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Affiliate Summit East 2018: The Ultimate Guide

Affiliate Summit East is the talk of town! Are you gonna wait around or are you gonna dive into this phenomenal article and get your New York City mojo on? Check this guide, then!


Affiliate Summit East is a tremendous event and a great chance for you to meet like-minded individuals who love the exciting world of affiliate marketing.

This truly is one of the affiliate conferences that you just can’t miss out!

But what about New York City, the famous Big Apple that’s been inspiring the world for a century?

Do you know where to go for some fun?

Can you get access to a subway grid so you don’t get lost in the Bronx?

No biggie!

I’m gonna provide all the info you’ll need to succeed in the city that never sleeps!

8 Things You Need to Know About Affiliate Summit East 2018

Here are 8 things you need to know about Affiliate Summit East and New York City to make sure you get to enjoy the time of your life!

1. The Preparation

Ever been in New York City?


No problem!

It’s the city that represents the endless possibilities of the incredible American Dream!

For centuries, New York has welcomed hopeful immigrants that come from all over the world to create businesses, live their lives, and create a memorable cultural impact on planet earth!

But, wait!

Before even considering attending Affiliate Summit East, you should get a Visa and a Passport!

How to get these documents and seal the deal?

Click here and find out!

Need more information about visas, passports and how to track the progress of your application?

Check here, then!

Now that you’ve got the documents you need, it’s time to think about the price of your airplane tickets!

Don’t really know what to expect when it comes to prices?

Check this link and book your flight to see the Statue of Liberty rule over the Hudson river!

Now, let’s talk about airports.

In order for you to visit New York, you’ll probably get a plane ticket to one of these three airports:

  1. John F. Kennedy International Airport
  2. LaGuardia Airport
  3. Newark Liberty International Airport

You’ll notice that two of these airports are actually in New York City, whereas Newark Liberty International Airport is in Newark, New Jersey.

John F. Kennedy International Airport

This is New York City’s main airport and it’s named after a pretty famous president of the United States!

It’s actually the busiest international air passenger gateway in all of North America and one of the busiest airports on earth (number 22, to be more precise.)

In 2017, this awesome airport handled more than 59 million passengers coming from all over the world.

Located in Queens, this international airport is a great gateway into America’s most astounding city!

LaGuardia Airport

LaGuardia is a whole other game!

Located in the northern part of Queens, this is the third busiest airport in New York City.

Covering something like 680 acres of land, this airport has registered a tremendous growth in passenger traffic:

In fact, 29.8 million passengers have used the airport in 2016.

This airport has been criticized for its outdated facilities.

No worries!

It’s now benefiting from a reconstruction plan!

Newark Liberty International Airport

Last but not least, this is the airport that isn’t actually located in the city!

Even so, Newark Liberty International Airport is located 15 miles southeast of New York City, which means it’s more than a viable option for those of you who are looking to catch a plane!

This is the fifteenth busiest airport in the United States, serving almost 44 million passengers.

The good news?

It doesn’t matter which airport you pick!


Because there are buses that’ll take you from each airport to the city center in no time!

2. I’m Here! Now, What?

Now that you’ve arrived in the land of wealth and dreams, it’s time for you to get some Benjamins, am I right?

The American currency is the almighty dollar!

It’s the paper that makes the world go round so make sure you pack some bills!

Check this link to understand how many dollars you’ve got on your bank account!

It’s exchange time!

What about the cost of living?

Try this link on for size and understand what to expect!

Another important aspect of your New York journey?


Where are you gonna sleep?

Hotels abound in the city of dreams so click this link and try to get a good deal and a hotel that’s close to the action!


Even though the city doesn’t sleep, you should!


Because Affiliate Summit East is gonna wear you out, that’s for sure!

3. Where’s the Event, Anyway?

Affiliate Summit East is gonna be held at the New York Marriott Marquis, a cool hotel!

Where the heck is that?

1535 Broadway, New York, NY 10036, USA

That’s right!


You can even get to check some of the world’s most awesome theatrical spectacles and marvelous musicals!

