Galaksion Review: All You Need To Know

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Galaksion At a Glance

Galaksion: Offers & Verticals

Ad Types: Popunders, Native ads, Mobile push-up, Classic push notification ads, On-page Push notification ads, Interstitial ads

Verticals: Mobile apps & games, Sweepstakes, Leadgen, Utilities, Downloads

Galaksion: Payment & Investment

Cost Model: CPM, CPC, CPA

Minimum Deposit: €50 or $50

Payment Methods: Visa/Mastercard credit cards, WebMoney, Paxum (by request) and wire transfer (by request, minimum $1,000)

Galaksion: Support

Personal Account Manager: Yes

Knowledgebase: In-depth help center where you can find solutions to almost all questions

Support Response Speed: Average.

Support Rating: Excellent. The level of support offered by Galaksion is impressive and should satisfy most publishers. However, they do not have a live chat option at the moment.

Contact Methods: Skype, Telegram, email, and telephone

Email Contact:

Galaksion In-Depth Review

If you’re running an affiliate marketing campaign, then you know how important it is to find new traffic sources.

Over time, your current traffic sources will dry up, and you’ll need to find new ones to keep your campaign going strong.

Galaksion is one such choice. In this Galaksion review, we’ll explore everything about this ad network to help you decide whether it’ll be worth trying it out or if you should skip it and move on to something else.

What is Galaksion?

The Galaksion ad network is not really new in the advertising business—it has been around since 2014 as a private network headquartered in Riga, Latvia.

After a few years, it eventually opened its doors to the public as a self-service advertising platform.

If you’re in the market for a new traffic source, Galaksion is definitely worth considering.

Not only does it offer a CPA pricing model, but it also has direct traffic. And that’s just the beginning—let’s take a closer look at all the features that make Galaksion such an attractive choice for affiliate marketers.

Galaksion Best Features

Galaksion is an excellent way to get your message out there. Its vast array of features makes it easy to see why so many businesses rely on it to reach their target audiences.

100% Direct Traffic

If you’re looking for fresh traffic sources, you wouldn’t want to work with an ad network that’s simply buying traffic from another network, right?

When it comes to website traffic, quality trumps quantity any day of the week. That’s why Galaksion is such a valuable partner—it provides traffic directly from publishers, so you can be confident that the audience is fresh.

They don’t buy from third-party providers, so you can be sure that the people who visit your site or landing page are not tired of the same old offer and are not mere remnant traffic.

As a result, you’re likely to see a higher conversion rate and more loyal customers. And who doesn’t want that?
In addition, the publishers they work with are clean family-safe websites, which is why they don’t allow adult offers.

CPA Business Model

The most important thing to remember about the CPA business model is that it is based on conversions, not clicks. This means that if someone clicks on an ad but doesn’t convert, the advertiser doesn’t owe anything (except during testing).

It is an excellent option for advertisers because it allows them to only pay for results. If an ad network does offer the CPA business model, it is a clear indicator that they have high-quality traffic.

The CPA business model works by reserving (freezing) the test budget from your current balance and running tests on the campaign until the budget is used up.

To make it work, you need to indicate the max impressions per slice (Geo-Platform-Zone). If a slice reaches this limit without conversions, it will automatically be paused.

cpa business model on galaksion

Hopefully, by the end of the test, you will have some conversions, and a CPA amount will be evident. This CPA will then be the basis of how much you will be paying Galaksion for every conversion if you decide to continue running the campaign.

The CPA payment model is available for five ad formats, specifically pops, push notifications, mobile push-ups, on-page notifications, and interstitials.

A minimum test budget of $10 is required for all ad formats that allow the CPA model, except for popunder, which requires at least $20.

With other networks, the CPA business model is usually reserved for VIP and high-performing advertisers, but in Galaksion, even newbies can use it.

CPA Goal

The CPA Goal allows advertisers to automatically optimize campaigns with minimal intervention. While they both focus on the CPA, this should not be confused with the CPA business model that we discussed above.

The difference between CPA business model and the CPA goal is that with the latter, you indicate your desired conversion cost, and the system will do its best to achieve this target, but you still pay them on a CPM basis.

To use the CPA Goal, you must first choose the CPM bidding model.

Next, set your desired conversion cost, the CPA Goal zero rate, and the CPA Goal stop rate.

cpa goal on galaksion

The “CPA Goal zero rate” indicates when Galaksion should stop getting traffic from a specific audience slice (or source) if it has not received conversions.

If a slice has received conversions, Galaksion will continue to get traffic from it. While the “CPA Goal stop rate” multiplied by the profit from your conversions is still greater than your expenses, the slice will be kept active. When the expenses have gone over that, then the slice will be stopped.

While running, the least effective segments are excluded without your intervention.

Thanks to real-time Big Data processing and machine learning, you can be sure that your campaigns are always running at peak efficiency. This leaves you with more time to focus on other aspects of your business. As a result, you get the best performance while still reducing your costs.

For both the CPA business model and CPA Goal, advertisers need to properly set up postback tracking so that the platform can monitor conversions and optimize the campaign as necessary.

