campaign, you may extend this cap to 3-4 impressions!
  3. Choose the latest OS to get a more relevant and richer audience, but make sure you do not limit your campaign only by 2 or 3 of latest versions, play a bit wider.
  4. Test New subscribers together with the usual base by creating 2 campaigns, this way you’ll get x2 volumes and the freshest audience ever, two birds with one stone!
  5. Choose the best bid via Predictor feature, it shows the volumes per bid on any GEO, which is very convenient.

As we’ve said, the formats are dead easy to set up, so there are just a few tips to make this process even more effortless for you!

Fourth Move: Optimize the Campaign

Last but not least goes the optimization of your campaigns to squeeze the maximum revenue out of them.

Obviously, it can be done manually or automatically, but we want the process to be as effortless as possible for you, so let’s have a look at the best AI optimization algorithms and tools.

Target CPA

That is an algorithm that will do literally everything instead of you. It makes and updates white- and blacklists according to your desired cost per action. Moreover, it also makes Micro bidding for a campaign to get into your desired cost. For this feature, an ad tracker is required.

Automated Rules

This feature is great if you’re looking for a fast way to turn off non-converting or expensive traffic sources. Basically, you specify the criteria for adding the sources to a blacklist, like CPA id more than $4 and the algorithm does all the work instead of you every day. As easy as that!

Performance Mode

The most effortless of all the algorithms is Performance Mode, even a tracker is not required for its setup. It also creates the lists of best and most converting sources daily without any human intervention and can even get to your desired CPA, if a tracker is set up, but without it the algorithm will still bring great results.


Now you have all the necessary data for entering the European iGaming market and conquering it easily. Taking the recommendations into account, you can scale your CR and get it to the moon.

Go ahead and launch iGaming offers on RichAds traffic to boost your results!

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