How PropellerAds Has Grown From Strength to Strength

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Those who are familiar with PropellerAds know that they’ve been in the advertising business for quite some time, and are experts in the space. Since its founding in 2011, the company has grown into one of the leading ad networks in the industry today.

With that background, it’s no secret that they are hyper-focused on growth. Not just as a business, but for their customers too. Their mission has always been to help media buyers and publishers scale their profits with innovative ad-serving and optimization technologies – and today is no different – PropellerAds has officially announced that they have grown into a multisource platform.

PropellerAd’s Backstory: How it All Started

Let’s take a look at how PropellerAds grew into a multisource platform – that story starts all the way back in 2011.

Starting as a small popunder network, PropellerAds’ main goal was to provide the best ad-serving and optimisation technologies for marketers and publishers alike.

However, what started as a small network, grew quickly. By 2017, the company added push notifications as an ad format—a move that set a precedent for the entire industry.

Gaining momentum from continued growth, PropellerAds introduced in-page push ads, high-tech features like CPA goals, user activity, interest targeting, badges for push, and more.

Today? They are officially a multisource platform, offering multiple, exclusive, and well-tested traffic sources to media buyers and marketers, via a single advertiser account.

The PropellerAds team states that they’re proud to announce that their entire technological system has been enhanced by this update. Now, they are adding traffic supply partners easier and faster than ever, so customers can access new traffic types that skyrocket their ad performance higher than before.

Better yet, they plan to add more traffic types, bidding models, and advanced ad rotation algorithms that target highly relevant, high-quality audiences.

Matt Schmidt, the Head of PropellerAds’ Advertisers Department echoes the excitement around these impressive technological enhancements,

“We’ve been working on improvements and high-tech solutions from the very first day of PropellerAds’ existence. We started as a small Popunder network, and look where we are now!

Now we are a multisource platform with expanded advertising opportunities especially when it comes to lead generation and communication with your audience.

Our technologies allow you to work with various sources, process numerous users, and find the most relevant audience for your business. And we have more exciting innovations to present very soon!”

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What is a Multisource Platform?

Seasoned advertisers may already be aware of what a multisource platform is, but let’s break it down.

A multisource platform is an advertising platform that uses multiple supply sources and supplier types to reach your target audience. It’s the perfect solution for advertisers who want to reach a wide range of people while maintaining high-quality traffic.

Why is this an Important Update?

This isn’t just a significant update – it’s a game-changer.

To put it more succinctly – customers can level up their advertising efforts by reaching the most relevant audiences for their businesses and get access to maximal scaling opportunities.

As always, PropellerAds is continuing to deliver a service that prioritizes customers’ results and convenience, all while attending to the needs of their partners – and with this update, the platform has introduced significant technical updates to benefit both:

  • Best-in-market traffic types to expand media buying strategies
  • Huge traffic volumes available from trusted partners
  • New bidding models
  • New ad rotation algorithms
  • Exceptional traffic quality and purity, established by the latest anti-fraud software update

Why Is PropellerAds Doing This?

PropellerAds announced that 3 of their biggest priorities are:

  1. Helping customers scale their user acquisition campaigns.
  2. Adding new, reliable, unique sources without sacrificing conversion rate.
  3. Staying maximally transparent with all customers, so they know how everything works with 100% confidence.

With this update to their multisource accessibility, customers can rest easy knowing that these priorities are being met.

Not only is PropellerAds providing customers with more than just a traffic source, but a whole technological system that benefits monetization efforts. In fact, the structure of their system has changed significantly to better suit the traffic market trends.

With all that in mind, it’s no surprise that PropellerAds partners’ traffic quality is famous industry-wide. So, while the company continues to change, grow and scale, its high standards remain forever constant.

There’s never been a better time to take your advertising to the next level with PropellerAds.

The time to scale your monetization efforts with multisource, high-quality, and high-volume traffic from an industry giant is now.

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