Database of Free Ad Creatives

Probably one of my favorite features of Galaksion is its database of free templates.

If you are testing a new offer or running out of ideas on how to promote a specific offer, you can refer to and use any of the ad templates within Galaksion.

You can use these templates as-is or as a starting point for your own creative designs.

If you don’t have spy tools in your arsenal, this is a great place to start as any!

You can access these templates in two ways:

1. The Creative templates are on the left pane menu. Click on it, then choose the ad format. You can search for ad templates based on ad format, keywords, categories, and geolocation when using the Creative Templates page.

ad templates on galaksion

2. The campaign creation page. The options to select random templates will appear the moment you choose the ad format you want to use.

templates on galaksion

The ad formats that have ad templates are native ads, on-page notifications, and push notifications.

Macros or Dynamic Keywords on Ads

One of the best ways to catch users’ attention and make them engage with your ads is to make the promotion relevant to them.

You can do this with the help of Dynamic Keywords or Macros within the ad.

Galaksion allows you to add the following Macros to your creatives:

  • Country
  • Region
  • City
  • ISP
  • Platform
  • OS
  • Browser

macros on galaksion

This can be done in all ad formats except popunder.

Traffic Volume and Cost Estimator

This is a tool that allows advertisers to estimate the volume of traffic they can possibly receive and the recommended rate according to different campaign targets.

This is unlike other ad networks that offer a simple table of estimated costs and traffic volumes based on just the country, device, and ad format but never a combination of these.

With Galaksion’s traffic estimator, you can view the traffic volumes narrowed down based on a combination of the following:

  • ad format
  • business/payment model
  • countries
  • frequency capping (number of views every X hours)
  • platform
  • OS

galaksion traffic estimator

Based on the information from the traffic estimator, Galaksion’s top ad formats and countries according to volume are (in descending order):

  1. Popunder – IN, ID, VN, US, MX, BR, PH, FR
  2. Push notifications – IN, ID, EG, PH, MY, DZ, BR
  3. On-page notifications – IN, ID, US
  4. Native – ID, VN, US, PH, IN, MX, ZA, MY, BR, FR
  5. Mobile push-up – IN, ID, US
  6. Interstitials – IN, NG, US

If you want to promote and scale in these locations, you will not be disappointed.

Multiple Ad Formats

Galaksion supports several major ad formats, including native ads, popunders, interstitials, and a variety of push ads. This gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of how you want to reach your target audience.

  • Native ad
  • Popunder
  • Mobile push-up – This type of ad is triggered when a user touches the screen (clicks or scrolls the page). When triggered, a mobile dialog box appears atop the website screen.

The box has two call-to-action buttons, so users can either engage with your ad or close it. Either way, you’re getting your message across in a way that is sure to get noticed.

It contains a header, with a limit of 20 characters; a body that has a maximum of 85 characters; and two CTA buttons that can have up to 10 characters.

mobile push up

It is available in CPM, CPC, and CPA payment models.

  • Push Ads
  • On-page Notification
  • Interstitial


Easy to Use Dashboard

The Galaksion dashboard is designed with simplicity in mind. You don’t need to be a tech expert to navigate it. All the information you need is presented in an easy-to-understand format.

Even complete newbies will have no difficulty navigating the dashboard and creating new advertising campaigns. Everything is laid out properly.

galaksion dashboard

How to Start Advertising with Galaksion

Now let’s jump in and try Galaksion out. Here’s what you need to know about how to start advertising with this ad network.

Account and Campaign Creation

First, you’ll need to create an account and add some funds. Signing up is easy as a pie.

galaksion signup

The minimum deposit is as follows:

  • WebMoney – €50
  • Visa/Mastercard credit cards – €50 or $50
  • Paxum (by request) – €50 or $50

You can also top up via wire transfer, though it is by request only and requires a minimum of €1,000 or $1,000.

Tip: use our exclusive Galaksion coupon MOBIDEA15 to get a 15% bonus on your first deposit.

Once you’ve successfully added funds, head over to the Campaigns page and click on Create.

create campaign on galaksion

Before you are taken to the campaign creation page, Galaksion will remind you of prohibited types of promotions within the network.

galaksion campaign restrictions

Make sure to follow these to avoid, not just campaign rejection, but completely getting kicked out of the network.

On the campaign creation page, choose the ad format, fill out the necessary fields (name, budget, bids, etc.), choose the business model (CPM, CPC, CPA), and then add your ad creatives.

If you want to buy traffic from Galaksion just to test whether it’s good for the offers you are promoting, I suggest trying out a CPA campaign.

As we’ve mentioned above, you’ll also be able to find recommended ad templates when adding new creatives (native, push notifications, and on-page push only).

creating a campaign on galaksion

Don’t forget to configure your targeting settings. You can set just the basic filters, including platform type, OS, OS versions, and Browsers. For push notification ads, you can choose the user activity (low, medium, and high).

campaign targeting on galaksion

For advanced filters, you need to turn on the Advanced toggle. The targeting settings available in the advanced option are regions, cities, languages, ISP, and IP lists.

