Avoid 5 Mistakes Working with Galaksion

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Serving up 50 billion monthly impressions of direct traffic to their partners since 2014, an ad network Galaksion gathered a set of bad actions for your campaigns.

Stay away from these mistakes!

#1 To Set Capping/Frequency — 1/12

Galaksion has checked thousands of campaigns and found that capping of 3/24 or more is the sweet spot for conversion. People make a targeted action only after 3–5 impressions of one ad.

#2 To Utilize the Same Creative for All Campaigns

Each campaign requires a unique approach as the targeted audience differs. Galaksion offers an easy solution with the ability to test up to 10 creatives in one campaign.

#3 To Focus on Features Over Benefits

Imagine you’re shopping for a new smartphone. The first ad highlights the phone’s technical specifications, such as its processor description. The second ad, on the other hand, focuses on how the phone will enhance your life, such as how it can help you stay connected with loved ones, capture high-quality photos and videos, and provide access to useful apps. Which one would you be more likely to choose? The second one, right? That’s because the benefits are what matter most to users and attract them. Galaksion got you covered with a free base of tested creatives.

#4 To choose a lower rate than what the traffic estimator suggests

Your conversions depend on the competition between other affiliates’ rates. Traffic estimator is an awesome tool that predicts traffic volume based on your chosen rate, format, and GEO, and helps you to get profit.

#5 To test only one GEO for a campaign

It is like putting all your eggs in one basket. Test different GEOs to find the perfect match for your offer. With the Galaksion CPA pricing model, you can experiment without fear of financial loss as you pay only for conversions.

Now you’re ready to fight with all the affiliate monsters.

However, Galaksion has even more tools to help you succeed!

Aside from these tips, they offer direct traffic, only working with trusted website owners and transmitting traffic directly to you, — with NO bots and resell from third-party networks.

Galaksion also offers CPC, CPM pricing models, 6 ad formats, 160+ GEOs, 10+ verticals, 9 targeting options, and a personal manager for everyone.

Sign up now and use promo code MOBIDEA15 for a 15% bonus on your first payment. Let’s join forces and win the affiliate game.

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