Losid Berberi Interview @ Affiliate World Europe 2018

 8:09 min read

Next episode of our AWE Interviews is gonna meet you with Losid for a sneak peak of TheOptimizer.

So, what’s TheOptimizer?

We’re gonna agree with Losid here on his definition: TheOptimizer is a lifesaver for everyone working on CPC or CPM.


The platform turns all the dirty work you’re dealing with on a daily basis into automated rules.

A creative not working well? TheOptimizer will pause it without you having to manually dig in and do that granular work. Same goes for overspending campaigns or pubs who need to be paused.

Gotta note one thing tho! TheOptimizer isn’t a tracker – so yeah – you gotta have a tracking platform in place before rushing into creating an account with them.

Check the interview for more insights and Losid’s two cents on what you should put your money on if you’re working with Native or Pop in 2018!

Stay tuned for all the rest of our epic talks.