Blacklisting and Whitelisting are also possible based on zones.

The approval process takes anywhere from a few minutes to the next business day, depending on the day of the week you created the ad.

Campaign Statistics

Galaksion promises simple and functional solutions for campaign analysis. Its Statistics section allows users to filter data by a variety of criteria, including location, type of device, web browser, and more. This makes it easy to identify patterns and trends in user behavior.

However, the reports are very basic and you cannot drill down to various segments per campaign to see important details. For comprehensive reports, you would need to use an affiliate tracking platform (check this list of tracking tools for the ones we recommend).

Galaksion Pros and Cons for Advertisers

Now that we’ve discussed Galaksion’s best features and how to get started with them, it’s time to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of this network.


  • Good Traffic Quality

Since the company works directly with publishers (sometimes even exclusively), the traffic is actually of good quality. This is the reason why many affiliates consider Galaksion to be their secret weapon.

  • CPA payout model

The CPA model is a very attractive option for advertisers who are looking to get the most out of their advertising budget.
Not every ad network can afford to offer this option to their clients because they can’t guarantee that all traffic will convert. However, Galaksion is willing to take on this risk because it is confident in the quality of its traffic.

  • Multiple Ad Formats

Galaksion offers a variety of ad formats to choose from, each of which has its own benefits. This means you don’t have to bounce from one ad network to the next when trying to promote the same offer via multiple ad types.

  • Worldwide traffic

This is a global advertising network that has traffic from more than 190 countries and territories around the globe. It’s important to note, though, that less than 50 of them have good volume. But in Tier 1 and Asian countries, there’s enough volume to scale.

  • Low Minimum Deposit

With the availability of the CPA business model for just about any advertiser, you would expect their minimum deposit to be a bit high. Surprisingly, it’s not. €50 is enough to start promoting in Galaksion.


  • Limited top-up options

Galaksion has stopped accepting Paypal payments for some reason. And even with the rising use of cryptocurrency, the network still hasn’t made this option available.

We got in touch with Galaksion about this concern, and they informed us that they are working on this in real-time and that at least PayPal as a payment option will be back again soon.

  • No live chat

If you’re looking for live chat support from Galaksion, you’re out of luck. The only options for contact listed on their website are email, Skype, and Telegram. While this may be adequate for some businesses, it’s not ideal if you need a quick answer to a question or issue.

And let’s face it, who doesn’t love the instant gratification of a live chat? As a result, Galaksion’s lack of live chat support may be a dealbreaker for some potential customers. The network realized the importance of live chat, though, which is why they are planning on adding this feature soon.

How to Get Started with Galaksion as a Publisher

We’ve already mentioned that Galaksion works directly with publishers, so if you’re a webmaster interested in earning from your traffic, you should also consider working with them.

Because Galaksion offers a wide range of ad formats, you can tailor your ads to earn the most from your traffic without disregarding the needs of your audience.

To register as a publisher, you will need to provide some basic information about your website or blog, including its URL and traffic statistics.

Here are a few of Galaksion’s requirements for publishers:

  • Family-friendly content – Galaksion is known for accepting only family-friendly websites, so make sure your web property passes this standard.
  • At least 1,000 unique visitors a day – This is the lowest they have ever accepted, and that website was only accepted because of its high potential to increase daily impressions. Typically, they accept websites that have 5,000 or more visitors a day.
  • Minimal presence of ads from a different platform – To maintain traffic quality, Galaksion discourages multiple advertisers on a single website. It is possible that they will ask you to remove the ads from other platforms in order to evaluate your website properly. Unless your website has really good quality and volume, your chances of getting approved may be low if you work with multiple advertising networks.

Once your account has been approved, you can log in and start configuring your monetization. You don’t have to display all of Galaksion’s ad formats; you have the option to choose only those that will not disrupt your audience’s experience.

As a publisher, you’ll have access to real-time reporting so that you can track your results and optimize your ads easily. To withdraw your earnings, you must have accumulated at least €100.

Galaksion provides its publishers with a personal account manager that can be reached via email and telephone 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The only disadvantage is the lack of a comprehensive help section where publishers can look for quick answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. While this may not be an issue for some, it could be frustrating for those who prefer to find answers on their own.

For the most part, however, the level of support offered by Galaksion is impressive and should satisfy most publishers.

Final Thoughts on Galaksion

Businesses that tried Galaksion’s traffic were able to reach a wider audience with their products and services. By proving that its traffic works best for eCommerce, Utilities, Nutra, Sweepstakes, Dating, and a lot of other verticals, the network has opened up new opportunities for businesses of all sizes.

The take-home message from this Galaksion review is that this ad network is a powerful tool for reaching potential customers, but it is not without its risks. With a well-planned and executed advertising campaign, affiliates can reach a large number of people with their ads.

While the results are not guaranteed, taking a leap of faith (a.k.a. running a test campaign) can reap unexpected rewards.

You can even choose the CPA model and pay only for conversions. And don’t forget to use MOBIDEA15 coupon code on your first deposit to get a 15% bonus!