Wanna get a ticket for a Broadway Show that’s gonna change your life?

Click here and go for it!

Need more info about the hotel’s location?

Want me to provide a Google Maps link?

Click here!


Need a subway grid map so that you can get to the event in time?

Check this Subway Grid!

4. The Event: What’s the Story?

Affiliate Summit East is simply the biggest affiliate marketing conference in North America!

It was created by Shawn Collins and Missy Ward, two remarkable affiliate marketers who needed a place to communicate with other affiliates, meet cool marketers, and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs.

That’s why they decided to create this spectacular affiliate fest.

They’d seen things they hadn’t liked about an affiliate event they attended and they decided to create something truly special.

In 2003, this couple had a long chat about what they wanted their event to be.

Then, they registered affiliatesummit.com and went for it!


The event is simply unmissable!


I’m talking about thousands of digital marketers from more than 70 countries that will actually get together in the greatest city on earth!

To do what?

Discuss the latest trends at the performance marketing industry’s coolest event!

These decision-makers, awesome entrepreneurs, and amazing affiliate marketers come from all over this green earth to chat, shape, and change the course of affiliate marketing history!

In this event, you can get access to the Networking Lounge, get to set up a booth, experience the Meet Market, check the Exhibit Hall, and listen to some of the world’s brightest speakers, engaging presentations, and much more!

The chance to meet unforgettable people, forge new business connections, and experience an event so famous every affiliate marketer has heard about it?

Of course you need to go!

5. Transportation Time!

New York City is a super-organized concoction of straight streets where skyscrapers are monuments to humankind’s remarkable power and industrious ability!

The city is so ridiculously large and populous that you can actually get lost!

Facing the Hudson, experiencing the calm poetry of Central Park, or even drooping over some work of modern art, it’s easy for you to become mesmerized by the intensity of colors, the vibrancy of multicultural people, the streets you’ve already seen in movies but are now getting to check in real life, etc.

That’s why I need to guide you!


By showing you how to move around town!


In New York City, you can hop on a bus or even the rail.

But guess what?

New York City’s subway is all over the underground of this life-changing metropolis!

Owned by the city of New York, this rapid transit system opened in 1904, making it one of the world’s oldest methods of transportation.

It’s also the subway system that’s got the highest number of stations, which means you can literally go anywhere you wanna go!

How many stations are in operation, you ask?


With stations located in the boroughs of Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan, you know there’s no way you could miss out on any part of town!

Containing 236 miles of routes, 36 lines, and a daily ridership of more than 5 million people, you know this isn’t just a transport system:

It’s a whole world drilled beneath the city, ready for you to check for yourself!

What to do?

Get a metrocard and move around like a real New Yorker!

Want more info?

Click here!

6. Best Restaurants

This event is intense!

No wonder you’re gonna be hungry!

But where to eat in a city that’s got all the cuisines this world has ever created?

How to pick the right spot to dive into the very best examples of world gastronomy?

Check these super hot Manhattan restaurants and become amazed by flavor!

What about famous New York City delis where you can get the type of sandwich that changes lives?

Check this link and experience tasty gusto!

7. Touristic Stuff

Museums, tremendously awesome buildings, incredible art, Central Park, Broadway, Time Square, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the Dakota Building, Yankee Stadium, etc.

So many cultural landmarks, so little time!


Need a link containing the very best things you must check out for yourself?

Check it here and make memories that shall last forever!

8. Is the Mobidea Crew Going?

Yes, indeed!

You know the Mobidea Crew loves this event so it’s only natural that we’re gonna send our best media buying pros to the Big Apple!

Come meet us at Affiliate Summit East!

Let’s talk business!

Ready to schedule a meeting?

Click right here!


You’re now ready to experience Affiliate Summit East like a pro!

Moreover, you can be sure to eat at the very best restaurants, visit the coolest delis, and walk around New York City like a true denizen!

Prepared for the trip of a lifetime and an event so nice it’s got two editions every year?

Go for it!



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