PropellerAds’ New Premium Ad Format: Survey Exit

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Since 2011, PropellerAds has been providing smart user acquisition solutions to media agencies, brands, and affiliates. Today, the company is proud to announce a new ad format that will scale its clients’ user acquisition efforts even further – the Survey Exit ad format.

The Survey Exit format is available to all PropellerAds account holders.

This new format is expected to become a firm staple in marketers’ and agencies’ arsenals thanks to its efficient ability to help you tap into the most engaged audiences, driving your conversions up.

What is Survey Exit and How Does It Work?

Survey Exit, a cutting-edge ad format, helps advertisers and media buyers target an already warmed-up audience by honing in on users who fill out various themed surveys in Finance, Giveaways, Social, and other verticals. These highly engaged users are then directed right to your landing page, where they can complete a target action.

What are the Benefits of the Survey Exit Ad Format?

  • Access to high-quality users with real intent. Thanks to PropellerAds anti-fraud algorithms, only the highest quality, real users will see this offer and hopefully convert.
  • Refined targeting to reach your niche audience. Survey Exit caters to highly engaged users with all offer types, but if you’re after a more niche audience, simply refine your targeting by survey type (Finance, Giveaway, or Social).
  • Flexible pricing models. CPA Goal, Cost per Click (CPC), and SmartCPC, aiming for CPC rates as low as $0.001.
  • Use your landing page as a creative. Launch an effective campaign without the hassle of creating new assets – simply use your current landing page!

How To Use Survey Exit From Your PropellerAds Account

The company has made integrating this format into your day-to-day work a breeze. Advertisers will be able to select this new format alongside PropellerAds’ other formats in their accounts. Once selected, they can refine and customize their campaign with audience targeting and survey types before setting their campaign live.

It’s clear that the Survey Exit ad format is a groundbreaking addition to the PropellerAds toolkit. Advertisers and media buyers are eager to seize this opportunity to reach users at the end of their buying journey, who are primed and ready to convert.

Don’t miss your chance to elevate your advertising game with Survey Exit!

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