Although Affiliate Conferences have been canceled, we kept in touch with industry leaders.

Dasha Raputa, one of the key figures at Adsterra, told us about her professional journey, the platform’s current and upcoming features, and shared several insights that can benefit you both as an affiliate and an advertiser.

Dasha, please tell us about yourself. What do you do for Adsterra? What is your background?

I joined Adsterra 4 years ago as an account manager, and currently, I am Head of CPM/RTB. My professional journey has allowed me to experience all sides of marketing.

I’ve worked with ad campaigns of all sizes, with all verticals, etc. However, despite all this, I still discover new things every day at Adsterra. I think it’s very important to never stop learning! 🙂

Can you please tell us a bit about Adsterra?

Adsterra is one of the most effective and reliable advertising networks when it comes to direct traffic from across the web. We work with 12K+ direct publishers and 8K+ brands, affiliates, media agencies, and ad networks dealing with mainstream and non-mainstream verticals. We have been helping both publishers and advertisers make high profits since 2013.

What are your ad formats? Which ones do you think are the most effective?

We work with Pop ads, Banners, Natives, Web Push ads, and Video Pre-rolls. We’ve also recently launched Social Bar, an ad format we’ve developed ourselves.

The first-ever ad format we’ve launched was Pop ads. That was seven years ago! Now our most popular format is Popunder, which has a volume of over 200mln daily.

What are Adsterra’s main GEOs?

We’ve got a strong Tier1 presence (US geo in particular) and impressive volumes for Europe (for instance, DE, FR, GB).

If you are looking for high volumes you can always count on IN, and you’ll never be disappointed with Asia (ID, TH, VN) and LATAM (BR, MX).

We operate worldwide, monitoring demand 24/7, and our team is always on the lookout for new volumes.

Sounds awesome! Any tips to help affiliates choose creatives?

First of all – don’t hesitate to contact your AM! They know all the top offer-creative combinations and are always ready to help you out.

Also, we have an in-house team that develops new custom creatives based on current trends. If you run CPA offers, don’t forget to test your campaign on Adsterra’s creatives.

If you prefer to not have a manager giving you advice and want to run campaigns on your own, we recommend using spy services like AdPlexity.

Seems like Adsterra is perfect for both those that prefer to work alone and those that like to have access to professional advice! What targeting features do you offer?

We’ve got everything needed for proper RON advertising – OS/Browser targeting, pre-made white/blacklists for pop ads, language/carrier/city targeting as well as retargeting features.

The only two options we don’t offer are gender and age because we don’t collect user data as social networks do. Everything else is available.

What are your top-performing verticals?

When it comes to mainstream traffic, we’re an exceptionally strong traffic source for running VPN/utility campaigns.

If you’re ready to play long-term we’ll be the most stable source for gambling/betting/finance campaigns.

Mobile sweepstake offers remain one of our top-performing verticals. Our desktop traffic is very suitable for software and addon offers.

See also: Mobidea’s Mobile Sweepstake Offers

As for adult traffic, we’re one of the best sources for cam campaigns – this vertical has shown a high and long-lasting boom this year.

What type of support do you give to new clients? What about digital advertising newbies?

Adsterra has a great multilingual support team ready to answer any inquiries 24/7. All our managers have completed a unique in-house training program and are ready to provide all newbies with expert advice.

Our company prioritizes learning, so our employees are always honing their skills.

We aim to give our clients not only the best possible service, but also the best possible support and advice, so we take every opportunity to improve and develop ourselves as professionals.

Can you tell us about Adsterra’s plans? Are there any new features or ad formats in the works?

Currently, we’re working on improving our Self-Service interface for advertisers, in particular, the traffic chart. More interface improvements and new features are coming soon, so subscribe to our blog to stay updated! 😉

As for new ad formats, you’re in for a treat!

The recently released Social Bar has shown to be extremely effective, with our highest engagements yet and a 25% higher CR compared to web push. It is displayed at publishers’ websites natively, encouraging user interaction.

Social Bar comes with 3 highly engaging ad types: In-Page Push, Chat Bar, and Survey Bar.

The best part is, you don’t have to choose just one: mix and match them to get maximum profit!

Sounds great, doesn’t it? 😉

It sounds amazing! Do you have any promo codes to share with our readers?

Here you go: XENZX57S. Create an account on Adsterra and use this promo code to get a nice bonus as a welcome gift (an extra $50 on your deposit of $150.)

We’d be happy to see your readers among our partners.

Thank you for having me!